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What’s EmuOS?

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EmuOS will allow you to play the classic games on a browser for free. Now, we are going to tell you what EmuOS is, how to download EmuOS, supported browsers, and classic games that you are able to play with this emulator. Apparently, the classic games have been preserved thanks to the existence of emulators. If it were not for them, it would be really difficult to play them again in their original systems. Thus, a site has set itself the goal of preserving lots of classic titles by emulating Windows directly on the web to run lots of games and applications. You will even be able to select the Windows interface.

What is EmuOS?

You have to know that EmuOS is a free software that lets you play old console games. EmuOS is a free emulator tool, which is open-source and Ubuntu Linux based. For your information, EmuOS supports 8 consoles/platforms and offers you a collection of emulators through an easy-to-use interface.

What’s EmuOS?

According to its creators, EmuOS has the purpose to serve as a non-profit meta-resource hub, being a center and community for those who are interested especially in the preservation of video games. Its aim is to collect, archive and digitally preserve games and software to create them accessible through an easy-to-use user interface which emulates various retro operating systems for educational purposes.

EmuOS allows you to play the classic games on a browser freely with a user-friendly UI. This game preservation project is not the only one of its kind since The Internet Archive hosts a lot of games and applications such as DOS game collections, Internet Arcade, Commodore 64 emulation, etc. If you are looking for a platform to emulate lots of consoles, RetroArch is a great choice. EmuOS helps archive and preserve games in a different way. Also, EmuOS has an Emupedia page on GitHub where you are able to get more information about EmuOS.

How does EmuOS work?

Basically, EmuOS emulates Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows ME in a web browser. Those emulations include lots of games and executable programs directly in the browser. Everything is emulated in JavaScript, running really smoothly in any browser.

As soon as you select the operating system, you are going to see a desktop full of icons. All of those icons are easily identifiable. To run any application or program, you only need to double click on them. The performance of each element is going to depend on the power of your computer, however should work well with most. The crucial thing is to have a good processor since it is in charge of all the bulk of the emulation of virtual environments.

However, several games will need permission to run on your computer, because they have to download several pieces of data like Quake 2. Other games like Doom or Quake 3 do not need special access. Many of those games are able to be purchased on platforms such as GoG, although all the ports used in this website are open-source. Among them, we have titles like Minecraft, Tomb Raider or Half-Life accessible by a user.

Which Emulators Can Be Used with EmuOS?

For this case, the team gathers content from unsupported systems, abandoned software, shareware or freeware, open-source ports from the old games to work in current browsers, and new games developed using new technologies, however with retro-style graphics. The emulators used are DOSBox, Em-DOSBox, MAME, Emularity, and JS-DOS, allowing you to emulate MS-DOS games for free.

How to Install EmuOS on a USB Stick?

You are able to download emuOS from emuos.com and also can install it onto a USB stick so that it will work on PC and Mac computers. After the installation process is finished, you will be able to access EmuOS in your browser by going to www.emuos.com.

After EmuOS has finished loading, simply you are able to click “Launch” if prompted with a popup window about Adobe Flash Player. This may only occur if you have EmuOS installed to a USB stick, not when EmuOS is loaded from your PC.

After you have clicked “Launch,” EmuOS is going to load and then present you with EmuOS’s main menu where you will be able to select which system EmuOS should emulate. The emulators were specially designed so that they are able to run on many browsers for example Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.

You are able to select only one emulator at a time per USB stick installation of EmuOS. If possible, it is highly recommended that you install EmuOS onto separate USB sticks if you want to use more than one emulator (for example NES, SNES and Genesis).

How to install EmuOS on an Internal HDD/SSD?

Also, EmuOS can be installed on an internal HDD/SSD. To do that, EmuOS comes with emuSetup: EmuOS’s custom installation program which assists you to install EmuOS on an internal HDD/SSD. The emulators in EmuOS were mainly designed to work best with EmuOS, but they are also able to be used as standalone programs (without EmuOS).

Emus included in EmuOS:

    • NES emulator x53s
    • SNES emulator s53
    • Genesis emulator g52
    • GameBoy emulator g2x3d

EmuOS Browser Compatibility

On its GitHub page, we are able to discover the list of all the compatible web browsers, but among the most important ones, we are able to discover basically all the ones in the market, starting from Mozilla Firefox 3 and later, Google Chrome and later, Edge 79 and later, and others like Opera or Safari.

Currently, EmuOS has cross-browser compatibility. The most crucial are nearly all well-known in the market, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Its GitHub page determines the recommended version for each browser, which is crucial to the successful operation of this website. Keep in mind that EmuOS is a retro gaming portal with a wide collection of retro games which provides the user with lengthy hours of entertainment. Also, it allows you to get a sneak peek at Microsoft’s earliest operating system interfaces.

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