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Why My Orbi is Showing Magenta Light?

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Does your Orbi Satellite show Magenta light? Why is your Orbi Satellite showing Magenta light? Well, let us find out the explanation and solution for this case.

My Orbi Satellite is Showing Magenta Light – Why?

If your Orbi Satellite shows a magenta LED, and gets stuck on purple light. What are the causes of Orbi Satellite showing Magenta or purple LED? Read more to learn the possible reasons for magenta LED and how to fix Orbi Satellite purple light error.

Why My Orbi is Showing Magenta Light

Here are some reasons why Orbi Satellite showing Magenta light:

    • Weak Wi-Fi network will be able to make the problem of Orbi Satellite stuck on magenta LED.
    • Orbi magenta light or Orbi purple light error is caused by the router failing to sync with your satellite.
    • If your Orbi satellite sync fails, it may cause an Orbi flashing pink light error. There is several wear and tear on internet wiring or fiber cable. Thus, it is the reason for Orbi to show magenta or purple light.
    • If wifi network cables are in poor condition, it also can cause Orby showing magenta light. Need to know that your Orbi wireless router has encountered some difficulties and is currently undergoing system diagnostics.
    • The extended periods of inactivity or an idle wireless network may cause these issues. Probably, your RJ45 Ethernet cable is not firmly connected to the WLAN port.
    • Crashed or outdated firmware is able to prevent you from using the Orbi wifi router’s wireless network. For this case, you have to ensure the configure of orbi login admin portal is done correctly. Please use orbilogin.com or orbilogin.net login.
    • If not actively using the router, Orbi Satellite will show magenta light.
    • Having outdated firmware can cause the issue and results in flashing magenta or purple light on Orbi Satellite.
    • Viruses and malware will be able to damage your Orbi wifi system’s ability to function normally.
    • It is possible that the Orbi wireless router you are using has a serious flaw.
    • You may want to have it changed by the manufacturer or store where you bought the Orbi wifi equipment.

How to Fix the Orbi Magenta Light Error?

Below are some reliable steps that can be used to fix the Orbi Magenta or purple light error. So, you are able to follow these steps to resolve the error of Orbi Magenta or purple light error in your Orbi device.

    • The first thing that you have to do is to reboot your Orbi device for a while.
    • You have to check that all devices connected to the wireless network of your Orbi Router, such as whether your mobile computer is connected to your wifi orbi router.
    • If you observe your Orbi showing magenta or purple light, it is because your WAN settings are broken. So, you have to verify your WAN port connection is linked properly.
    • Probably, your Orbi router fails to recognize the IP address. It will show that orbilogin.net is not working.
    • If you see a magenta light on your orbi, it is due to a slow internet connection. For this case, you have to check that you have a proper internet connection. Or you are also able to contact your ISP.
    • To fix the orbi magenta light or purple light error, you have to update the firmware on your orbi wifi router.
    • Please ensure that your orbi router is connected to the adapter correctly.
    • You have to turn down your router and unplug all cables and wires if all wires and connections are attached correctly.
    • You will need to wait 20 seconds after disconnecting before turning on your orbi router.
    • After that, you have to disconnect all connections and wires, as well as the Orbi router. Then, your orbi router’s light will flash from purple light to white.
    • Switch on the Orbi router back. Next, you have to wait for a while. Your router will boot this time.
    • When it is fully booted, you are able to turn on your Orbi router.
    • Please update your Orbi Wifi router firmware to solve these problems.
    • If the above steps do not work, you are able to reset your Orbi Router to its factory settings.

If none of the troubleshooting steps solve your issue, you need to contact their technical experts for assistance. Furthermore, they are going to give support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you are able to contact them by live chat or toll-free at any time.

What do the LEDs on Orbi router and Satellite Mean?

Router and satellite power button LEDs

    • Solid green
      It means that your Orbi router and satellite are powered on.
    • Solid amber
      Your Orbi router and satellite are rebooting.
    • Pulsing amber
      You have to reset your Orbi router and satellite to factory default settings.
    • Pulsing red
      Your Orbi system may need attention.

Router ring LEDs

    • Solid white
      Your Orbi router is powering up.
    • Pulsing white
      If your Orbi router pulse white, meaning that it is in factory default mode.
    • Pulsing magenta
      Your Orbi router ring LED pulse magenta for the following reasons: the router is unable to get the IP address from the modem or ISP, WAN port link is down, or the router is unable to connect to the Internet.
    • Pulsing blue and magenta
      The Internet connection is blocked as the traffic metre is configured to block Internet traffic when it reaches the limit you configured.

Satellite ring LEDs

    • Solid white
      Your Orbi satellite is powering up.
    • Pulsing magenta
      It means that your satellite is trying to connect to your Orbi router. When the satellite ring LED pulses magenta more than 1 minute, it may be the satellite lost connection to your router or satellite cannot get an IP address from your router.
    • Solid magenta
      It means that it is unable to get an IP address from your router.
    • Solid blue
      If your Orbi satellite ring LED is solid blue for 90 up to 180 seconds, meaning the connection between your Orbi router and your satellite is good.
    • Solid amber
      It means the connection between your router and your satellite is fair.

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