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Lingering Malady Genshin Impact Guide

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Lingering Malady is a World quest that you should complete in Genshin Impact. This quest allows you to find four of the posters and billboards which are scattered around Mondstadt. One of the requirements in completing this quest is to make sure that you already reach the Adventure Rank 30.

Because four of the posters and billboards can be found in any area in Mondstatd, of course, you should find the exact location where you can find them. Thankfully, this post will guide you on how to find all in Mondstadt in order to successfully complete this quest.

Here’s the Guide to Complete the Lingering Malady Quest!

To begin completing this quest, make sure that you already accept the quest. To get the quest, you firstly should talk to Aramis that you can find in front of the Mondstadt cathedral. Known, Aramis is an NPC who patrols the stairs in front of the Favonious Cathedral. He’s surely responsible for the security in this location.

talk to Aramis

Once you talk to him, he will ask you to find four items including posters and billboards around Mondstadt. However, one important clue about those items is that all of them are on the roof tops in the area. The only one way that you should do is to wrap to the upper wrap point, so you will have the high ground to easily find them.

In the way of finding posters and billboards, you can obtain them in any order, but the half circle route is pretty quick to find them. Then, if you get a bit hard to reach a certain roof, alternatively you can try climbing to a higher building and also use the stone wall to glide down to the one you desire to go to. Need to know, none of them are at the highest point, so gliding is an easy way to obtain where you need to be.

To ease you find posters and billboard, this post also show you the locations where they can be found, here are they:

Location – Poster 1

Location – Poster 1

The first poster can be found on the roof in the west side of Mondstadt in front of the Favonius Knights HQ. The headquarters of Favonious Knights is located inside the city of Mondstatd. In this location, there are two rooms inside which can be entered, they are the Grand Master’s office and the Mondstatd Library.

Well, to find the poster in this location, you just simply climb to the roof in front of the headquarters of Favonious Knights.

Location – Poster 2

Location – Poster 2

Once you find poster 1, you can continue to get the second poster which can be found on the roof of the building where the Crafting Bench in Mondstatd is located. Crafting Bench here is located near Timaeus in Mondstadt or next to the Teleport Waypoint in the southern half of Liyue Harbor.

Timaeus is a scholar of Alchemy and one of Albedo’s assistans. You can find Timaeus next to the alchemy table in the city square of Mondstadt.

Location – Poster 3

Location – Poster 3

The third poster can be found on the roof of the southernmost house in Mondstadt. You can find the third poster on the roof of the building with a general goods shop.

Location – Billboard

Location – Billboard

The last item that you should find is a billboard. You can find it on the northern walkway of the Mondstadt walls. You can also check the billboards on the castle wall nearby the tavern.

Well, those are all locations where you can find the posters and billboard around Mondstadt.

Rewards You’ll Get

Just like other quests in Mondstadt, the Lingering Malady quest also offers plenty of amazing rewards. Here are for the rewards:

    • Adventure Experience x100

Adventure Exp is used to raise a player’s Adventure Rank.

    • Mora x20000

Mora is the premium and main currency unit that you can use to purchase various items in Genshin Impact. This currency is accepted worldwide in Teyvat.

    • Hero’s Wit x6

Hero’s Wit is a Character Development material to level up your characters. By using Hero’s Wit, you will receive 20000 Exp points.

    • Northern Smoked Chicken x3

Northern Smoked Chicken is a food item that you can cook in Genshin Impact. Aside from the reward of Lingering Malady, you can get the recipe for Northern Smoked Chicken inside a chest near the top of the central tower at Stormterror’s Lair. You can also purchase it from Brook for 1,850 Mora with a maximum 2 per day.

Those are all rewards that you can get from the quest of Lingering Malady. Moreover, by completing the quest of Lingering Malady, you will have a right to take your adventure in any direction you choose.

Background of Lingering Malady Quest

The Lingering Malady quest begins when the storm swept through the Mondstadt city. It made the posters and billboards of many shops have been dragged away to the rooftops and also the city walls of Mondstadt. Because of this incident,  Aramis, the Knight of Favonious has been required to find the posters and billboard around on the walls and rooftops during the recent attack on Mondstadt.

However, his knees are bad. So, he cannot do the job again. Then, he asks for your help to find and return back the posters and billboards to the shop. Well, he requires you to find 3 posters and 1 Merchant  Billboard and return them back to Aramis for your rewards.

The posters are dragged away to the top of rooftops and the billboard is on the wall walkway. For more information, the posters will appear in your inventory once being collected and disappear upon completing the quest. However, the billboard is set in its proper place immediately. The text found in the billboard is “Newcomers deal now on at the Angel’s Share. All new patrons can enjoy 30% off their first bottle of select new beverages.”

Here’s for the walkthrough of the Lingering Malady quest:

    • Talk to Aramis [Quest Start]
    • Look for posters and billboard in Mondstadt (0/4)
    • Talk to Aramis [Quest End]

Those are all information that you should know about the Lingering Malady quest.

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