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If I Logout of POF Can I Still Be Seen

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If you are wondering whether you will still be seen after logout or not, of course you should know some facts about the login problem on our post here. In fact, there are a lot of people who complain that their profile is still seen even if they’ve logged out. It means that your status is still online even though you logout from POF.

Is it true that you cannot log out of the POF app? Well, to know more facts, let’s see our post below!

How Can You’re Online After Logout

You will be seen on POF even though you already logout of POF. If you access POF app on your smartphone, your status on POF will be still online even if you have logged out from this app.

If I Logout of POF Can I Still Be Seen

Moreover, the POF app that you access on your smartphone will save your history. When you do a search, the results have text that reveals in a general way, the last time a person was logged into POF app including yesterday, a week ago, and a month ago.

We think that it’s a common case in which after you logged out from this app, it still shows that you are online. Sometimes, you will appear online for hours even if you are not online. From this case, a lot of POF app users suspect this may happen as this app on their smartphone makes them log in automatically.

Even though it’s not a big problem, many people are annoyed with online status when they are not. However, the user will get any notifications or also messages from POF apps even if you have logged out from. Many people speculate that it’s such a bug that appears on the POF app. Whereas, it can be mentioned as a strategy of POF companies to show more people online than actually so that many people are interested in using it.

The point is, if you access POF in an app, you totally cannot log out as your status is still online.

Of course, if you are annoyed with the POF notifications and message even if you have logged out, you can try to turn the notification off on your smartphone. How to do it?

If  your smartphone is an iPhone, you can try to fix it by going to Settings/ Notifications and then turning off notifications. So, you will not get any notifications from the POF app. If this way cannot solve your problem and your status is still online, the only one way that you can do is to remove the POF app on your smartphone.

How to Make Your POF Profile Offline?

If you want to make your POF status offline, instead you have to access POF through your browser. Well, when you access the Plenty Of Fish through a browser, there is a possibility that your status will not be online when logged out.

As we know all sites that you are required to log into will automatically sign you out of the POF site once a certain period of time even if you remain active on the site. POF will log you out as well. However, POF’s automatic log out seems to be quick for about 10 minutes or so if inacativity on POF, then you will automatically get logged out. Well, the only reason is security.

So, if you want to make your status on POF offline, alternatively you should access the POF site through a browser. Of course, you will be logged out of the POF site. For an extreme way, you just simply delete your POF profile. However, this way is really good for you who will not access the POF online dating site permanently.

How to Hide Your POF Profile?

The more gorgeous way to avoid your online profile status on the POF app is by hiding your profile. Apart from that, there are plenty of reasons why people want to hide or delete their POF profile. Hiding your POF profile is quite easy to do even the ways are straightforward to follow.

Here’s how to hide your POF profile!

  • Firstly, you need to login to your POF account by entering your email/ username and password.
  • Once you login to your POF profile, choose the ‘Edit Profile’ option which is located at the top of the screen toward the right next to the link for ‘My Profile’.
  • After choosing the ‘Edit Profile’ option, you will then see a line of text which reads “To hide your profile from others, click here.”
  • By clicking on this link, it will hide your POF profile. Then, you will no longer appear in the search results of other POF users.

That’s it! You successfully hide your POF profile.

How If you want to unhide your POF profile?

  • Then, whenever you are ready to unhide your profile, you just simply click on ‘Edit Profile’. Then, a line of text will appear which says “In order to unhide your profile from others, click here.”
  • By clicking on this link, your POF profile will be unhidden.
  • Before you go on hiding your POF profile, you should recognize the limits. Well, hiding your POF profile means that you will no longer appear on search results. However, there are some users who can still access your profile, they are:
  • The people who you contact with them once hiding your profile.
  • People who recently have messages in your inbox.
  • People who have you on their favorite list.
  • People listed on your favorite list.
  • People who look for your username through the Username Search function.

Most may be bothered by their online status on the POF app, but don’t forget the people who might want to stay visible online on the POF when they access through a browser. Of course, if you want to stay online, you should add an extension named Staying Alive for Google Chrome. This extension will keep you logged into POF site and people will notice that you’re online even if you are offline.

Well, those are some things that you have to notice when you want to hide your POF profile.

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