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Mario Kart Tour Symbols Meaning

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Special Symbols are symbols which will be beside your name in Online Nintendo WFC in Mario Kart Wii and Nintendo Network in Mario Kart 7 if you do certain things.

Special Symbols

    • One Golden Star
      How to unlock: You have to get a one-star ranking in all Grand Prix.
    • Two Golden Stars
      How to unlock: You have to get a two-star ranking in all Grand Prix.
    • Three Golden Stars:
      How to unlock: You have to get a three-star ranking in all Grand Prix.
    • Golden Wii Wheel:
      How to unlock: You have to use the Wii Wheel 100% of the time.
    • Golden Wii Wheel with 1 up to 3 Golden Stars:
      How to unlock: You have to use the Wii Wheel 100% of the time and get 1 up to 3 star ranking in all Grand Prix.

Other Symbols

If you view someone with balloons in their name, or a crown in their name, it means that they have a special program on their computer which t lets them add symbols not usually found in the Mii Channel to their name.

Mario Kart Tour Symbols Meaning

About Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is a game in the series of Mario Kart. This is only the 3rd Mario game released for mobile operating systems, after Super Mario Run and Dr. Mario World. On January 31, 2018, it was announced. Originally it was scheduled for release by March 2019, but was later on released on September 25, 2019, in Japan, Asia, North America, Oceania, and Europe.

Although the game is designed for mobile devices, like the game’s predecessors on Nintendo handhelds, it also supports tablets and computers with a compatible mobile OS. An update allowed “Landscape Mode” for the users who play on a phone. With a score of 58 percent on Metacritic, it has the lowest critical score of all the Mario Kart games.

Characters at Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour features lots of the series’ hallmark racers. Here are the characters to unlock at Mario Kart Tour:

    • Baby Daisy
    • Baby Luigi
    • Baby Mario
    • Baby Peach
    • Baby Rosalina
    • Black Shy Guy
    • Bowser
    • Bowser Jr
    • Daisy
    • Daisy (Holiday Cheer) – Certain tours only
    • Diddy Kong
    • Donkey Kong
    • Dry Bones
    • Dry Bowser
    • Gold Koopa (Freerunning)
    • Ice Mario
    • Iggy
    • King Boo
    • King Boo (Luigi’s Mansion) – Certain tours only
    • Koopa Troopa
    • Lakitu
    • Larry
    • Lemmy
    • Ludwig
    • Luigi
    • Luigi (Penguin) – Certain tours only
    • Mario
    • Mario (Hakama) – Certain tours only
    • Mario (Happi) – Certain tours only
    • Mario (Santa) ­- Certain tours only
    • Metal Mario
    • Morton
    • Musician Mario – Certain tours only
    • Pauline *Certain tours only
    • Pauline (Party Time) – Certain tours only
    • Peach
    • Peach (Kimono) – Certain tours only
    • Peach (Vacation) – Certain tours only
    • Peach (Wintertime) – Certain tours only
    • Peachette
    • Pink Gold Peach – Certain tours only
    • Red Koopa (Freerunning)
    • Red Yoshi
    • Rosalina
    • Rosalina (Halloween) – Certain tours only
    • Roy
    • Shy Guy
    • Shy Guy (Pastry Chef)- Certain tours only
    • Toad
    • Toad (Party Time) – Certain tours only
    • Toad (Pit Stop)
    • Toadette
    • Waluigi
    • Waluigi (Bus Driver)
    • Wario
    • Wendy
    • Yoshi
    • Yoshi (Reindeer) – Certain tours only

The players start the game with one character unlocked at random through The Pipe. To unlock the new characters at Mario Kart Tour, the players must spend Rubies for random Pipe unlocks, complete the cups, or use coins to buy daily characters. For note: The amount of content available to buy is based on your level.

Each character has its own special item that can be collected during a race:

    • Banana Barrels (Diddy Kong)
    • Boomerang Flower (Baby Mario and Larry)
    • Bowser’s Shell (Bowser and Dry Bowser and Bowser Jr.)
    • Bubble (Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Baby Rosalina and Lemmy)
    • Coin Box (Hakama Mario)
    • Dash Ring (Ludwig and Rosalina)
    • Double Bob-ombs (Musician Mario, Shy Guy, Roy and Wario)
    • Fire Flower (Mario and Metal Mario)
    • Giant Banana (DK and Morton)
    • Heart (Peach, Daisy and Wendy)
    • Ice Flower (Ice Mario)
    • Lucky 7 (Pauline)
    • Mushroom Cannon (Peachette and Kimono Peach)
    • Triple Green Shells (Koopa Troopa, Dry Bones and Iggy)
    • Triple Mushrooms (Toad and Toadette)
    • Yoshi’s Egg (Yoshi)

Unlocking New Characters and Karts in Mario Kart Tour

The players obtain Grand Stars based on how many points they obtain in a race. Grand Stars will be able to unlock new cups that will give you Tour Gifts. The Tour Gifts are reward packages given after the completion of a cup, allowing a combination of drivers, gliders, karts, and more. Just certain unlockables are available through Tour Gifts during each Tour. Another method to unlock content is through The Pipe, a gacha-style mechanic that unlocks random content. Rubies are needed to use The Pipe that can be obtained by completing races or other sources including micro-transactions.

Each Pipe consists of 100 fixed items, with the players guaranteed to receive the Tour Spotlight items within those 100 items. The players are not guaranteed to accept all unique items within a Pipe’s lifetime, however The Pipe is able to be reset and filled up again. The characters, gliders and karts in each Pipe are managed by their own rarity. The players are allowed to get duplicate items to boost the skill of characters, gliders, and karts.

The last, coins are collected in the races and Coin Rush mode. Coins can be spent in the Shop on drivers, gliders and karts. Coin Rush mode made the players racing as Gold Mario and collecting as many as coins. In addition, the  players are able to collect coins and Rubies by completing daily challenges, standard challenges and also by logging in each day.

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