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How to Reset ADT Alarm Code

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ADT is one of the best and the most popular companies when it comes to the security system. Do you know about ADT or do you have one? This one has been around for more than 140 years. One of the reasons why it is well-loved is it offers the best home security monitoring. Everything is available for sale on the market.

The ADT alarm is protected by a code. Talking about the code, there are a total of three different codes that can be used to control and operate the system. These include master access code, standard or user access code and duress code.

How to Reset ADT Alarm Code

The master access code is the kind of code that provides the administrator level access to the system. By using this code, activating or deactivating the system will be possible. With it, you are also able to do a few things, including editing, deleting users, adding users, changing the settings of the whole system and so on. To prevent something bad from happening, it is a must to keep the safety of this code. Please try your best to only share it with the ones that you trust and the ones that really need to access the system. As one of the efforts to avoid the bad thing, it is also better for you to change it regularly. Feel free to change it every time you want to remove the access to the system from certain people, when you have lost track of the people who know the code, and when the one who takes care of your home or your child resigns and no longer needs the access to this code.

Knowing the access code is important if you want to change it. In case you have no idea or if you have lost it, you can seek help from the customer support of ADT so that they can help you to remove it or to give you a new one. During the process, you will be asked to give your personal data and system identification details in order to verify that you are really the owner of the system and you have the right to access it. This kind of verification process is important for the sake of your security.

In order to change the master code, you can follow these following instructions:

    1. The process can be started by pressing the * key and then followed by the number 5 on the keypad. Next, enter your current master code. When it is done, you should be able to see the red “Armed” light on and the yellow system light flash. If nothing is like that, please do it again as it is possible for you to enter the incorrect code.
    2. The second step is to reset the master code, which can be done by pressing the number 40 on the keypad (actually it depends on the model of your system).
    3. After resetting the master code, it is time for you to enter the new one. Depending on the system, the new one can be a four or six digit master code. Once you are done entering the new one, please use the # key to confirm that you have completed the reprogramming.
    4. Do not forget to also test to make sure that the new master code works well.

If you want to change the user codes, here is the guide for you to follow:

    1. The first thing that you need to do is to initiate the process. By using the keypad controls, you can start the process by pressing the start key and then pressing the number 5. It is the way to initiate the reprogramming process.
    2. Then, enter your master code. As stated before, this kind of code can be a four or six digit number, depending on your model.
    3. In the next step, choose a new four or six digit code between 01 and 32 and enter it to the system. Do not forget to press the # key to complete the process.
    4. To confirm that the new code can activate or deactivate the system well, please test it.

After changing the master code on your ADT Pulse Portal, you might also need to change it manually by using the keypad on your control panel. To do this, please do these followings:

    1. Firstly, you have to log into the portal called Pulse Portal System at ADTPulse.com. You can do it by using the username and password that you made before. After logging in, press the System tab located on the Control Panel display on the screen.
    2. After that, click the Security Panel using your mouse and then choose the Change Master Code option.
    3. Lastly, enter the new code in the box that shows up on the screen and then press Save.

It is worth noting that if your system has the ability to update itself automatically, you do not have to follow these instructions.

As mentioned above, there are three different codes that can be used to control and operate the system. As the information about the master access code and the standard or user access code has been given, it is time to unveil the default duress codes. What are the default duress codes?

If you have no idea of the default duress codes, they are the kinds of codes that are usually the numbers 33 or 34. However, it is possible for some ADT models to use the other duress codes. In this case, you are suggested to check your operator manually. To be able to activate the alarm right away, you can press them in the emergency. If you are thinking of changing these codes, unfortunately, there is no way for you to do that due to the fact that these codes are an integral part of the ADT system. For your information, they are inactive when the system is in programming mode.

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