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OSRS Skeleton Hellhound NMZ

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Skeleton Hellhound is a monster which can be fought in the Nightmare Zone once the quest is successfully completed. However, the ones found here will not drop uncut rubies. Skeleton Hellhounds are the monsters which can be unlocked during the In Search of the Myreque quest.

Surely, to complete the quest, the Skeleton hellhounds should be defeated; that must not be a problem for a moderate player, due to it’s fairly weak. That’s odd enough where Crumble Undead does not work against Skeleton hellhounds and also the Salve Amulet seems to have no effect on it.

Once dying, this mostel will drop four big bones and two uncut rubies as the eyes of the monster.

What Does Nightmare Zone Look Like?

The Nightmare Zone or also abbreviated with ‘NMZ’ is a combat-based minigame located north of Yanille, northwest of the bank. This minigame involves the players who have the dream to fight bosses which they have defeated before in quests.

Nightmare Zone

Keep in mind this minigame is safe which means you’ll not lose items on death. But, any items that you drop on the ground manually will be lost if you die due to you being taken away from the arena.

To play this minigame, you’ll be required to put coins into the coffer. Coins you put can be deposited into and withdrawn from the coffer in multiples of 1000 to a maximum of 2,147,483,000 coins. Well, the amount of coins that you need for each mode will vary depending on the type of mode respectively.

Here’s how it breaks down:

    • It does not require coins if you’re in the Practice mode.
    • You’ll be required 1,000 coins in Endurance mode for normal mode and 5,000 coins for hard mode.
    • You’ll be required 2,000 coins in Rumble mode for normal mode and 6,000 coins for hard mode.
    • You’ll be required 22,000 coins in Customisable rumbles mode for normal mode and 26,000 coins for hard mode. If you have the maximum amount of quest points, you will have the cost  which is reduced by 10,000 coins.

How to Get a Nightmare Zone?

There are multiways that you can do to get Nightmare Zone, here are they:

    • You can use the teleport option which is located in the mini-game tab as the fastest way of getting there.
    • You can cast Watchtower Teleport and walk east.
    • You can cast Teleport to House when your house is located in Yanille. Or you can also redirect a teleport to the house table to Yanille with the Scroll of redirection.
    • You can use fairy ring code cls and walk north-west or use ciq and walk through Yanille.
    • You can use a Ring of dueling to teleport to Castle Wars and then walk to Yanille.
    • You can use the spirit tree to teleport to Tree Gnome Village and walk from there.
    • You can use the Ardougne cloak 1 to teleport to the Monastery and walk south.


You should complete at least 5 quests to access Nightmare Zone to start the game. Here’s a list of quests that you must complete:

    • Contact!
    • Haunted Mine
    • Recipe for Disaster
    • Desert Treasure [1]
    • Holy Grail
    • Roving Elves
    • Dragon Slayer
    • Horror from the Deep
    • Shadow of the Storm
    • Dream Mentor
    • In Search of the Myreque
    • Shilo Village
    • Fairy Tale I – Growing Pains
    • Legends’ Quest
    • Tree Gnome Village[1][2]
    • Family Crest
    • Lost City[1][2]
    • Troll Romance
    • Fight Arena[2]
    • Lunar Diplomacy
    • Troll Stronghold
    • The Fremennik Isles
    • Monkey Madness I
    • What Lies Below[1][2]
    • The Grand Tree
    • Mountain Daughter[2]
    • Witch’s House[1][2]
    • The Great Brain Robbery
    • My Arm’s Big Adventure
    • Vampire Slayer[1][2]
    • Grim Tales
    • One Small Favour
    • The Depths of Despair[2]
    • The Corsair Curse
    • Tale of the Righteous[2]

Sure, the quest here depends on the monsters that you want to defeat.

Skeleton Hellhounds’ Point Value in Nightmare Zone

To defeat Skeleton Hellhounds, you should complete the quest of ‘In Search of the Myreque’ first. Sure, there are plenty of bosses that you can encounter within the Nightmare Zone. Well, the more quests you have completed, the more monsters you have access to.

The point values will increase based on the number of bosses included. The point values are the maximum points which can be granted, assuming all quests have been completed and all bosses are available.

In a team, points are split between the players who attacked the monster. A player who did the most damage will get a larger percentage of the maximum points from that monster. Moreover, the only bosses which appear in Rumble mode are those which all participating players have access to.

Here’s the Skeleton Hellhound’s point value;

    • Name: Skeleton Hellhound
    • Combat level: 97 (198)
    • Hitpoints: 55 (132)
    • Defence level: 100
    • Attack style: Melee
    • Points gained (normal): 1,915
    • Points gained (hard): 8,976
    • Quest: In Search of the Myreque

Skeleton Hellhound’s

Strategy to Defeat Skeleton Hellhounds

To defeat all bosses in Nightmare Zone included Skeleton Hellhounds, the best strategy that you can use is praying. However, this is the most AFKable method which is pretty easy to do. You just simply drink Overloads and Prayer potions as needed.

You can also use your weapon’s special attack when it’s possible to increase your XP rate. In this case, absorption are more advanced players who do not mind paying attention. Additionally, Rockcakes from the Recipe For Disaster – Dwarf part are totally useful for using Absorption potions. You also have to Rockcake down to 51 Hit Points. However, it will set you up for 1 HP once you Overload.

That’s so crucial. If you only have 1 HP left, surely the NPCs are able to hit 1 second. It means that if you heal up to 2 HP, your trip is going to be half of one it if you were 1 HP. In order to stay 1 HP, you should ‘flash’ the level 22 Prayer Rapid Heal. It will reset the timer which heals you overtime. You can also use it when using Absorption potions with all three styles.

When you use Absorption potion, you’re able to stand in a corner to prolong your trip. However, this method will only let 2 NPCs attack you at a time. Meanwhile, if you stand in the middle, the four NPCs can attack you. it’s highly recommended to stand in any corner, except the South-East corner as NPCs will be stuck and cannot attack you.

Well, a downside of this method is if you desire to use the Power-up orbs, they will not spawn very close to the corner. Then, some opponents probably take a while to walk to your location.

If you play solo whole casting bursts, barrages or throwing chins, it’s better for you to sit in a corner while doing so.

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