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How to Unclog Drain Hose to Fix Samsung Dishwasher Not Draining

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Samsung Dishwasher sometimes shows the error code which indicates an error in a particular component. You may also get the issues when your Samsung Dishwasher is not draining. This issue is usually indicated by an error code; 5C or 5E/ OC or oE. Both errors require you to check your drain hose.

So, if you get an issue where your Samsung Dishwasher shows 5C or 5E/ OC or oE error codes and it’s not draining, it means that you should check the drain hose and its sink connection for clogs. To ensure the dishwasher filter and drain hose are free of blockages, you surely have to unclog the drain hose of your Samsung Dishwasher.

How to Unclog Drain Hose to Fix Samsung Dishwasher Not Draining

Unfortunately, you haven’t known yet of how to unclog the drain hose. Don’t worry! This post will guide you a tutorial of how to unclog the drain hose to fix your Samsung Dishwasher not draining. So, let’s see our guide below!

Step 1: Prepare your Samsung Dishwasher

Sure, you need to remove all dishes and silverware from the machine, before you start fixing your dishwasher issue. If your dirty dishes are still on the machine, make sure to separate them from your other dishes. Then, to get access to the machine easily, you may need to remove the bottom dishwasher rack.

Step 2: Turn off your Samsung Dishwasher

When you begin checking the issue on your Samsung Dishwasher, make sure to turn off the electricity which runs to both your garbage disposal and dishwasher. This step is very important to avoid the electric shock, as the electricity and water will not pair well together.

Step 3: Get rid of stagnant water

After the machine has been connected from its power source, you can begin to throw away any standing water. You can do it by using a towel, not only for cleaning the dishwasher, but also reducing unwanted things (slipping or falling) while fixing around your dishwasher.

Step 4: Check your dishwasher drain hose

This is an essential step that you should perform, as when your Samsung Dishwasher shows the 5C or 5E/ OC or oE, most likely the problem occurs with the drain hose. You can find the drain hose for Samsung Dishwasher on the back of the machine.

Make sure to flip your machine to look behind and remove the cover. After you remove the cover, you will find the white drain  pan that you have to come off. Once you get it off, you definitely can check the drain hose whether there’s a blockage or not. Generally, you need to pull your dishwasher away from the wall to access the drain hose.

Step 4: Unclog the drain hose

After you have found the drain hose, you need to disconnect it from the machine. You may need some pliers to lose the clamps to disconnect the hose. Before you loosen the hose, make sure to place a shallow dish or pan below the hose to help you catch any water which may spill.

When you successfully remove the hose, it’s a great time to unclog the drain hose by cleaning it out. To unclog the dishwasher drain hose, you can also use commercial de-cloggers or if you can, you can make your own tool of a straightened coat hanger. After you check your drain hose, but you do not find any debris disrupting the hose, a clog may be in the dishwasher drain itself.

Step 6: Check the drain washer drain

To check your dishwasher drain, you need to look for the basket shaped component located at the bottom of your dishwasher. You can remove it with a screwdriver. Just like how you work with the drain hose, if you find any debris which may clog the drain, you can use a de-clogging device to remove any debris.

That’s it! You will successfully unclog the drain hose to fix your Samsung Dishwasher if you really follow step-by-step of the guide listed above. Well, unclogging your Samsung Dishwasher drain hose is pretty easy, isn’t it? So, it’s your turn to unclog your drain hose if you get some error codes, as we’ve explained above.

Clean Hack for Clogged Dishwasher Drain Hose

This post also shares some clean hacks which make it easy for you to unclog your Samsung Dishwasher drain hose. So, here are some ways that you can do to unclog the drain hose for your Samsung Dishwasher:

    • With Boiling Water

If you want to try unclogging the drain hose, before you remove the hose, you can try using the boiling water. In this case, the boiling water is able to dissolve some clogs. However, this is a simple and cheap metode, but it will not always work as well.

What you should do is to boil the water. While you wait, you can remove the stagnant water from the dishwasher with the use of a cup or sponge. After boiling water, you can then pour the water into the drain. You can repeat this several times until the water drains.

To note: Please don’t use this way if you have PVC hoses, due to them melting or becoming damaged.

    • With Vinegar

You may already know that vinegar and baking soda are the homemade solution to unclog the dishwasher. So, you can try pouring vinegar into the basket and then half a cup of baking soda. After that, you need to let it sit for 15 minutes before you pour boiling water down the basket.

    • With Coke

You may be strange with this material whether it would be effective for unclogging the drain hose or not. We think that it’s another fun way that you can try to unclog the drain hose. In fact, coke is an acidic drink which seems to work to break down clogs.

If you want to try this way, you can pour a two-liter bottle of Coke directly down the drain and leave for one to two hours. After that, you need to pour boiling water down the drain and test your dishwasher.

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