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Is Sea of Thieves Cross Platform Between Xbox and PS4?

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Since it was released on March 20, 2018, Sea of Thieves has rapidly grown in popularity. Today, this game is the best-selling Microsoft game ever. This action-adventure game is currently a Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox X/S exclusive.

You may wonder whether Sea of Thieves provides a cross-platform between Xbox and PS4 or not. However, cross-platform play is a great feature that a lot of players have been requesting for years. To find out the real information about Sea of Thieves cross-platform, let’s dive into our post below!

Is Sea of Thieves Cross Platform Between Xbox and PS4?

Does Sea of Thieves Provide Cross-Platform Between PS4 and Xbox?

Since Sea of Thieves is not available on PS4, you cannot play cross-platform between Xbox One and PS4. It’s important to note, Sea of Thieves is only available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Except PS4, you can play with your friends on different platforms, meaning you can play with Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S players and vice versa. If your friend only plays on Xbox, you can still invite them into your crew to have an adventure, though you are playing on PC/.

Through cross-platform play, you cannot only enjoy the game with your friends, but you can also change the cones while maintaining your process. However, when you log into Sea of Thieves through Stream, you will be required ti log into your Microsoft account, allowing you to play with others, no matter what platform they use to play Sea of Thieves.

Keep in mind, if you play Sea of Thieves Windows 10, but you want to switch to Steam, you may need to buy the game again. But, we suggest you to always use the version you have now, particularly you can play with anyone independently.

How to Use the Sea of Thieves Cross-Platform?

You definitely can activate the Sea of Thieves cross-platform by default. So, if you’re familiar with inviting friends and setting snails, you may not have to perform anything special.

To start using Sea of Thieves cross-platform, you can choose the ‘Adventure’ option from the main menu. Then, select the ship you want and select if you want an open or closed crew. After that, you can invite your friends. On Xbox, you can press ‘X’ to bring up your friend list and press ‘1’ on PC.

Using Sea of Thieves crossplay is pretty easy, isn’t it? If you use an open lobby where the players can join, they can join regarding the platform they are using.

How if you want to disable the Sea of Thieves crossplay? If you want to deactivate the crossplay feature in Sea of Thieves, you can just follow the same process when activating the crossplay feature, but you need to press the ‘Y’ button on the ship selection screen. After that, you can scroll down and set your matchmaking preferences.

However, the option to deactivate Sea of Thieves crossplay is only available on Xbox, not on PC. It’s important to note, this is only a preference, so we cannot guarantee for this. If you deactivate the crossplay feature, Sea of Thieves will try to place you in a lobby with players on the same platform as you. However, you may play with other platforms if there are not enough players available to fill the lobby.

What Are Sea of Thieves Cross Play Benefits?

The main benefit of crossplay is to give the players more options in terms of who to play with. This feature also assists anyone who is new to Xbox or PC gaming. So, they can find friends and family members who can assist them get started on their platform.

Furthermore, it also creates a stronger sense of community within Sea of Thieves, while creating your crew more diverse simultaneously. You will not also lose your Xbox player benefits for playing on PC and vice versa.

For instance, if someone is an Xbox game pass member, but they want to play a certain game while away from home using their computer, you can still play from anywhere as your console account is linked to your game pass account.

The benefits that you will get on Sea of Thieves crossplay between platforms may be different. So, let’s see the benefits on each platform crossplay!

    • Between PC and Xbox One

When cross-playing between PC and Xbox, your progress will be shared across both versions of the game, so you do not have to start over again if you switch between consoles or Xbox One and PC.

You  can also get to play with people of different skill levels, so you can know that none will be too powerful for you. You also do not have to buy both versions of the game to play with your friends. Additionally, you can also get more players in general as Sea of Thieves is available on two platforms, instead of just one.

    • Between Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

You may already know that Xbox Series X/S is a newer generation of the console. When cross-playing between Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, you will have access to all the content of both consoles, regarding which one you’re playing on.

You will get all DLCs and microtransactions shared across platforms. So there’s no need for buyers to buy them more than once. You should know that both Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One players can join the same crews/ guilds together.

    • Between PC and Xbox Series X/S

Since you can cross-play between PC and Xbox Series X/S, sure all players can play together in one world, regarding the system in which they are playing.

So far, cross-platform play is such an excellent way to obtain more players into your game. This feature will also come with some other benefits as well. Moreover, the players can discuss their strategic in public chat feature, no matter which platform they are on.

When playing Sea of Thieves, you definitely will take down the enemies, hoard loot, find treasure and also dominate the competition. So, make sure to do your best.

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