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How to Turn Minecraft Into an RPG

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For those who want to try turning Minecraft into an RPG, you have to read this entire article. Here we are going to explain the way to turn Minecraft into an RPG. Keep staying on this page.

Turning Minecraft into an RPG

Here are some steps you have to follow in turning any game like Minecraft into an RPG.

How to Turn Minecraft Into an RPG

Step 1: Choose your game

Probably, Multiplayer is the key thing here. If the game does not have other people in it, it is hard to play a role. Aside from that, you are able to roleplay in almost any genre of game you like, however some are easier than others.

Generally, Sandbox games like Minecraft fit to roleplay well as they are already designed to allow you do things at your own pace. It means that you are able to ignore the plot in the game and also do something entirely different.

Step 2: Find out what sort of RPG experience you want

The second step is turning Minecraft into an RPG is to find out what sort of RPG experience you want. You have to know that the fun in running an RPG is an opportunity to actually roleplay in a game. It is improvisation, however where no one is stuck being the audience.

The best improvisations do work with a framework. The high concept space betrayals might not be for you, so find out what is. High fantasy? Low fantasy? Or middle fantasy? Of course, the options are endless.

Step 3: Planning and preparation

It is a good idea to make some notes in advance for your adventure. It can be scrawled on a notepad or a branching story on an excel spreadsheet, however either way it is helpful to have your thoughts set out before you begin.

In example, there is not a GM alive who has not rolled a dice or shuffled several papers to buy time while they think of what is going to happen next. So, planning and preparation is really important when you want to turn Minecraft into an RPG.

Step 4: Adding Mods or tools

If you are trying to do something weird in a game like Minecraft, you will need to add some mods such as Oftifine, RPG Loot, RPG HUD, Ambience, Millenaire, Dynamic Surroundings, and Resource Pack.

For your information, this is suggested by JWhip. You have to collect all those mods and then follow the instructions explained by JWhip on his official YouTube channel.

  • Optifine

Optifine mods make the game run more smoothly and also use less resources. Aside from that, this mod offers you to run texture packs without installing other mods. Normally, it will be double or triple your FPS.

  • RPG Loot

You have to know that RPG adds an RPG like looting system. Once mobs or the players are killed, the items will stay with the corpse instead of dropping from them.

When you right click the corpse, the drops and your inventory will be viewed and the loot taken or left then. It will be able to respawn with the corpse, if the loot is left. In this case, it is killed by any means other than a player, the corpse will be looted by anyone.


RPG Hud is able to change your Heads Up Display. Also, it adds a few new features to it.

  • Ambience

Ambience is the continuer to the discontinued RuneTune mod. It adds an environmentally aware soundtrack to Minecraft. But, it does not add any sound/music, instead it adds the ability for you to make and use a config and MP3 files, your soundtrack for the game, or download a music pack.

  • Millenaire

Millenaire is a Minecraft mod which lets you fill the emptiness left by the default Minecraft Villages by adding new NPC villages loosely. A village is a place populated by men, women, and also children that live their own life and have their own story to tell.

Those people who live there will trade with you, make the great weapons, build and upgrade buildings, and if you listen, give you an insight into their lives.

  • Dynamic Surroundings

Dynamic Surroundings will be able to change the visual and audible experience of the player in Minecraft. It does not alter game mechanics. As a player of Minecraft, you have a high degree of control over your experience, mudpack authors will be able to customize biome and block effects based on your need.

  • Resource Pack

Simply, you will be able to get a Resource Pack on Chroma Hills. There are several versions of them. To get one, you have to click the Download Zip File button and agree to the Chroma Hills Terms and Conditions.

Best Minecraft RPG & Adventure Mods

Apparently, there are lots of RPG and adventure mods available for Minecraft. Most of them consist of exploration, the new items and modes of transport. Most of those mods are amazing for someone playing without any form of cheating, or never wanting to run out of things to do in their world.

  • Twilight Forest

This is the most downloaded mod when it comes to RPG and adventure in Minecraft. It adds a new dimension that you are able to access through a Portal, where you will undertake some serious exploration, discover new mobs including boss battles and clear out dungeons.

  • Waystones

This mod gives an immersive and realistic way for you to travel around the world in Minecraft. You are able to use the Stones shown, a warp scroll or a rechargeable warp stone.

  • Ice & Fire

This is a huge mod. Formerly, it was a mod which added Dragons to the world in a new way. However, it has been expanded to add many new mobs right now.

  • Roguelike Dungeons

Another popular RPG mod for Minecraft is Roguelike Dungeons. It can add procedural generated underground dungeons to the game world.

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