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Minecraft War Servers with Guns

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You may want to enjoy Minecraft where you can war and use guns. If so, it means that you need Minecraft war servers with guns. There are a lot of Minecraft servers with guns as you can read in the information below.

5 Best Minecraft Servers with Guns

According to Sportskeeda, here are 5 best Minecraft servers with guns. However, it is important for you to note that the post about it on that site was published in 2020. Nevertheless, you can try the servers, who know that they are still the best.

    1. Gun Colony – IP: guncolony.com
      Minecraft War Servers with Guns
      This is a Minecraft server which is based solely around the using the different guns inside some Minecraft game modes. The guns in this server are not only an additional feature. The concept of the server actually revolves around the guns themselves. This server even claims that it is the best Minecraft guns server in the world. It is reasonable because their gun plugin and mechanics are completely custom developed. This server also has created and modelled all of the content related to guns on the server by themselves. On the Sportskeeda site, it is explained that the depth of the guns on this server is amazing, with a mind-blowingly impressive depth for a mere Minecraft server. When shooting guns on the server, elements like bullet spread, bullet drop, damage drop-off and recoil are all considered.
    2. NavalBattleZone – IP: play.navalbattlezone.net
      This server is not only a typical Minecraft guns server. The fact is that the concept of simple guns may be at least impressive among the features which are offered by this server. This server acts as a sandbox type battleground where players are able to build and use their Aircraft carriers, tanks or submarines. In this server, AA guns and fire missiles are able to be operated by players. It is amazing to think that it can be done in Minecraft. Also, the fact is that NavalBattleZone does not require you to download a modified Minecraft client to play and it makes this server different from other servers.
    3. HavocMC – IP: miningdead.com
      This server is a unique Minecraft server with guns. In the game mode on the server, there is the premise such as zombies in the process conquer the world. To fight zombies which are brain-hungry and also to progress further in the story, you have to use guns on the server. In this server, you are also able to use guns in PvP combat against other fellow zombie surviving players. In the PvP zone, you use firearms that take hours to be used in combat.
    4. McBall – IP: mcball.com
      Minecraft War Servers with Guns
      In this server, the premise is to implement paintballing in the world of Minecraft. Paintball guns can be used by players and the players are able to take part in classic games such as free-for-all and capture-the-flag. A variety of paintball gun types are offered in this server where those mimic real-life firearms. It is done to accommodate different play styles.
    5. Yom Network
      Yom Network
      Another best server for Minecraft servers with guns is Yom Network. For your information, this server is known for its custom “InfectedRPG DayZ” mode. In this mode, you will be invited into an epic story where you will start nothing inside a zombie-infested wasteland. Over time, you will level up by fighting off zombie hordes with a wide range of firearms. This server has an interesting feature where it has the diversity of the weapons offered to players. This server also offers a huge arsenal of over 200 weapons and those include swords and nuclear bombs.

Other Minecraft Servers with Guns

If you access the Minecraft List site, you can find 115 best gun Minecraft servers. It is also explained on that site that gun servers allow players to be able to use an arsenal of guns to get money and power in a dangerous city.

Here are some Minecraft servers with guns according to the Minecraft List site.

    • Cosmic Craft
      IP: mc.CosmicMc.Net
    • Twerion.net
      IP: Twerion.net
    • BlitzKraft
      IP: blitzkraft.mcserver.us
    • Renatus Network
      IP: mc.renatusnetwork.com
    • DarkMatter
      IP: darkmatter.shockbyte.space
    • Fire Crusades
      IP: play.firecrusades.com
    • GTAMC
      IP: gta-mc.net
    • CryptechCraft
      IP: cryptechcraft.xyz
    • SkitzMC.net
      IP: play.skitzmc.net
    • SMPCentral
      IP: smpcentral.lol
    • HavocMC – Home of ‘The Mining Dead’
      IP: play.havocmc.net
    • And many more

About Minecraft

About Minecraft

Minecraft now is familiar among a number of kids and people. It is because this game is played by a lot of people and many kids also like this game. This game allows players to be able to explore a blocky generated 3D world with virtually infinite terrain. In this game, players also may find and extract raw materials, craft tools and items and build structures and simple machines.

Players are able to fight mobs and also cooperate with or compete against other players in the same world, it depends on the game mode. A survival mode is one of the modes in this game. In this mode, players are able to get resources that can be used for building the world and maintaining health. There is also a creative mode. In this mode, players have unlimited resources and access to flight. Players have the ability to modify the game so that they are able to create new gameplay mechanics, items and assets.

In Minecraft, players do not have required goals that they have to complete. So, it permits them to have freedom in choosing how to play the game. Nevertheless, an achievement system is available where it is known as advancements in the Java Edition of the game and there are trophies on the PlayStation ports.

In August, they released Minecraft: Pocket Edition for the Xperia Play on the Android Market as an early alpha version. Then, on October 8th, 2011, this version was also released for some other devices. The full version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition was released on some platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone on December 19th, 2016. In 2017, Pocket Edition had been replaced by Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and it permits cross-platform play with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch editions.

Minecraft has won a number of awards. One of them is 2011 Spike Video Game Awards for Best Independent Game.

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