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How to Reset My Samsung Dryer Not Heating

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Resetting a Samsung dryer is not difficult, however it does need you to do something very specific. Also, it may differ from one model to another. Generally, you will not discover a reset button on a Samsung dryer. But, that does not mean that there is not a way available to do so. To reset the network on your Samsung dryer, simply you are able to press the smart control button and hold it until ‘AP’ shows up. Then, you have to hold the temperature button until ‘OK’ comes on the control panel. Next, it will be reset.

This is just one of the many different methods to reset a Samsung dryer. If you are having issue with the network, it is the most common method to reset things. By the way, how to reset your Samsung Dryer not heating? Find out that information below.

How to Reset My Samsung Dryer Not Heating

How to Reset Samsung Dryer Not Heating?

Are you having heating issues with your Samsung dryer? A quick restart may help get the issue resolved.

Restarting your Samsung dryer by disconnecting the power and turning it back on again after ten minutes may assist if you have an issue with your Samsung dryer not heating. Occasionally, this can fix issues with the control board and interior computer which are leading to these issues. Otherwise, you will need to track down the issue and fix it in another method.

Restarting your Samsung dryer

Occasionally, one of the internal fuses is not quite working as it must. For example, the thermal fuse, determines if the dryer is getting too hot and it will turn off the dryer if it is failing. Also, the sensors may be an issue which are keeping the dryer from heating. If they determine that the temperature is too hot in the dryer, then they may turn off the heat to keep it from being further damaged.

Something else that you need to check into is the possibility that one of the circuit breakers is tripped. Need to know that a dryer is on two circuit breakers, if one of them trips, it may still operate, however it might not heat.

Fully Reset Your Samsung Dryer By Cycling the Power

You are able to reset the Samsung dryer fully by cycling the power. Simply, you are turning the dryer off and back on again. There are some different ways to do that, but the most important factor is completely disconnecting the dryer from the power source. Here are some steps used for this kind of soft reset.

    • At the first step, you have to unplug your Samsung dryer or turn off the circuit breakers. Please be aware that in most cases, Samsung dryers are connected to two circuit breakers, so you have to ensure both of them are off.
    • After that, you have to test to ensure that the dryer is fully disconnected from the power. You are able to do this by opening the door and checking for the dryer light or pushing buttons on the control panel to ensure they are completely nonresponsive.
    • Usually, it will need up to 10 minutes for your Samsung dryer to completely reset at this point. Please keep it disconnected from the power to allow the power in the machine to completely dissipate. Also, it will reset the memory and any controls which you have established.
    • Now, you are able to reestablish power to the Samsung dryer by plugging the dryer in or turning back on the circuit breakers. It will take up to 5 minutes for the dryer to fully restart.

Is There A Reset Button On Your Samsung Dryer?

Are you looking for a reset button on your Samsung dryer? There may be one, however it is not always easy to find. Need to know that Samsung does not have a reset button on most of its dryers. Actually, this is to keep you from constantly resetting the dryer when it should really be solved. They have already established certain protocols for pushing buttons and holding them to reset the dryer. Also, there is something else you can do to reset things when you need to clear an error.

As we explained above, doing a soft reset by turning off the power and reestablishing it after ten minutes may often work wonders. This is something that can clear out some of the smaller problems you may be facing. On the other hand, if you are having an issue with the dryer itself, such as the issues with the control panel, a thermal fuse that is failing, or a broken dryer belt, then resetting the dryer is not going to fix the issue. In addition, you have to check with Samsung in the user manual to see if there is a way for restarting the dryer that is specific to your appliance.

When To Reset (And When Not To Reset)

Keep in mind that resetting your dryer will clear out all the error codes in memory. You might think “Good, now my dryer will start working again,” but it is a little more complicated.

First of all, several problems are caused by something you have to solve, and resetting is not a troubleshooting step for the problem. For example, if your Samsung dryer is not heating properly, it could be due to a blocked vent. A reset will not clear your vent and will not  fix this problem at all, however running a vent blockage test might assist identify whether it’s the cause of the problem or not.

So, when should you reset your Samsung dryer? After you perform all the troubleshooting first. Several error codes do not have any troubleshooting, and the only thing you are able to try is a reset. If a reset does not work and the code just comes back, you should not try to clear it again. Deleting all the history of error codes from the unit will make it harder for a technician to diagnose and fix the problem.

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