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How to Tame Raptors in Fortnite

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The new Fortnite Season 6 introduces Raptors to the island. The players are able to tame raptors to fight by their side in a match. Let us read this entire article to know how to tame raptors in Fortnite.


During Fortnite’s Primal sixth season, now the players are able to share the Fortnite map with different Wildlife, from Chickens to Wolves. Many of those wild animals are able to be aggressive and may try to attack the players. Particularly, wolves have become something of a threat to the players of Fortnite. In the Fortnite v16.10 update which launched at the start of the week, the developer Epic Games introduced a new wild creature to the Fortnite map: Raptors. Need to know that those dinosaurs are stronger than Wolves. They hunt in pairs rather than packs. Also, they are able to scream to alert other nearby dinosaurs to a player’s presence. However, they are able to be tamed like other animals in Fortnite Season 6, which allow them to fight beside a player for the duration of a match.

Taming Raptors in Fortnite

How to Tame Raptors in Fortnite

When Fortnite Season 6 arrived, animals were added into the game. You are able to kill them to collect resources for weapon crafting. Or you are also able to tame them. Up until now, there have only been boars, chickens, and wolves to tame. But, raptors have been added into Fortnite in the most recent update, and of course they can be tamed too.

Similar to the other animals in Fortnite, raptors do not always spawn in the same locations. It means that you have to do some searching. It appears that several are spawning near their hatched eggs and there have been reports of raptors roaming around Boney Burbs. To tame a raptor, you have to kill an animal and pick up the meat that they drop. When you have spotted a raptor, just throw the meat down near it and stay hidden. After the animal has been distracted by the meat, you are able to run up to it and tame it.

Staying hidden from nearby Raptors in Fortnite

It is very important to note that if you are spotted by a raptor, they are going to let out a screech to alert other dinosaurs to your position. So, you may want to discover weapons before approaching them if you get into some trouble. Also, you are able to use the Hunter’s Cloak to your advantage when trying to tame a raptor in Fortnite. After crafted, the Hunter’s Cloak will enable you to remain undetected from the animals that are dotted around the Fortnite map.

Because they are brand new to the game, raptors will be a famous animal in Fortnite Season 6. Aside from that, they are quite deadly if you get one on your side. It is going to be interesting to view if Epic Games has further plans to add any more animals into the Battle Royale.

How to Find Raptors in Fortnite?

How to Find Raptors in Fortnite

Raptors in Fortnite Season 6 usually spawn near the large dinosaur eggs found around the island. So far, Fortnite players have found good Raptor spawn points around Retail Row, Stealthy Stronghold, outside Craggy Cliffs, south of Misty Meadows, and on the south side of The Spire. Also, some players have reported seeing them around Boney Burbs, that is a new location for Season 6.

Usually, Raptors spawn and travel in pairs. Although the players may only encounter two at a time, generally they are stronger than Wolves. Also, they have the ability to summon other nearby Raptors with a screech. Of course, this can cause problems quickly for a player or squad. The players are pushed to give them a wide berth and only do an approaching when they have the best weapons and equipment to used.

How to Tame Raptors in Fortnite?

Raptors in Fortnite can be dangerous for the players to tame. Usually, it is easiest to tame one of these creatures at a time, but this frequently makes its partner open to attack the player. The players need to do some preparation before they are able to assemble a small army of these creatures to join them in combat. Also, raptors have some potential spawn locations which can change between matches, so the players will need to know where to go to have the best chance of finding a few. Fortunately, in the previous paragraph, we share the way to find Raptors in Fortnite Season 6. Now, we are going to explain how to tame Raptors in Fortnite.

Actually, taming Raptors in Fortnite works the same way as taming Wolves, though the players need to be careful when approaching them. The players have to consider crafting the Hunter’s Cloak, when equipped, it allows a player to remain undetected by Wildlife around the Fortnite map for a short time.

The players will need to discover and kill other wildlife for Meat before they try to tame a Raptor. The type of Meat used does not matter. Usually, Raptors will eat Chicken, Wolf, or Boar. After the players spot a Raptor, the players should wear the Hunter’s Cloak to get close, then quickly toss the Meat to the Raptor.

When Raptor bends down to start eating, the players are able to walk up to it and press and hold their Interact button to tame it. Probably, this will take a few seconds to complete. Besides that, taming one Raptor will not tame its partner, and the players have to be careful not to get attacked by the second one in the pair.

Taming Raptors in Fortnite can be repeated as many times as the players want with as many Raptors as they find, allowing them to make a small dinosaur army to help them to a Victory Royale. With this third week in Fortnite Season 6, this addition launched very fast. It is possible Epic will add more animals and dinosaurs on the next season.

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