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OptiFine Cape Editor Page Tips and Guide

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Optifine recently released a new-gorgeous feature which allows you to import a Minecraft banner into the site as the design of your Minecraft cape. Due to a lot of people don’t understanding how to customize their Minecraft cape, they surely look for the ways that can guide them to create their custom cape through Optifine.

To note, the design of cape offered by Optifine is somewhat limited. Besides, you should make a purchase of an Optifine cape for $10 and make sure you already have the Optifine mod which has been installed to see these capes.

Do you also need the guides and tips to customize the cape through Optifine? If so, please keep staying on this page until you get the ways to create it. So let’s see the ways below!

Tips and Guides to Customize Minecraft Cape with Optifine

In this post, we’re going to show you multiple tips and guides which can help you to create, customize and also change your Minecraft cape through Optifine. Here’s how!

  • All you need is to go to the official Optifine site that you can access at https://optifine.net/home.
  • Once you’re at the page of Optifine, you will see some menu located on the top of Optifine page.
  • Here, you need to choose the Cape menu and then click on it.

 choose the Cape menu and then click on it

  • Before you access the Cape menu, you should sign in first by clicking on the Login button.

sign in first by clicking on the Login button

  • To login to the Optifine site, you can use your Minecraft credentials. Please do not worry, it’s not a scam site and have been recognized by almost all Minecraft players.
  • After you logged in, you’re able to customize your Minecraft cape. To customize it, you can click on the drop down bar and choose the Banner option.

choose the Banner option

  • If you have clicked on the Banner option, all the options that you need to customize your Minecraft cape will appear.

all the options that you need to customize your Minecraft cape will appear.

  • From the Banner menu, you can see your username, variety of cape designs, Alignment, URL and the size. In this step, you’re allowed to choose the design of the cape that you really love.
  • Once you’re at the Banner option, you can go to the link Banner Generator that you can access at http://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner.

link Banner Generator that you can access

  • You’ll be automatically directed into the Cape Editor Page to start creating, customizing and changing your Minecrat cape.

automatically directed into the Cape Editor Page to start creating, customizing and changing your Minecrat cape

  • To start customizing your Minecraft cape, you can firstly choose a white canvas. In this way, you should also add the layers by clicking on the Layer Creation options.
  • Then, the variety of the layers will show up.  After you choose the layers that you want, they will show on the sidebar.
  • You surely can use the buttons next to the layers to move and delete the layers up and down if you want to change the position of each symbol on the cape/ banner.
  • If you’re done with your design, you can continue to copy the link from the URL option next to the Design option. The link here is  http://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=pangnnnweceGeb
  • After you have copied the link, you can click on the Save button. Then, your Minecraft design will be registered to your Minecraft account. To note, in this step, you have to restart your client for your cape to update.
  • If you really have Optifine installed, you can see your Cape and other items too.

see your Cape and other items too.

  • That’s it! You now already create, customize and also change your cape design to the new one.

Well, you have a right to select the cape design as you want. Of course, there tons of Minecraft cape designs that you can choose either default Minecraft cape and custom Minecraft coming from many Minecraft creators.

Minecraft Cape Design List

As we know, cape is a rare vanity item which can be worn in addition to the player’s skin. The cape will also change  the look of worn Elytra. Well, the Elytra here are rare wings which can be found in the end ships. Those are the only single-item source of flight in Survival mode.

The cape in Minecraft can be obtained through a mod like Optifine which allows the players to get one. Unfortunately, there’s no only way to get a cape if you’re in Minecraft Java Edition. For more information, the Minecraft capes are initially obtained by attending or buying a ticket to the year’s MINECON, then, the cape is named MINECON cape.

If you really want to know the Minecraft cape from beginning, here are the lists of Minecraft Capes:

Java Edition Designs

There are five types of Minecraft cape which are available in Minecraft Java Edition design.

Mojang Cape

  • Mojang Cape (Classic)

This cape was designed from December 20, 2010 to October 7, 2015.

  • Mojang Cape

This cape has been used by the employees of Mojang Studio since October 7, 2015.


  • MINECON 2011 Cape
  • MINECON 2012 Cape
  • MINECON 2013 Cape
  • MINECON 2015 Cape
  • MINECON 2016 Cape

Minecraft Festival Capes

  • Minecraft Festival Cape 2020

The MinecraftFestival Cape will be granted to the attendees of the convention which will be held in Orlando maybe in 2020.

Personal Capes

  • Bacon Cape
  • Millionth Customer Cape
  • dannyBstyle’s Cape
  • JulianClark’s Cape
  • Cheapsh0t’s Cape
  • MrMessiah’s Cape
  • Prismarine Cape
  • Turtle Cape

Other Capes

  • Translator Cape
  • Chinese Translator Cape
  • Scroll Champion Cape
  • Cobalt Cape
  • Mojira Moderator Cape
  • Realms MapMaker Cape
  • Veteran Cape

Temporary Capes

  • Christmas 2010 Cape
  • New Year 2011 Cape

Bedrock Edition Capes

There are three types of cape which are available in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Character Creator Capes

  • MINECON Live 219 Founder’s Cape
  • Pancape

Skin Pack Capes

  • Ender Dragon Wings Cape
  • Devil’s Cape
  • Dracula’s Cape
  • Evil Wizard’s Cape
  • Bride of Frankenstein’s Cape
  • The Grim Reaper’s Cape
  • Wicked Witch’s Cape
  • Maman Brigitte’s Cape
  • Male Spartan’s Cape
  • Female Spartan’s Cape
  • Padmé Amidala’s Cape
  • Palpatine’s Cape
  • Count Dooku’s Cape
  • General Grievous’s Cape
  • Boss Nass’s Cape
  • Mas Amedda’s Cape
  • Poggle the Lesser’s Cape
  • Lando Calrissian’s Cape
  • Skyrim Nazir’s Cape
  • Skyrim Vampire Lord’s Cape
  • Huntress Wizard’s Cape
  • Maori’s Cape
  • Arabian’s Cape
  • Halo Drone’s Cape
  • Jens’s Cape

Temporary Capes

  • 1st Birthday Cape

Custom Creator Capes

  • Freddy Frostbear
  • Open Maw – Optifine Cape
  • Epic Red Cape Design
  • Chocolate bar 😛 (Yum!)
  • Sad Eyes (Optifine Cape)
  • Many more

Of course, there are still many custom creator capes that you can get from any Minecraft creator. Find more Minecraft capes at https://www.planetminecraft.com/banners/cape/.

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