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Solution for Installing Offering Hundreds of Apps on iPhone with Panda Helper

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Have an iPhone, but aren’t ready to download paid apps directly from the App Store? How do your Android friends easily download APK documents? Don’t worry! The latest version of Panda Helper lets you set up a third-party app store with free access to all premium apps and games.

Easy to use Pandehelper, Cydia option. Cydia has become a popular configuration tool for installing unauthorized applications for aggressive users. While the process of installing third-party applications is now somewhat complicated, Panda Helper makes them easy to build.

I was new to Panda Helper when I needed to download an application media box provided from the App Store. However after installing Panda Helper I was able to easily install the app and bypass all the restrictions of the App Store. So, if you want to take advantage of this kind of service, here are the complete instructions to download Panda Helper on iPhone.

Solution for Installing Offering Hundreds of Apps on iPhone with Panda Helper
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Panda Helper iOS is an alternative app store that lets you install free apps, games, hackers, tweets and apps ++ on all iPhones and iPads. Also, Panda Helper gives you the ability to download IPA documents and use a signature service that lets you sign IPA directly to your device.


Panda Helper is a free Appstore platform that gives you access to popular games and apps for iOS. The main purpose of the store is to allow users to download free paid applications and games on mobile devices. Also includes Pandahelper, many hacks, settings and ++ apps for iOS.

Solution for Installing Offering Hundreds of Apps on iPhone with Panda Helper

The most important feature of the App Store is that you can install hacked or discounted applications without using a computer. Integrated Download Manager tracks all your actual work and uploaded documents. Browse the list of apps and games and install whatever you want in iOS 14.

In the age of modern smartphones we use various applications and services. Most of these services are free, but other services can be expensive. There are situations where you have to use the application for a few minutes or a few days. Paying for apps you don’t plan to use for long periods of time can interfere with your location a lot. Some applications offer a free trial, but most applications require a higher amount after the free application expires.

However, installing Panda Helper on your iPhone will solve all these problems. It completely replaces the Apple App Store with millions of premium apps and games for free search. Installing third-party apps is not a very easy process, so Panda Support has made it easy and convenient for iPhone users.


Panda Helper is not just a third party app store. Here you will see all kinds of applications and games without national or regional restrictions. In some cases, you can download an application that is not listed. We’re not talking about the free price of all the apps you can download. Here are some crazy features of Panda Helper on iPhone.

  • App Store Apps: You can find all the apps in the App Store, including paid apps.
  • Exclusive Panda Helper Apps: There are several apps that can only be used with Panda Helper.
  • Tweaked Apps: You can use a variety of modified and specialized applications that offer free subscriptions to movies, songs and other services.
  • Modified Games: There are also unlimited coins, modified games with card codes.
  • Safe To Use: All applications and games are scanned without antivirus and anti-malware unwanted code or malware.

Latest Version

Panda Helper is difficult to download on iPhone and iPad. Below you can download the latest version of Panda Helper for iPhone. Follow the installation instructions after a successful download.

Note: Free / generic versions of application certificates are often revoked by Apple. It’s best to have premium access to download apps from the Panda Store.

Simple Guide Install

1. Download the config file from the link below.

2. A popup box will appear, asking for permission. Click the “Allow” option.

Solution for Installing Offering Hundreds of Apps on iPhone with Panda Helper

3. Go to iPhone Settings and Look for Profile Downloaded.

Solution for Installing Offering Hundreds of Apps on iPhone with Panda Helper

4. Click on the Install button, and it might prompt for your passcode.

Solution for Installing Offering Hundreds of Apps on iPhone with Panda Helper

5. Panda Helper will be installed on your Homescreen.

Solution for Installing Offering Hundreds of Apps on iPhone with Panda Helper

6. Open the app, and you will see multiple apps that you can download and enjoy.

Solution for Installing Offering Hundreds of Apps on iPhone with Panda Helper


  • Is Panda Helper safe?

Panda Helper is free and completely safe to use iOS. It does not require jailbreak or Apple ID to run and does not track your activity. The only downside is the ad for the application. You can install applications without adversely affecting your iOS system.

  • Is Panda Helper legal?

Panda Helper is a legitimate application that provides access to the most popular applications and programs like Moviebox, Popcorn Time iOS, iPletTV that are not available in the Appstore. While the app is legal to use, it also provides the ability to download paid apps. Free and illegal games

  • How does Panda Helper work?

Panda Helper uses Apple Developer Enterprise to create and distribute custom enterprise iOS applications for internal use. Panda Helper can be installed for free by registering for all premium apps and games. The Panda Helper user interface is similar to the Appstore.

  • How to update Panda Helper apps?

To update an application or game in the Panda Wizard, you need to open the App Store from the main screen. Then and reinstall the program. Panda Helper does not have an automatic update feature and you must update the application manually.

  • Why Panda Helper is not working?

The icon will be described if the Panda Helper is not open or Apple’s certificate is revoked. You have to be patient. All programs and games provided by Panda Helper work within 48 hours. Come back in a few hours, everything will be fine

  • How to avoid Panda Helper revokes?

The only way to prevent an application from being deleted in iOS is to trick your device. Otherwise, you must reinstall all applications and games after revoking the certificate.


As you can see, downloading and installing Panda Helper on your iPhone is an easy and secure process. While new users may question the security of this application, you can be sure that it is free of viruses and malware and that all applications are safe to use.

After all, iPhone users can download as many third-party applications as possible through an already sophisticated CD process. If you have trouble installing Panda Helper, leave a comment below. We are glad to help you. If you have any idea how to download Panda Helper for iPhone, leave a comment box below.

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