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It’s a common situation in Call of Duty where the players never know what their K/D ratio is, though they sink hours into the battle royale experience. Whereas, this is such an important thing that the players should know, as K/D is one of the most popular stats in Call of Duty.

After you know that K/D ratio is very important to know, it’s highly recommended for you to check your K/D stats. Sure, checking your K/D stats is pretty easy to do, as you can check it within the game. But today, many players try to check their K/D stats through the tracker. So, What tracker can be used to check your K/D stats? Let’s find out below!

Checking Your K/D Stats Through Tracker, Here’s the Guide!

One of the Warzone trackers to check your K/D stats is Tracker.gg. From this site, you will find a number of stats that you’re looking for, including your Warzone K/D stats. Aside from finding your K/D stats, you will also find other player’s stats.

To check your K/D stats, you just simply visit https://cod.tracker.gg/warzone. After you are at the homepage of tracker.gg, you will be required to enter your username. You also need to select your network username to play Call of Duty; PlayStation Network, Activision ID, Battle.net and Xbox Live.

Warzone KD Tracker

Make sure to choose a Call of Duty version  including Warzone, Vanguard, Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare. Afterwards, you can click on an option depending on the way that  you sign into the tracker.gg either Sign in with Battle.net or Sign in with Xbox Live.

After signing into tracker.gg, a new window will appear that brings you the result. If you successfully sign into the tracker.gg, you will see your Warzone K/D stats on the tracker.gg. So, let’s find out how many K/D stats in Call of Duty.

Here’s an example of K/D stats leaderboard from tracker.gg!

Rank Player K/D Ratio Matches Played
1 farhadxray#4357850 27.05 124
2 habitz#7635667 24.22 422
3 310 918 5151#3131684 23.42 385
4 lylsakura#4343871 21.91 131
5 LYLSakura#4822 21.62 133
6 grumpmonk#3266114 21.25 142
7 nabnab1994#4801505 20.04 242
7 FunkyMonke#31975 20.04 242
9 алексаbaiндр#3851070 19.38 138
10 BrightHammer#5060010 19.26 136
11 GhostMan#3904518 18.60 213
11 Silberdrache#3822323 18.60 140
13 HiddenSquid#7923003 17.22 201
14 FrostyFeet#4089277 17.14 153
15 FunkyPants#8205304 16.70 197
16 Muroseu#21554 16.60 379
17 pyrokineticist#9358147 16.56 113
18 MotoMullet32#2501 15.83 116
18 motomullet32#6452408 15.83 116
20 yomama#5907867 15.63 111
20 k3rb3r0s#21551 15.63 111

What Can You Find on Warzone K/D Tracker?

On tracker.gg, the  K/D stats is one of the much sought after stats by Call of Duty players. In fact, there are a number of Call of Duty stats that you will also find, including:


    • Kills
    • Deaths
    • Downs


    • K/D Ratio
    • Time Played
    • Score
    • Score/min
    • Cash
    • Contracts


    • Wins
    • Top 5
    • Top 10
    • Top 25
    • Total Matches
    • Win %


    • Score/game
    • Avg. Life


    • Level
    • Prestige
    • XP Total


    • Kills
    • Kills/game
    • Score/min
    • Score/game
    • K/D Ratio
    • Headshot Pct
    • Matches Played
    • Damage Done
    • Damage/game
    • Damage/min

What Is K/D Ratio in Call of Duty?

The K/D refers to a Kill to Death ratio between how many enemies you have killed and also how many times you have died. In this case, the higher K/D, the better you are playing the game.

You can also find the average Warzone K/D. Well, the average Warzone K/D is 0.92, according to theguywithacamera’s stats. It means that the average Warzone player dies slightly more than they get kills. It is so understandable, especially in the battle royale games.

In the case of learning about your Warzone K/D, you will also find three points, including the average of K/D, below-average K/D and above-average K/D. All of them will be explained in each point below!

    • Average Warzone K/D

In some cases, you may find the average Warzone K/D is roughly 1.00. It means you with this stat will get one kill per death that is not horrible for a battle royale game like Warzone in which you’re able to get eliminated in the blink of an eye.

Talking about Deaths that are caused by eliminating yourself or a teammate crashing a helicopter will be counted to your K/D, though the death was not caused by losing to an enemy player.

Aside from that, when you are dropping into  a game and also having a quick death and then losing your Gulag, they will also count as two deaths of yours. However, it’s fair to say it occurs to everyone, even the top players.

    • Below-Average Warzone K/D

A K/D on Call of Duty: Warzone significantly lower than 1.00, for example 0.75 is considered to be below average. If the stats show your K/D below 0.4, it indicates that you are in the bottom 20% of players.

However, you do not be discouraged if you have a below-average K/D. Sure, none begins to get consistently high-kill games. To get the higher K/D, ensure you are using the best weapons and perks, then practice and practice a lot. If you make a serious effort, we think that you will improve in no time.

    • Above-Average Warzone K/D

If you have a K/D of 1.5 to 2.0, it indicates that you are in the top 10% players. If you have a K/D higher than 2.08, it indicates that you are in the top 1%. In fact, some professional players will have K/Ds between 3.75 until 5. With that amount, it puts them in the top 0.1% players. The players with higher K/D are commonly professional layers or talented content creators.

How to Check Your Warzone K/D Within the Game?

As we’ve mentioned, you can also check your K/D within the game, aside from checking it through a tracker. To check your Warzone K/D within the game, you can do the following steps below!

    • Load the Warzone.
    • After you are at the game, go to the menu with tabs that show the ‘Barracks’ tab.
    • Choose the ‘Records’ option.
    • After that, select which of those stats that you want to see. As you want to see your K/D, you can click on it. It will show your Warzone K/D.

That’s it! You can now see your Warzone K/D within the game.

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