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roblox.com/toys/redeem Full Guide for Beginners

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What makes Roblox more interesting is the availability of codes that can be redeemed to get interesting prizes in it. One of them is Roblox Toy Code which is much sought after by many Roblox players. The code is obtained from a collection of Roblox toys that can be purchased at some marketplaces.

The Roblox toys are made by the Jazwares, a toy company which brings content to life through the creation of innovative play experiences. Certainly, if you want to get the codes in the toy, you surely have to buy the physical toy beforehand. Then, how to buy the toy and redeem the code?

Thankfully, this post will show you the full guide, especially for beginners which hopefully will help you in getting the Roblox toy and redeeming the codes listed on. So, get started to obtain Roblox toy codes through our post below!

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Get Started with Roblox Toy Codes

The Jazwares company provide numerous Roblox toys where each toy comes with a unique code. Toys here are physical real life small collectible mini-figures based on a variety of notable characters, games, users and other elements of Roblox universe.

Each code available in the Roblox toy can be redeemed for getting a special exclusive Avatar Shop item, in accordance with the toy. Moreover, each Roblox figure will have an extremely rare chance to get two codes, one is for normal code and the other is for a bonus chaser code.

How to Buy the Roblox Toy Codes?

As we’ve mentioned, the Roblox toys are available in some marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, Target and GameStop. It means that you can buy the toys from different shops and locations which are available nearby.

No less important, Jazwares also has an official website which shows a list of different Roblox collections and figurines, houses the code redemption platform and the lists where the players can buy the toys.

How to Buy the Roblox Toy Codes1

So, if you want to get the codes which are available in the Roblox toys, make sure to visit one of the stores that we have mentioned above either online or offline. If there’s no offline store as your nearest location, instead you can purchase the Roblox toys online.

How to Redeem the Roblox Toy Codes?

The most important information that you’re looking for about Roblox Toy Codes is about how to redeem it, isn’t it? Don’t worry! Redeeming the Roblox Toy codes is pretty easy to do. What you have to do is to visit the redemption page of Roblox.

After you purchase the Roblox Toys from a certain marketplace, you have to find the codes. Well, the code here can be found in a gray square/ round which says scratch here. Then, you need to open the toy and use a coin to scratch off the gray area to find the code. After finding the code, you can then go to the Roblox redemption page.

The link to redeem the Roblox Toy code is roblox.com/toys/redeem. After clicking this link, you will find the login page. Make sure that you are logged into your Roblox account where you want to redeem the code.

Once you log into your account, you can continue by entering the Roblox toy code in the ‘Enter Code’ box. Before you continue to redeem, check if the codes are correct. If it’s already, you can then click on the ‘Redeem’ button to start redeeming the code.

How to Redeem the Roblox Toy Codes

Finally, make sure to check the adorable new items in your account’s inventory. Then, you need to check the inventory category. If you successfully redeem the code, the Avatar Shop item will be available in your inventory.

Congratulations! You successfully redeem the Roblox Toy code and earn a certain amazing item.

The Collection of Roblox Toys

This post will also show you a list of Roblox Toy collections that you can purchase to get a certain avatar item with the codes. Here are they:

Multipack Collection

This collection includes five or six figurines, a collector’s checklist, accessories and virtual item code:

    • Champion of Roblox
    • Legends of Roblox
    • Masters of Roblox
    • Citizens of Roblox
    • MeepCity: Meep Hospital
    • Night of the Werewolf
    • Summoner Tycoon
    • Q-Clash
    • Apocalypse Rising 2
    • World Zero

Core Figurines

This collection includes one figurines, accessories, virtual items and a collector’s guide. Here are some figurines available in this collection:

    • Captain Rampage
    • Circuit Breaker
    • Lord Umberhallow
    • Matt Dusek
    • Mr. Bling Bling
    • Tim7775, Red Guard
    • Etc.

Game Packs

The game packs include two figurines, accessories, virtual items and a collector’s guide. Here are some figurines available in this pack:

    • Roblox High School
    • Work at Pizza Place
    • Mad Studio Mad Pack
    • Prison Life
    • Toy Roblox Runway Model
    • The Plaza: Jet Skiers

Mix and Match Sets

Here are some sets of this collection:

    • Punk Rockers
    • Fashion Famous
    • Fashion Icons
    • Neverland Lagoon
    • Superstars

Mystery Figures

Each pack comes with one figurine, here are some figurines in this collection:

    • Mystery Figures Series 1
    • Celebrity Collection Series 1
    • Mystery Figures Series 2
    • Mystery Figures Series 3
    • Celebrity Collection Series 2


This collection comes with four figurines, accessories, virtual item code and a collector’s checklist. Here are they:

    • Zombie Attack
    • Operation TNT
    • Heroes of Robloxia
    • Jailbreak: Great Escape
    • Jailbreak: Museum Heist


This pack includes one vehicle, one figurine, accessories, a virtual item code and a collector’s checklist. Here are some packs in this collection:

    • Apocalypse Rising 4×4
    • Neighborhood of Robloxia Police Car
    • The Abominator
    • SharkBite: Duck Boat
    • Jailbreak: Swat Unit


The Roblox toolkits are designed to provide the storage space for the Robloxian toys. There’s only one tool box which has been made in Roblox.

Desktop Series

The Desktop Series includes one figurines, here are some of packs for Desktop Series:

    • Jailbreak: Personal Time
    • MeepCity: Principal Panic
    • Phantom Forces: Tactical Genius
    • Royale High: Baking Class Breakdown
    • Welcome to Bloxburg; Mechanic Mayhem
    • Work at a Pizza Place: Fired

Imagination Toys

This collection was first introduced in the Roblox Toy Series 7 pack. They mainly consist of Rthro Bundles that came from the avatar shop. Here are they:

    • Crystello The Crystal God
    • Digital Artist
    • Lucky Gatito
    • Noob Attack – Mech Mobility
    • Aven, the Silver Warrior
    • Bec the Fire God
    • Cythrex, the Darkened Cyborg Knight
    • Luna Galactic Popstar
    • Skylas, the Skyland Delivery Girl

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