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How to Report Someone on Call of Duty Warzone

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Just like in most of the games, Call of Duty Warzone has some players who use illegal and inappropriate ways to be a decent one in the game. These kinds of people are called cheaters. Aside from cheaters, there are also some hackers. Both of them are parasites who broke the fair play.

If you see someone who cheats and you feel like it is not fair for you and the other players of the game, you have a right to report them. Before reporting someone on Call of Duty Warzone, it is important for you to make sure that the one that you are reporting is indeed a cheater and not a professional one who just happens to be really good at the game. This thing should be done to prevent the support team from getting the false report.

How to Report Someone on Call of Duty Warzone

What does a Call of Duty Warzone cheater look like? There are a few forms of cheats in this game. Most of them are known by those who have played FPS games for a long time. The first one is aimbot. This one is described as an extreme aim assist that is used to keep the reticle of the cheater perfectly locked on to the body of the opponent. The second one is wallhacks or ESP. This one refers to a magical x-ray vision with the function to allow the cheaters to see the location of the player through walls at any time they want. There was a video on Youtube by NeMs942 that shows the use of these hacks. The owner of the video and the channel is known as a cheater that has earned more than 40,000 subscribers through Call of Duty Warzone cheat video while avoiding getting a permanent ban. The good news is that the video has been taken down and it seems like the channel is also gone. However, there is still a Youtube channel named after NeMs942. This one is believed to be a fake or the one with the intention to make fun of the previous account due to the uploaded contents. While the real one had about 40,000 subscribers, this one has only 277 subscribers.

Wallhacks are another level. The information provided by this hack is top notch and is really useful in a battle royale game like Call of Duty Warzone. The most common version of this hack is able to add some information such as the distance of the player from the cheater, the username of someone, and the weapon that is currently being held by someone. Besides, the wireframe color of a player will also change from red to yellow when they face the cheater so they know the time to start firing. The worst thing is that it is also able to show the location of every piece of loot when they are around.

Just like wallhacks, the aimbots are also effective and useful. They are good at giving cheaters near perfect aim while accounting for bullet drip and target leading at any distance that the weapon usually allows. When they are used along with the simulated bullet penetration of Warzone through the walls, they can smooth the way of the cheaters to kill the whole squads even without actually looking at them.

If you are sure that someone that you accuse of being a cheater is indeed a cheater and you even have a proof that supports your accusation, do not waste your time and report them as soon as possible. Then, what should you do to report someone on the game called Call of Duty Warzone?

In order to report someone on Call of Duty Warzone, you can follow these following instructions. Before anything, keep in mind that this guide is for PC only.

    1. The first thing that you need to do is to go to the game lobby. press F1 on the keyboard
    2. Then, press F1 on the keyboard. An alternative way is to click the button that is located under your rank # and username.
    3. In the next step, go to the Recent Players tab on the following page.
    4. After that, find the name of the cheater and then choose Report Player. find the name of the cheater and then choose Report Player
    5. Lastly, choose the Cheating option. Aside from that option, the other options can actually be chosen as well if they apply. choose the Cheating option

If you are on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, instead of following the method above, you can follow these:

    1. First of all, go to the game lobby.
    2. When you are in the game lobby, press the Triangle or Y button on the controller.
    3. Then, go to the Recent Players tab on the following page.
    4. The next step that you have to do is to find the name of the player that you want to report and once you find it, choose Report Player.
    5. The last thing is to choose the Cheating option. Actually, the other options are also able to be selected if they apply.

If the one that you are reporting is included in your friends list, first of all, you will need to remove that player from your Friends list.

The player that you are reporting will not immediately get banned from the game. Once you are done reporting someone, your report will be received by the team in Activision. This team is in charge of taking a look at all these reports.

Actually, Call of Duty has a weak anti-cheat system. It is weaker compared to the other shooters. The system is not that effective in discouraging players who cheat from coming back. Due to the fact that it has a weak anti-cheat system, you are encouraged to report every time you see someone cheats. It should be done to keep the circumstance safe from cheaters. Do not be afraid of getting threats or getting attacked by those cheaters. Stay true and gather your courage to report them and find some proof to support your opinion.

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