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Roblox MM2 Batwing Value

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You may ever use the Batwing knife to kill innocents and sheriff in Murder Mystery 2. What’s your opinion? Is the Batwing knife worthy to use or not? In fact that the Batwing knife is most wanted weapon from the Ancient rarity.

Of course, to prove the Batwing knife is whether reliable to use or not, you may need to look for its value and try using this knife for killing the innocents and sheriff in MM2. Then, check if the Batwing works well for killing. If you’re searching for the information about Batwing value, no worries, this post will show you the value of Batwing knife as accurately as possible.

MM2 Batwing Value?

The value of Batwing knife can be found at MM2 Value Site . According to the site, the Batwing knife has a value of 65. We think the Batwing’s value is moderate amount for MM2 weapon.

Roblox MM2 Batwing Value

Batwing is an ancient weapon that looks like a scythe with a thin grip/ handle. Its thin grip/ handle has a bat and a shape like a spearhead in the top part. As the name implies, the Batwing means bat’s wing from the handle. However, there’s no guard in the weapon  with a deep red and solid black color palette.

The Batwing knife has a real re-skin that is called Nik’s Scythe. However, it can only be obtained from Nikilis as a gift. This ancient knife was initially a Nikilis exclusive item. Moreover, the Batwing is based on a Roblox gear named Bay Scythe.

How to Get Batwing?

Initially, the Batwing knife can only be obtained by purchasing the limited Batwing gamepass during Halloween Event 2018. Today, you can get the Batwing knife through trading. So, make sure that you do trading with other players if you really want to get the Batwing knife.

So, here’s how to get Batwing through trading!

    • First, you need to choose a player who will be willing to trade with.
    • After you find a player either your friend or someone that you do not know yet, click the person on your list on the top right.
    • After you clicked a person, there will be a menu that displays two buttons: ‘Profile’ and ‘Trade’ button.
    • Click on the ‘Trade’ button to trade with.
    • Then, a request to trade will appear on the screen of a player that is requested.
    • Once you send a trade request, a player that you’ve chosen have a right to accept or deny your trade request.
    • If a player denies your request, your trade request will automatically disappear. While, if one accepts your request, a trading menu will show on his/her whole screen.
    • After that, your inventory will then show on the left side on the screen. Need to know, you can only click on an item into the trade.
    • Once putting an item to trade, the item that a player put into the trade will appear. For more information, every time the item is put into the trade, you should wait about six seconds in order to accept.

It’s important to note, you can only trade four unique items. If you want to trade an item, there will be a button underneath your list. The button allows you to disable your trade request. If you turn off the trade request, you won’t receive any incoming trade requests anymore from other players. But you can still trade with other players if their trades are on.

In Murder Mystery 2, trading is a main mechanic that aims to exchange your item with another player’s item. An item value will then be measured in Demand Seers, or also Rarity.

Additionally, when you want to get the Batwing knife through trading, you may face some issues. Here, you may find an issue where trading weapons in MM2 is vulnerable to scamming,  duping, value loss and also data loss.

Aside from that, the traders may do any mistake where they cannot add the items while trading. We also think that trading seems to force you to rejoin the server. Last but not least, an issue while trading where neither of the players accepted the trade. So, be careful when trading the weapon in Murder Mystery 2!

How to Look For the Value of a Weapon?

At a certain time, you may need to know the value of a weapon that you will use in Murder Mystery 2. However, knowing a weapon value is quite simple for you. All things you have to do is to visit the MM2 Value Site here.

The MM2 Value site is an official Murder Mystery 2 site that provides a list of weapon values. We think that the developer of the Murder Mystery 2 seems to ease the players finding a weapon value. Well, finding a weapon value through the MM2 Value site is a great way to do.

After you are at the site, you will view a list of weapons values in the drop menu that is located on the left side of the screen. To know a weapon value, you can simply choose one of the values, based on the rarity of the weapon that you’re looking for.

For example, we choose Godly Values. If you choose Godly value, it will show you a list of values for the weapons that are included into the Godly rarity. Look for a weapon that you’re looking for and its value will be seen.

More Knife Values of Ancient Rarity

As the Batwing is included into Ancient rarity, we also show you more knife values categorized on Ancient Rarity. Here are they:

Elderwood Scythe

    • Value: 165
    • Demand: 4
    • Rarity: 3
    • Origin: Halloween 2019 Tier System
    • Obtained: Trade Only


    • Value: 160
    • Demand: 6
    • Rarity: 3
    • Origin: 2020 Xmas Event
    • Obtained: 2020 Xmas Tiers

Log Chopper

    • Value: 120
    • Demand: 3
    • Rarity: 3
    • Origin: 2019 Xmas Tiers
    • Obtained: Trade Only


    • Value: 115
    • Demand: 5
    • Rarity: 3
    • Origin: 2020 Hallows Event
    • Obtained: Buy/Trade


    • Value: 65
    • Demand: 2
    • Rarity: 2
    • Origin: Halloween 2018
    • Obtained: Trade Only

Ice Wing

    • Value: 40
    • Demand: 2
    • Rarity: 3
    • Origin: Xmas 2018
    • Obtained: Trade Only

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