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What is Clown Set Worth MM2

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The horror game called Murder Mystery 2 (MM2) has a lot of common knives. One of the common knives is Clown. By the way, what is clown worth in Murder Mystery 2 (MM2)? Well, let us search for that answer here.

What is Clown worth in MM2?

Clown is a common knife that can be unboxed from Knife Box 4. This Clown knife resembles the appearance of a clown. The handle, half yellow, half red, and has a polka-dot pattern across it, with an assortment of different colors. The blade of the clown knife is blue and orange with a decal of clown mouth and nose. This Clown knife is identic with to Slouse’s Clown, however differs immensely in value. Also, it has a partner gun, under the same name.

What is Clown Set Worth MM2

So, what value is Clown in MM2? To find that answer, you are able to see the text below. Here are details of Clown MM2.

    • Item Type: Knife
    • Rarity: Common
    • Ways to Obtain: Knife Box 4, trading
    • Tier: 1
    • Value: 1 T1 Common (MM2V)

From the explanation above, we are able to see that the value of Clown is 1 T1 common (MM2v).

How to get Clown in MM2?

In the past, Clown was able to be obtained by unboxing the Knife Box 4. For your information, the Knife Box 4 is a weapon crate. It can be bought from the shop for 100 Diamonds, 1,000 Coins, or a Mystery Key. It utilized to be available for 200 coins before the Season 1 update.

Just like most items which can be obtained through events, another way to get Clown is through trading. For your information, trading in the game of Murder Mystery 2 (MM2) is explained as an activity of exchanging the item of the player for the item which they want owned by another Roblox player. If you want to get Clown by trading an item which you have with another player, you and another player have to know the value of the two items, which in this case Clown and another item. Knowing the value of the item which you want to trade and the item from another player is crucial in the trading world to prevent from losing or something else.

Simply, trading is a way to exchange your item for another Roblox player’s items.

    • To trade items in MM2, you have to click the desired person for trading. Then, a small menu will show with the Profile and Trade buttons.
    • Once you click the Trade button, a request to trade is going to show on the screen of the person requested.
    • The person will be able to accept or deny your request. If they accept your request, a trading menu is going to cover the entire screen. However, if they deny your request, then the trade request will disappear.
    • Now, your inventory is going to show on the left side on your screen.
    • Please click the item to put that item into the trade.
    • What the person puts into trading will appear soon. Every time the item is put into trading, you should wait for about 6 seconds to accept. Remember that you can only trade 4 unique items. However, you have the ability to do multiple of them.

There is a button that offers you to disable your trade requests. When you do not want to trade, simply you are able to use that button. Meaning that you will not accept any incoming trade requests from other players. You still have the ability to trade with other players if their trades are on. For note: The items which you can trade are the guns, pets, knives, and miscellaneous objects such as Gifts, Wrapping Paper and Mystery Keys.

All of the knives which are unboxable from Knife Box 4

Knife Box 4 is a weapon crate. It can be bought from the shop for 100 Diamonds, 1,000 Coins, or a Mystery Key. It was available for 200 coins before the Season 1 update.

This list below shows all of the knives in MM2 which are unboxable from Knife Box 4:

    • Bleached (Common)
    • Clown (Common)
    • Aqua (Common)
    • Oily (Common)
    • Hazmat (Uncommon)
    • Melon (Uncommon)
    • Hive (Uncommon)
    • Korblox (Rare)
    • Squire (Rare)
    • Fade (Legendary)
    • Slasher (Godly)
    • Chroma Slasher (Godly)

What is Slouse’s Clown worth in MM2?

Need to know that Slouse’s Clown is a unique knife that was exclusively given to Slouse by Nikilis. The knife’s model and texture is identic with the common knife Clown. Slouse is the only player to own this.

So, what value is Slouse’s Clown in MM2? To find that answer, you are able to see the text below. Here are details of Slouse’s Clown MM2.

Slouse's Clown

    • Item Type: Knife
    • Rarity: Unique
    • Ways to Obtain: Given to Slouse by Nikilis
    • Tier: N/A
    • Value: N/A (Untradable)

Here are some facts about Slouse’s Clown:

    • The gun’s model and texture is exactly identical to the Clown Knife (common knife)
    • This knife has a partner gun that shares the same name.
    • The only difference between Slouse’s Clown and Clown knife is that Slouse’s clown’s name has a unique rarity, instead clown has a common rarity.

MM2 Value List – Unique

In addition, here, we are going to share the value of unique items in MM2:

Unique MM2 Items Value
Corrupt 270
Gold Candy 150000
Gold Hallows 150000
Gold Sugar 150000
Gold EW Revolver 150000
Gold LogChopper 150000
Gold Minty 150000
Gold Vampires Edge 150000
Gold Icebreaker 150000
Gold Iceblaster 150000
Silver Candy 125000
Silver Hallows 125000
Silver Sugar 125000
Silver EW Revolver 125000
Silver Minty 125000
Silver LogChopper 125000
Silver Vampires Edge 125000
Silver Icebreaker 125000
Silver Iceblaster 125000
Bronze Candy 100000
Bronze Hallows 100000
Bronze Sugar 100000
Bronze EW Revolver 100000
Bronze LogChopper 100000
Bronze Minty 100000
Bronze Vampires Edge 100000
Bronze Icebreaker 100000
Bronze Iceblaster 100000
Blue Candy 15000
Red Hallows 15000
Blue Sugar 15000
Blue EW Revolver 15000
Blue Minty 15000
Blue LogChopper 15000
Blue Vampires Edge 15000
Red Icebreaker 15000
Red Iceblaster 15000

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