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How to Roast People on Roblox

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Roblox is the kind of platform when everyone gets to have fun. When playing the games on Roblox, you can have more fun by playing with the other players. To get a good laugh, you and the other players can roast each other. Roasting is fine as long as you do not cross a line and know when to stop. So, how to roast people on Roblox?

A user on Quora called Moony H from Great Boston suggests a few methods to roast people on Roblox. The first one is to use poor and incorrect grammar. Using poor and incorrect grammar is recommended in order to achieve the epitome of a roast. The second one is to try to find their race by looking at their avatars in the game. After finding out their race, it is time for you to look for some racist jokes on Google so that you can use them to roast these people. Aside from these two, you can also look for some inspiration such as by visiting Quora.

How to Roast People on Roblox

Stop being having autism.

For those who are looking for the materials to roast people on Roblox, below are some examples of the roasts that you can throw to people on Roblox as suggested by Moony H:

    • You are yellow like the skin of Trumps hair.
    • Stop being having autism.
    • Go commit breathen’t .
    • You were born out of your dad.
    • Boy you think you funny but look at ya hairline be looking like the macdondald symbol.

Under the same post, a user called LePop Lumiere adds some examples of the conversations on Roblox, as follows:

Argument: bro you’re so bad

Insult: in return of saying something, you need improved brain since your current one is trash and poor and only has 1 half brain-cell

Argument: lmao you scared?

Insult: I wish but I never saw a garbage insult and look in my life. (pretty ordinary)

Argument: Ur prob 8

Insult: Boring insults i even heard, you shall know how to be mature but it may be pretty rough for you because you need kindergarten teacher

Besides, there is also another user that adds some other examples. The name of the user is Tom Lansing. Here is the list of the recommendations given by the user:

    • You am has very much not brain cells
    • Ur mom mom
    • You big smartn’t
    • Ur 5
    • Come up with ur own
    • Obama a war crime
    • Ur mom trump

Aside from the suggestion given by that Quora account on how to roast people on Roblox, you might also want to consider tips and tricks given by WikiHow. Actually, this site only reveals the way to roast people in general and not specifically to those on Roblox.

According to WikiHow, there are three parts to roast people. The first one is to get ideas for your roast jokes. There are a number of methods that you can try to get the ideas, such as:

    • Method 1: Watching the other roast to get some inspiration

Making research is a good idea in case you have no experience with roasts. Find videos or programs to watch with people and figure that are good at roasting people. Comedy programs or channels are everywhere on TV or on the internet.

    • Method 2: Thinking about odd habits or quirks

Think about the crazy or silly thing that the person has done. If you know the player, you must know one or two things about them, including about their odd habits.

    • Method 3: Recalling the notable memories

One of the good sources for a roast is interesting interactions that you have had with that individual. You can mention the situation when that person has an off day or when they have done a silly thing.

    • Method 4: Say the truth

Usually, the kinds of jokes that have the most laugh are the ones that have some truth in them. However, it is still needed for you to know the limit and to not cross the line.

    • Method 5: Try to look for some information from the others

If it is not easy for you to come up with enough materials on your own, do not hesitate to ask the other people if they have ideas for roasting people. By considering this method, you might find things that you have never thought about before.

    • Method 6: State the obvious

Make sure to focus on the things that those who do not really know about the one who is getting roasted get the joke.

After getting the ideas, it is time for you to think about how to deliver the jokes well. To be able to do that, firstly, you can make note cards that give you more than one punchline option. Besides, some other things that you need to take note include using the element of surprise, getting the timing right, focusing on detail, and delivering it with confidence.

Talking about roasting people, once again, it is important for you to know the difference between funny and nasty. When roasting someone, make sure the person is a good sport. It would be a problem for you if you roast someone that is seriously offended by your joke. Do not even try to roast the one who once gave a bad reaction when getting a joke. It would be too risky. The second thing to keep in mind is to not cross the line, as mentioned before. Do take note that everyone has different limits so please think about it as the one that you think might not be in the other’s mind. To prevent something bad from happening, it might be a good idea for you to test your joke first to someone that is really close to you. Ask them what they think about the joke that you are going to use to roast people on Roblox. If they think it is fine, then go for it and if it is not, it is safe to forget it instead.

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