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How to Verify Your Voice Chat on Roblox

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Voice Chat is a new feature added to the game that allows the players to hear the voices of other players in their game. The Voice Chat feature was officially released by Roblox Corporation on November 10, 2021. It  may take some age verification process to use the Voice Chat feature.

It is said that Roblox players who can use Voice Chat are those who are over the age of 13 and have successfully completed the age verification process. Before they can use the Voice Chat feature, they may need to verify their age first. To find out the information on how to use Voice Chat in Roblox, let’s dive into our article below!

How to Verify Your Voice Chat on Roblox

Verifying Your Age Before Using Voice Chat, Here’s How!

Keep in mind, before you can use Voice Chat in Roblox, you may need to verify your age first. You should know that this may be a lengthy process for you. So, here’s how to verify your age in Roblox!

    • First, log into your Roblox account.
    • Then, head toward the Roblox settings. You can also locate the Roblox Settings by hovering the ‘Gear’ button in the top-right corner.
    • After you are in your Roblox Settings, you need to press the ‘Privacy’ tab to bring a list of options. In the next page, you should  find a Voice Chat feature that allows you to toggle it off and on.
    • Once you find it, to turn on the Voice Chat feature, you can toggle the ‘Voice Chat’ feature to green.
    • After you have turned on, you can go back to the ‘Account Info’ tab where you can find most of the general account information.
    • Once the Voice Chat feature has been released, the ‘Verify Age’ button is already available on the ‘Account Info’ page.
    • Here, you should click on the ‘Verify Age’ option under your birthday.
    • You will also find a QR code. Sure, you can scan this code with your mobile device.
    • Make sure to click on the ‘Start Session’ to start the verification process.
    • You have to follow the instructions and then scan your ID proof. It’s important to note that all identification should be processed via Veratad’s age/ ID software.
    • Afterwards, you may have to capture a selfie to allow your age verification process faster.
    • If you have completed the ‘Verify Age’,  wait for an email from Roblox or Veratad to confirm that the Voice Chat was enabled
    • After you receive the confirmation that the voice chat is enabled, you will be able to communicate with each other in your Roblox game.

Congratulations! You successfully verified your age in order to use the Voice Chat feature in Roblox.

For some reason, you may need to disable the Voice Chat feature in Roblox. To do so, you only need to go to Account Settings and choose the Privacy Tab. Then, you need to toggle the Spatial Voice selector to ‘Off’. If the toggle turns from green to grey, it indicates that the Voice Chat feature has been disabled for your account. To enable it, you can toggle it back on at any time to re-enable the Voice Chat Feature.

Additionally, if you are a player who is over 18 years old, the age verification process should be easier. After you are verified, you just simply go to Settings and turn on Spatial Voice Chat feature under Privacy. By doing so, it will turn on the Voice Chat feature for you. If you want, you can also mute other players by hovering over their names.

How Does the Voice Chat Feature Work?

Voice Chat is such a smart, great way to allow players to communicate with each other in the game. This feature initially aims to reduce the level of ‘toxic’ in the game. We think with the release of Voice Chat in Roblox, this is a very good way to limit in-game toxicity, considering the popularity of Roblox is now very high among kids.

It is known that the Voice Chat feature can only be accessed by the users over the age of 18. With the limitation of the age, the Voice Chat feature hopefully can reduce kid players to not say any bad words to others. In fact, there are a lot of toxins that have been found in Roblox, especially as the players are communicating with other players.

Most players may worry about the Voice Chat feature, as it seems to be unsafe at a glance. But others believe that Voice Chat feature is very useful in the game when implemented. That’s because the players have to provide photo ID verification through Veratad, a trusted global identity software.

Talking about the rules of Voice Chat feature, there has been no official announcement regardless of what can and cannot be said over voice chat. Currently, the swearing does not receive any form of punishment or censoring by Roblox. So, it will more than likely change, due to the kinks continuing to be worked out.

Whether you see it as an unfortunate or fortunate thing, you should know that not every Roblox player will experience the Voice Chat feature, because of its compatibility. Of course, this decision is totally up to the individual game developers, whether they want to allow it or not.

How to Mute Other Players for Voice Chat?

The good news! To avoid a ‘toxic’ player, you will be allowed to mute another player in a Spatial Voice Chat by clicking the microphone icon which will appear over another player avatar’s head.

In this case, mutes will only apply to voice chat, not text chat. It will only last while you are in that game session, meaning it cannot mute other players in another game session.

In addition to mute another player’s voice chat, you can also block another user in a Spatial Voice Chat experience to prevent them from engaging with you in Voice Chat or also Text Chat.

If you also need to report someone after violating the Terms of Use or Community Guidelines, you can also use the Report Abuse feature to report the person with Roblox moderation team.

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