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OSRS Fossil Island Wyvern

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Once defeating Wyverns, you may want to try looking for the old wyvern, thought to be extinct. Of course, there is a location where you can find the old wyverns. Well, the location here is Fossil Island which is located north-east of Morytania.

As you know, this island is a unique environment where you can train a variety of skills. This can be mentioned as an ancient and uncharted island which is recently being explored by the Varrock Museum. Well, to reach the fossil island, you should complete the Bone Voyage quest that requires at least 100 kudos.

In Fossil Island, you will find numerous places. One of them is the Wyvern Cave as a set of ancient caverns. Well, this is the best place that you should visit if you’re looking for the old Wyverns. Then, how to get Fossil Island to find Wyvern cave?

Here’s How to Get Wyvern Cave Fossil Island!

The fastest way to get Fossil Island is by using a digsite pendant. It’s better for you to take the ferry from the Digsite. However, a digsite pendant will teleport you near the barge at the Digsite where you can board the barge by speaking to the barge guard, to the Lead Navigator and lastly the Junior Navigator.

locations of the Magic Mushtrees

Look at the map! That actually shows the locations of the Magic Mushtrees. In this case, a digsite pendant can also be used on the southern most strange machine that you can find inside the House on the Hill, north of the Museum Camp. Well, this location will unlock an option on the pendant to teleport to the House on the Hills.

Inside the house, there will be a Magic Mushtree that will unlock the Mycelium Transportation System which allows transportation around Fossil island. However, in order to access them, you should discover by walking to their locations first and attempting to use them.

However, if you have no digsite pendant, alternatively, you can use the Glider transportation system along with the Spirit Tree Transportation system to get to Fossil island. When you’re in Varrock, you can then use the spirit tree in the Grand Exchange to teleport to the Gnome Stronghold.

Once you get there, you can climb up the tree and also use the Glider to ‘Lemanto Andra’ which is shown as a castle on the popup map. However, it will take you very close to the digsite and the ferry will take you to Fossil Island. Instead, you can use a Ring of dueling to teleport to Duel Arena or also use the gnome glider just west of the gem trader in Al Kharid.

Where Is Wyvern Cave on Fossil Island?

Fossil Island
Fossil Island

Once you’re in the Fossil island, of course, you will find  plenty of areas. Then, you may wonder where the Wyvern cave is. Well, Wyvern cave can be found around Mushroom Forest, beneath a trapdoor which is located in the north-west section of the Fossil island.

In Mushroom Forest, there are numerous activities that allow you to train a variety of skills. You can also calcify fossils in the mycelium pool, kill Ancient Zygomites as part of a Zygomite Slayer task, plant teak and mahogany trees in the three tree patches in the south-east corner and track down herbivores throughout the Forest.

Additionally, you can also do a task to kill Wyvern if you have been assigned Fossil Island Wyverns as a slayer task.

In Fossil Island, there are two different wyvern caves: first, you can freele kill wyvern and the second one, you have been assigned a Slayer task of Fossil island wyverns first. The first cave can be found south of the Museum Camp and the  task-only cave can be reached through the trap door found in the Mushroom Forest.

If you attempt to attack the wyverns in the northern cave without a Slayer task of Fossil Island, Weve will then stop you from doing this. So, if you want to kill wyverns, make sure to achieve a Fossil Island wyvern Slayer task.

Some Areas Found in Fossil Island

Aside from Mushroom Forest where the Wyvern cave is located, you will also find other areas on the Fossil Island, they are:

    • Museum Camp

Museum Camp

Initially, this camp will not be very useful, however, you can utilize their Construction skill and some material to build improvements within the camp. It means that you can buy any gears to build the utilities.

Generally, you will need some items to build everything including 5 planks, 2 ropes, 1 bucket, 3 soft clay, 2 logs, 1 tinderbox, 25 nails, 2 iron bars, and 10 oak planks. Aside from that, you can also find Fossil storage to save any fossils found whilst on this island.

    • Tar Swamp

Tar Swamp

You can find Tar Swamp to the south-west section of the Fossil island. If you travel throughout the swamp, it requires a rake to clear vines and also an axe to chop down thick vines. Throughout Tar Swamp, you will find Sulliuscep mushrooms where only one of them can be chopped down.

You will also find the Deranged archaeologist on the southern end of the swamp. The archaeologist herefight similarly to the Crazy archaeologist found in the Wilderness ruins. He is much more dangerous because his special attack can hit over 70.

    • Volcano


You can find a volcano to the south-east side of Fossil island. However, a lot of ash piles will be found here along with the Volcanic Mine.

    • Underwater

Underwater osrs

Fossil Island is surrounded with water. There is a large underwater area which can be accessed with the rowboat at the north-east corner of the Mushroom Forest. If you’re traveling out to sea with the rowboat, it will bring you to a small island with a bank chest where you can then travel back or right click on the rowboat to enter the underwater area.

    • House on the Hills

OSRS Fossil Island Wyvern

This area can be found on the north-east side of the island by climbing a hill on the south end of the Mushroom Forest. There are plenty of strange machines located within the House on the Hills. Those machines probably will give you a digsite pendant which allows you to teleport directly to the House.

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