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IPTV Sur PS4 Guide

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IPTV or short for ‘Internet-based Protocol Television’ app lets you access TV programs & videos which are either live or on demand. This system works to deliver digital television to the subscriber through Internet Protocol technology through internet connection or the medium of broadband.

Now, you can install an IPTV system on your PS4 with an easy step. Although the IPTV is likely easy to install, most PS4 players do not know yet on how to install IPTV on their PS4. No worries! If you also don’t know the way to install IPTV on your PS4, we’ll show you the guide clearly through our post below!

IPTV Sur PS4 Guide

Guide to Install IPTV on PS4

To install an IPTV system on your PS4, you can do it through Plex. Plex is a Media Server program that allows the users to stream media content from their home network to all compatible devices. Furthermore, Plex enables you to share any movies, songs, TV series, photos and any multimedia content that they have in storage.

It actually uses a server to host all your media contents and media players to stream the contents. In addition to installing and streaming IPTV videos on your Firestick devices and Android smartphone, you can also install IPTV on your PS4 through Plex.

In order to stream IPTV videos on your PS4, you may need to use the Plex Media Server and Plex Media Player app. Keep in mind, installing IPTV on your PS4 is a very long and tedious process to do. So, let’s follow the guide to install IPTV on your P4!


    • PC (either Windows or Mac)
    • IPTV Plugin
    • Notepad++ app
    • Plex app
    • Plex account

Step 1: Install Plex Media Server on your computer

On your computer, you can open a browser and visit the Plex website here. Once you are at Plex website, you can go to Your Media menu. Here, you need to click the ‘Download Plex’ button.

Install Plex Media Server on your computer

After that, you can click the ‘Download’ button that corresponds to ‘Plex Media Server’ (If you use Mac computer, you can choose Mac under Computer in the drop-down menu). On your computer, you need to run the ‘Plex extension file’.

If the setup is successfully completed, you can click the ‘Launch’ button. By clicking it, it will take you to the Plex website. From there, you can select any one of the social media profiles for the sign-in process. You can now click the ‘Got It’ button.

click the ‘Launch’ button

Last, you can rename the server and then click the ‘Next’ button. Make sure to tick the checkout box ‘Allow me to access my media outside my home’.

Allow me to access my media outside my home.

Step 2: Set up Plex Media Server on your computer

In this step, you may need to minimize the Plex tab and then download the IPTV plugin from your provider. Then, extract the IPTV Plugin to the location ‘C:/ users/ ”yourPCname”/ AppData/ Local/ Plex Media Server/ Plug-ins.’

In the extracted file, you need to open the ‘Contents’ folder. Now, you need to install the ‘Notepad++’ app on your computer by visiting this site.

In the ‘Contents’ folder, you can find the Info file and open the file using Notepad++. You can then look for this line of code ‘<!-<string>UseRealRTMP</string>->’. Then, you can replace the code with this one ‘<string>UseRealRTMP</string>.’ Afterwards, you need to save the file with those changes.

You can now open the ‘Resources’ folder and open the ‘Playlist’ file with Notepad++. After that, you need to save the file without creating any changes. From there, you can go back to the extracted folder and rename it to bundle. After doing this, the IPTV provided videos will be synced to your Plex server account.

Step 3: Install Plex Media Player on PS4

After you install and set up the Plex Media Server, you can now install Plex Media Player on your PS4. To install it, you can open the ‘Microsoft Store’ or the ‘PlayStation Store’ on your PS4.

Then, head toward the ‘Search’ icon. After the on-screen keyboard appears, you can then type ‘Plex’ and search for it. After it appears, you can choose the ‘Plex’ app from the list. Then, you can tap the ‘Download’ button beside the Plex app.

Tap the Download button next to the Plex app.

Now, you can open the Plex app and it will show you the activation code. Once you get the code, you can go to the Plex activation page and then enter the code by signing into your account here.

Go to the Plex activation website and enter the code.

After it is linked, you can now access all the live TV channels and on-demand content from your IPTV provider.

Congratulations! You can now watch the channels that you’ve added earlier.

It’s important to note, the Plex may need to be opened all the time on your computer before watching the channels on your PS4. Make sure to not forget to close and restart Plex on both PS4 & computer once updating the playlist.m3u inside the resources folder. Additionally, the channels are also available to stream on your tablets & phones through the Plex app on your computer.

How Does IPTV Work?

IPTV can be defined as a system to deliver digital television service to the subscriber through Internet Protocol technology. Connected to the medium of broadband or internet connection, IPTV actually gives the viewers the added advantage to pick the program that they want to watch wherever and whenever they want to watch it apart from tuning into any Live TV shows which are being aired currently.

The performance of IPTV is much more similar like browsing the internet than traditional channel surfing. However, IPTV only uses Internet Protocol (IP) that is a delivery mechanism to deliver the videos to the viewers. IPTV has the ability to store the programming on servers at the transmitting end that allows the users to request the content over the internet at any time.

After the viewer clicks on any TV program or requests the video, the video from different sources (servers) will be divided into data packets and delivered over the internet. Moreover, the video servers will send programs via fiber-optic cable to existing households through internet connection and requests will be sent out and shows are sent back.

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