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Nilaus’ Base-in-A-Book Complete

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Nilaus is a YouTuber who consistently shares the content about Factorio. In his YouTube Channel named ‘Nilaus’, he uploaded a series of Factorio gameplay that consists of 27 episodes. He named a series of Factorio gameplay with ‘Nilaus’ Base-in-a-Book.

Each episode in Nilaus channel shows the different gameplay and always gives you tips and tricks to pass through. Nilaus’ Base-in-a-Book features all the blueprints that are used in his YouTube series. The book aims to bring you from a stranded interstellar explorer to master of the manufacturing  realm.

If you’re wondering what contents are available on Nilaus’ Base-in-a-Book, you can dive into our post to get the information. Here you go!

Where to Find Nilaus’ Base-in-a-Book?

You definitely can find Nilaus’ Base-in-a-Book at factorio.school that you can access here. This page shows Nilaus Base-in-a-Book completely. According to this page, Nilaus’ book contains all of his blueprints that are used in his Base-in-a-Book YouTube series.

Nilaus’ Base-in-a-Book has been updated three times. First, the book was updated on January 7, 2019 that came to add the missing blueprints 13, bringing Blue Science, Engines and Electric Mining Drills.

Second update was on January 9, 2019 that came to add indicators for inputs and outputs using constant combinators with minor icon/ title changes. The latest update of the book was updated on March 20, 2022 that contains some fixes for the latest version.

If you want to use Nilaus’ blueprints, you can just simply click on the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button. Here are the Nilaus’ Base-in-a-Book blueprint titles:

Section 1

    1. Red Science & Green Circuits
    2. Stone Furnaces & Bricks

Section 2

    1. Steam Power

Section 3

    1. Basic Mining
    2. Basic Smelting
    3. Basic Steel Smelting

Section 4

    • Main Bus – 4×4 Balancer
    • Main Bus – Full line
    • Main Bus – Half line
    • Main Bus – Half line One sided
    • Main Bus – Middle Half line

Section 5

    1. Red & Green Science
    2. Science Labs

Section  6

    1. Green Circuits

Section 7

    1.  Logistics Mall (Early Game)
    2. Logistics Mall (Late Game)

Section 8

    1. Circuit Network Shop
    2. High Tech Shop
    3. Nuclear Shop
    4. Production Shop
    5. Train Shop

Section 9

    1. Armor Piercing Rounds
    2. Grenades
    3. Gun Turret
    4. Military Science
    5. Modular Military Science

Section 10

    1. Advanced Oil Processing
    2. Basic Oil Processing
    3. Beaconed Advanced Oil Processing

Section 11

    1. Plastic
    2. Sulfuric Acid

Section 12

    1. Red Circuits
    2. Red Circuits (Blue Belt)
    3. Blue Science

Section 13

    1. Electric Mining Drills
    2. Engines

Section 14

    1. Assembling Machine
    2. Electric Engines
    3. Electric Furnace
    4. Purple Science

Section 15

    1. Blue Circuit Module (2 Red Belts)
    2. Blue Circuits (2 Blue Belts)

Section 16

    1. Yellow Science

Jump Start Base

What Does Nilaus Talk About in the Base-in-a-Book Series on His YouTube Channel?

On his YouTube Channel, Nilaus divided the Base-in-a-Book series into 27 parts. In the first part, he shows the guide of playing Factorio and also shares the walkthrough of Factorio’s gameplay.

It is known that Factorio offers a design of a fully upgradeable base including Trains, City Blocks, Robot and Main Bus. Nilaus also shares the tips and tricks to play Factorio for beginner, here are they:

    • Make sure to learn to plan a base and expand it without redoing everything
    • Use Blueprints to help you build your base similarly

In addition to giving tips for beginners, he also suggests for experienced players to:

    • Give inspiration, tips and tricks to beginners
    • To use full template for a starter base to be used for building your own Megabase

The designs used in his gameplay are based on Factorio Master Class designs. So, if you are interested in more details of those or the blueprints of Nilaus, you can check out his videos on Nilaus Channel that you can access here.

Nilaus also shares the mods that you use in his gameplay, including:

    • Only Quality of Life mods added
    • Afraid of the Dark: This mod makes the game of Factorio more easy to see (particularly on YouTube)
    • Beatrix: This is a silly mod to notify when trains run out of fuel
    • Calculator UI: Using calculator with a UI
    • Car Finder: Using the Car Finder button to find misplaced cars/spidertracks
    • Even Distribution: This mod is to distribute items evenly when inserting into multiple entities
    • Rate Calculator: The calculator mod is used to display throughput of designs
    • Squeak Through: This mod allows the movement between buildings
    • Vehicle Snap: This mod allows the players to drive in a straight line is nice

Here are all the episodes on Nilaus’ Base-in-a-Book series on Nilaus YouTube Channel:

Episode 1: Base-in-a-Book for Factorio’s gameplay

Episode 2: Smelting into a Main Bus

Episode 3: Quick Crips Science including red, green and military

Episode 4: Centralized Hub to build everything

Episode 5: The train has left the station

Episode 6: Solar/ coal power before teching

Episode 7: Oil refining at last

Episode 8: Rushing robots

Episode 9: Let the robots do the work

Episode 10: Securing the perimeter

Episode 11: Personal robots to fill the darkness

Episode 12: Teching to utility science

Episode 13: Mixed train uranium mining

Episode 14: Nuclear to power more Robot abuse

Episode 15: Super circuit upgrade

Episode 16: Unlocking production tech

Episode 17: Many-to-many train network

Episode 18: Kovarex and military Hub and coal

Episode 19: Automating Spidertron

Episode 20: Preparing for launch

Episode 21: Finishing touches for first stage

Episode 22: Base-in-a-Book – Stage 1 complete (red belt/blue assembler)

Episode 23: The great blue upgrade

Episode 24: Upgrading oil à plastics à circuit à modules

Episode 25: If in doubt, double it

Episode 26: All science upgraded

Episode 27: How to expand for Megabase w. Artillery/ builder – trains

Episode 28: Tour of Base-in-a-Book for blue belts, modules and beacons.

Okay, those are all the episodes available on Nilaus YouTube Channel for Base-in-a-Book series. If you really want to use all the Nilaus’ blueprints, you can visit the official site of Nilaus at nilaus.atlassian.net. This page definitely shows all the parts of Nilaus’ Base-in-a-Book series, so you can easily copy and paste the blueprints that Nilaus shared on.

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