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POF Search by Interest Guide

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On one of the online dating sites/apps named POF, you are allowed to use the Search Function which eases you finding a loved one. By using the Search Function on POF, you will have a big chance to get your partner easily. On POF, to find your partner with the same interest, you can use the Interest Search Function.

Moreover, the Interest Search function here allows you to find your perfect match with the requirements as you need. So, you will not arise no problems in your further relationship. If you are a new user of POF, you may not know how to use the Search function.

Thankfully, this post will guide you how to use the POF Search Function by Interest. Let’s see how to use Search Interest on POF!

Here’s how!

Firstly, you have to go to the official site of POF that you can access here.

Once you are at the page of POF, you should login first by entering your email/username and password. Instead, if you do not have a POF account, you should create it first. On the registration page, you need to write your email/username and password. Then, you can check your email for verification. After you’ve verified your email, you can try to login to POF.

After logging into your POF account, you need to click on the Search button from the navigation bar of your POF account.

Here, you will find three Search options including Basic Search, Advanced Search and Username Search. Of course, each Search has a different function. Sure, to find your partner with the same interest, you totally can use all of them.

If you click on Basic Search, it will give you information about people based on age range, profiles, body type, education level, ethnicity and more. This Basic Search also lets you filter out different people by using different parameters.

click on the Search button

However, what is in basic search is the most cases the things people search for when seeking someone for online dating. Aside from that, you can also find people by ZIP code. To use ZIP code search, you can choose a country, lists of states or provinces and it will appear to narrow things down even further. You can also choose a range of miles away from that ZIP code or city you want to explore.

After you click on the Basic Search option, you can then click on the Search button which has a blue color background and text color is written with white one.

Then, if you click on Advanced Search, it will give you information about people based on gender, self-confidence, profession, personality, family orientation and easygoingness, intentions, longest relationship, openness, marital status, ambition, drugs, drinking and many more. Then, if you find someone you are interested in, you can then send them an email in their POF inbox. You never know what may come about.

“Advanced Search”

Once choosing the requirements, you can click on the ‘Go Fishing’ button as the background color of it’s light green.

If you click on Username Search, it will allow you to find a person by their username. To use the username search, you can click on the ‘Find User Button. You will only find one result for someone username that you type in. If you know someone’s username, you can then type it and then someone’s profile will appear.

However, if you only know part of their username, you can also search for the part you know. The POF will then give the results of men and women with similar usernames. So, you will easily find them. However, if you want to use the Username Search, you have to purchase a premium subscription.

Last but not least, there is still one function which has the same function as the Search Function. You can also find people based on Distance. When you have logged into your POF account, you can also find people by using distance search function. What you should do is to click on the distance tan under search. By doing this, it will sort members who are close to you based on the information you field out when you created your POF account. Well, if you want to use this option, ensure you’ve entered the right information in your own profile.

Well, that’s the way that you can find people on POF based on their interest. We think the Search Function here really eases you finding a loved one to get a perfect match. Make sure to purchase a premium subscription to use more POF features.

About POF Search

Initially, POF used to have a username search function that anyone could use. They then discontinued the feature. Today, if you want to use the Username Search function, you should purchase a premium subscription. There are two more changes to search for matches on POF as well. The search function used to be split into two types including Basic & Advanced Search.

Now, you can no longer do a POF search without registering. It means that you should create a POF account first. POF no longer lets you filter a person based on personality type, however you can still see people’s personality types and interests which are delayed as badges on their profile. Here, you can also use the Ultra Hack feature to show compatible matches.

With the Ultra Hack feature, you can also use the information you see there to send keyword specific copy and paste icebreakers. Sure, having a collection of conversation starters customizes for any personality which interests you saves a ton of time. However, someone will never suspect you send the same message to 15 other women/men.

Otherwise, using the Search Function really helps you narrow down your options. However, with so many users who find an attractive woman/man you want to date can really feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

Then, once you found her, you have to ensure your profile photos and messages are up to snuff if you really desire her to be interested in you too. The point is, this online dating totally works for most people.

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