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What Happens if I Disable igfxTray Module which Always Runs on Start Up?

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You may be stressed with the igfxTray module which automatically runs at Startup. However, the igfxTray.exe process will harm your computer and take much of your computer RAM or CPU. That problem probably guides you to disable the program from your computer.

But, you wonder what will happen if you disable it at Startup?
Of course, it can be your consideration whether you will disable igfxTray.exe or ignore it even though eating much of your computer RAM. So, let’s find out the facts about  igfxTray.exe process by staying on this page!

What Happens if I Disable igfxTray Module which Always Runs on Start Up?

You may already know that whatever files with .exe files extension will cause any damage for your computer. So as with igfxTray.exe program, it definitely will load with ballast which can be burdensome at Startup. Besides, the program will eat much of your CPU, RAM and memory usage.


So, what will happen if you disable igfxTray.exe? At least, there are two main possibilities that you will take if you disable igfxTray.exe program from your computer, they are:


Of course, you will get any benefits after you disable igfxTray.exe program from your computer. At least, the advantages that you will get are as follow:

  • Your computer will load faster.
  • Your computer RAM, CPU and memory usage will not take much memory.
  • Your computer will be safer from virus or malware infection
  • This startup program will not burden the computer at startup
  • The computer’s performance will increase and load faster.
  • You will not be annoyed with the program which pops up on your screen when you start working with Windows.

Those are some benefits that you can get if you really disable the igfxTray.exe process at Startup.


If you disable igfxTray.exe program from Startup, it probably will put your computer at risk. Sometimes, any programs or apps related to the igfxTray.exe process will not run anymore.

Even less you disable or remove igfxTray.exe file manually from your computer. So, if you want to disable the igfxTray.exe process from Startup, make sure that you follow the ways to disable the igfxTray.exe process as we show in the below.

The point is you will get more benefits if you disable igfxTray.exe program from Startup than you do not disable it from Startup. So, let’s disable the igfxTray.exe program by following some ways below!

Way 1: Disabling igfxTray.exe with Windows Defender

On some computers or laptops, Windows Defender will burder the computer and load too long. But, for some users who want to disable igfxTray.exe, Windows Defender can be a great virus and malware software that can be chosen. Are you one of the users who want to use Windows Defender to disable igfxTray.exe? Let’s do some steps as follow:

  • First of all, you need to open Windows Defender Security Center by going to the Windows button, type Windows Security Settings and click it.
  • Once you are at Windows Defender Security Center,  you can choose the Virus and threat protection option.

Windows Defender Security Center

  • Under the Virus and threat protection option, you have to click on Manage Settings.

Virus and threat protection option, you have to click on Manage Settings

  • Scroll down until you find Add or remove exclusions under Exclusions heading. Then, click on it.

 Add or remove exclusions under Exclusions heading

  • Select  + Add an exclusion and then choose the Folder.

Select  + Add an exclusion and then choose the Folder.

  • Make sure that the process is displayed in  C:WindowsSystem32igfxTray.exe before you add the exclusion.

Way 2: Disabling igfxTray.exe With Registry Directory

If the way above cannot solve your problem of disabling  igfxTray.exe process, you actually can try to take the second way by using the Registry Directory. However, the Registry Editor is an effective and powerful tool that can be used to remove incorrect keys that can cause further problems on your computer.

Here are the ways to disable igfxTray.exe process through Registry Directory:

  • Go to Run service (Windows key + R)
  • Once Run opens, you can  type “regedit” and press Enter.

Go to Run service (Windows key + R)

  • In the Registry Editor, you have to navigate to the following file path like this: HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun.
  • Here, delete the entry “C:WINDOWSsystem32igfxpers.exe”.

In the Registry Editor, you have to navigate to the following file path like this

  • Last, you need to restart your computer.

Of course,  deleting the entry of igfxTray.exe process through the Run service will ensure the process won’t appear again when you turn your computer on.

Way 3: Disabling igfxTray.exe Process with System Configuration

You definitely can take the third way if both ways cannot resolve your problem. To disable igfxTray.exe process, through the System Configuration can be also your choice. Here’s how to do it:

  • First, go to Run (press the Windows key + R )
  • Then, type “msconfig” on the Run bar and press the Enter button.
  • Select the Startup tab.
  • Open Task Manager.
  • Find igfxTray and then right click on it. Then, Choose Disable.
  • Here,  you can close the tab.
  • Last, you need to restart your computer to check if the igfxTray app automatically will not be executed.

For your information, there are a lot of other programs which is not needed at Startup, they are:

hkcmd module msvcs.exe Launcher.exe
persistence module ose.exe wcmmon.exe
GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe Isass.exe SkyTel.exe
chrome.exe YahooMessenger.exe drivermax.exe
googleupdate.exe GrooveMonitor.exe wscntfy.exe
AdobeARM.exe YahooAUService.exe EULALauncher.exe
ISUSPM.exe qttask.exe DaemonUI.exe
1.exe jusched.exe READER~1.EXE
Alcxmntr.exe ACTray.exe Bridge.exe

What is Igfxtray.exe?

Igfxtray.exe is a legitimate process which runs on Windows operating systems. While Igfxtray refers to Intel Graphics System Tray Helper Icon. Furthermore, igfxtray.exe is a software component which is developed by Intel Corporation for the module Intel Common User Interface.

The process here basically comes on your computer as part of the Graphics Media Accelerator Driver which is shipped along with Windows drivers for Intel and NVIDIA graphics cards. igfxTray.exe process begins when Windows start to open. When igfxTray.exe pops up when you start working with Windows, it doesn’t matter whether you choose Run or Cancel, immediately the warning will appear again when you start your computer next time.

When you check it, you may find the app in detail:

  • Name: igfxTray.exe
  • File Type: .exe Application
  • Digital Signature: Intel (R) pGFX
  • Location: C:WindowsSystem32
  • Size on Disk: 380 Kb

Certainly, checking igfxTray.exe to diagnose whether it contains virus or malware is really needed to prevent your computer from infected virus or malware.

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