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What is Elemental Mastery Genshin Impact?

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Learning for what the Elemental Mastery is, what its effects and how to get it on our page here. However, knowing them when you’re in a Genshin Impact game is such a must-do for you. In this post, we’re going to guide you finding more about the Elementary Mastery which hopefully can increase your character’s skill damage.

Because in the Genshin Impact game, elements are very important, so you must also pay attention to the Elemental Mastery status. Let’s find out some facts below!

What is Elementary Mastery?

Elemental Mastery

One of the most primary damage aspects is Elementary Mastery. It can be said that Elemental Mastery is also a Magic Attack which can initially damage your deal to the enemies when causing an elemental reaction. Moreover, Elemental Mastery affects the damage caused by Elemental Reactions such as Overload, Electro-Charged, Freeze and many more.

The higher your Elemental Mastery, the higher damage you will deal from the Elemental Reactions. Of course, you’re very recommended to increase your Elemental Mastery for your characters which rely on elemental attacks to maximize their damage output.

Elemental Mastery is actually important for characters who use the catalyst weapon as their normal attacks which directly generate elemental attacks, otherwise for the characters who use other weapons in general. Well, this attribute is especially key to calculate the damage generated from Elemental Reactions (elemental reactions) or elemental combos between characters.

Why is it a key in element combos? That’s because the Elemental Mastery raises the overall damage which is generated from element combos in a flat multiplier, as well as strengthens the shield generated through the Geo element crystallization process.

Here’s for example of an Elementary Mastery!

If you’re having 175 Elemental Masteries, they will increase the damage resulting from elemental reactions / element combos including:

Vaporize (Hydro + Pyro) and Melt (Pyro + Cyro) by 30.9%, then Overloaded (Pyro + Electro), Superconduct (Cyro + Electro) ), Electro-charged (Hydro + Electro), Shattered (Heavy physical Atk + Frozen), and Swirl (Pyro / Electro / Hydro / Cyro + Anemo) by 74%. Quite a large number, right?

That sounds simple, doesn’t it? Somehow, making the most of Elemental Mastery requires careful and precise planning of party composition and proper equipment (weapons + artifacts).

Should You Upgrade the Elemental Mastery?

The answer is totally Yes. You’re surely recommended to upgrade your Elemental Mastery anytime you can. By upgrading your Elemental Mastery, it highly will increase your power with combos and can attack your enemies in general. But it will not affect your attributes but you will find the great increase of damage while you’re in the battle.

Of course, there is only one way that you can take to upgrade the Elementary Mastery. To upgrade it, you definitely can use the special artifacts which are so easy to come by. However, ensure to increase them as much as possible so you will get reliable results.

To note, when you upgrade the Elemental Mastery, the damage surely will increase which can give crazy damage to your enemies if you are playing your cards correctly.

How to Increase Elementary Mastery?

In this post, we also recommend you to increase your Elemental Mystery to get more damage. At least, there are two main ways that you can use to increase your Elemental Mastery.

  • Through Artifacts

Through Artifacts

Artifacts here are equipment items to increase your character’s stats. In Genshin Impact, at least there are five artifact slots which equipping a certain number of artifacts within a set is able to activate special artifacts set bonuses. In Genshin Impact, you can only keep a maximum of 1000 Artifacts in your inventory at the time.

Artifacts are reliable to increase your Elemental Mastery too. There are artifacts sets to increase your Elemental Mastery such as the Instructor Set or Wanderer’s Troupe. The two Artefact Instructors and Wanderer’s Troupe that you apply will get a bonus of 80 Elemental Mastery. Look for these two sets to increase your character’s Elemental Mastery.

Leveling an Artifact up can also give status bonuses. The randomly obtained status bonuses include bonus HP, ATK, and even Elemental Mastery. Make sure to upgrade the best Artifact you find.

  • Through Weapon

In Genshin Impact, there are some weapons which can increase Elemental Mastery. The weapons raise your character’s attack but some weapons can also give Elemental Mastery as a bonus stat.

Here is a list of weapon that can increase the Elemental Mastery:



  • Iron Sting (★4)
  • Dark Iron Sword (★3)



  • Dragon’s Bane (★4)



  • Rainslasher (★4)
  • Quartz (★3)
  • Bloodtainted Sword (★3)



  • Sacrificial Fragments (★4)
  • Mappa Mare (★4)
  • Magic Guide (★3)
  • Emerald Orb (★3)
  • Amber Catalyst (★3)
  • The Widsith (★4) — (It only works if the Interlude effect is active)



  • Raven Bow (★3)
  • The Stringless (★4)

To note, level will not increase Elemental Mastery. If you want to increase your Elemental Mastery, save your Experience materials for other characters due in this case they will not help.

What Is the Differences between Elemental Damage and Elemental Mastery?

You may think that Elemental Damage and Elemental Mastery are totally the same but the fact confirms that they are a bit different. A lot of Genshin Impact players are really hard to differentiate from them as they seem to have the role to increase more damage. Are you confused too?

You don’t have to worry because we’re here to make differences between Elemental Damage and Elemental Mastery. Here they are:

  • Elemental Damage

Elemental damage is a damage caused by elemental attacks such as hydro, pyro and others. You can increase it from artifacts that give elemental bonus damage. Increasing elemental mastery will not increase your elemental damage. However, there was something else that would make elemental mastery extremely useful.

  • Elemental Mastery

Elemental Master is damage which is inflicted by elemental reactions. So if you increase your elemental mastery, the damage that goes up is not the damage from your attacks, but the elemental reactions you give.

For instance, if you give a pyro effect which will burn your enemy and then you give a swirl effect using anemo damage. Well, the damage which goes up later is the damage from the swirl not your anemo.

Those are the  differences between Elemental Damage and Elemental Mastery.

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