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How To Play Hypixel on Windows 10 & What is the Hypixel Server IP? [GUIDE]

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Is it possible to play Minecraft Windows 10 Edition using Hypixel server? That’s because there’s a thread on Hypixel forum which emphasizes that Minecraft Windows 10 Edition cannot be played on Hypixel server. Are you curious about it? Let’s find out below!

Is Hypixel Available for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition?

Unfortunately, Hypixel is not available for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. That means you absolutely cannot play this version on Hypixel server. To note, Hypixel server is only available for Minecraft Java Edition. So if you currently have Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, we guarantee you cannot join the Hypixel server.

Why isn’t Hypixel on Windows 10 Edition? Need to know, Minecraft Java Editions and Minecraft Windows 10 Editions are not cross compatible Windows 10 included into the Bedrock Minecraft Edition. While, the regular PC is the Java Edition of Minecraft and they are basically different games which cannot be used together.

So if  the players of Minecraft Windows 10 Editions want to join Hypixel server, they should need a completely separate server for Bedrock Edition. At this point just like PE server did, but it has been discontinued. Well, the only way to connect to the Hypixel server is with a 1.8-1.14 Java Edition Minecraft client.

Of course, it’s impossible for Hypixel to relaunch the Windows 10 server. There is very little point due to the bad outweighs the good. They also work on Hytale so it’s very clear there’s no any major projects of Hypixel including for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition server right now.

The point is, the players who already have Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, they absolutely cannot join the Hypixel server due to some reasons which we’ve explained previously. If you already have the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, you surely have to choose the other servers, except Hypixel server.

What Are the Best Servers for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition?

Once you already know that Minecraft Windows 10 Edition cannot be played on Hypixel server, we guess you’ll find other servers which work for Minecraft 10 Edition, don’t you? That’s so normal for you, given you really need the compatible and suitable servers that can work well for your Minecraft version.

Of course, there are plenty of Minecraft Windows 10 Edition that you can find. Keep in mind, you should choose the best server from the list to get the workable and worth server. In this post, we recommend you to visit a site as the Minecraft server provider which shows a list of servers which can be compatible for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition.

A site here is Minecraft Servers that you can access at https://minecraftservers.biz/servers/type/windows-10-edition/. If you access that link, you automatically will see a list of Minecraft servers for Windows 10 Edition. From here, you can choose the best one by just simply copying the IP Address and paste on Minecraft external server within the game menu.

So, here’s a list of Minecraft servers for Windows 10 Edition!

  1. Peaceful Vanilla Club
  • Status: Online
  • IP Address: mc.peacefulvanilla.club
  • Current Players: 28/30
  • Votes: 567
  1. GUN Colony
  • Status: Online
  • Current Players: 14/69
  • Votes: 1002
  1. Galacticraft Server
  • Status: Online
  • IP Address: galacticcraft.servernux.com
  • Current Players: 6/40
  • Votes: 198
  1. Earth MC Server
  • Status: Online
  • IP Address: Earthmc.se
  • Current Players: 2/25
  • Votes: 89
  1. Elunar Server
  • Status: Online
  • IP Address: mc.elunar.online
  • Current Players: 0/0
  • Votes: 81
  1. Fu Gshort
  • Status: Online
  • IP Address: fu.gshort.us
  • Current Players: 0/20
  • Votes: 38
  1. Pootis Survival
  • Status: Online
  • IP Address: pootissurvival.tk:25566
  • Current Players: 0/50
  • Votes: 6
  1. Play Extreme Craft
  • Status: Online
  • IP Address: play.extremecraft.net
  • Current Players: 332/5000
  • Votes: 4
  1. Mineplay
  • Status: Online
  • IP Address: Mineplay.nu
  • Current Players: 2/25
  • Votes: 2
  1. Routine MC Minehut
  • Status: Online
  • IP Address: routinemc.minehut.gg
  • Current Players: 0/0
  • Votes: 1
  1. Along PvP Minehut
  • Status: Online
  • IP Address: AlongPvP.minehut.gg
  • Current Players: 0/0
  • Votes: 1
  1. Hub Sorb MC
  • Status: Online
  • IP Address: hub.sorbmc.com
  • Current Players: 0/69
  • Votes: 0
  1. Sky PvP
  • Status: Online
  • IP Address: MC_SkyWars_PVP.aternos.me
  • Current Players: 0/0
  • Votes: 0
  1. Play Olympius Tech Brazil Server
  • Status: Online
  • IP Address: play.olympiustechbrasil.com
  • Current Players: 3/40
  • Votes: 0
  1. Maukings Aternos Server
  • Status: Online
  • IP Address: MAUKINGS.aternos.me
  • Current Players: 0/0
  • Votes: 0

How to Join a Server on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition?

Once you already know a list of the best servers for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, it’s a great time for you to start playing Minecraft by choosing one of the servers listed above. Make sure that you choose the worth and compatible servers for your Minecraft versions.

Well, to join a server in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is quite the same as when you join a server in all Minecraft editions. To join with an external server, at least you should know the IP Address. Without knowing it, we guarantee you absolutely cannot join the server.

As we’ve listed, you definitely can use one of the servers above for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. We also show the IP Address for each server that you can copy and paste to Minecraft. If you already don’t yet know how to join a server in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, here’s how!

  • Firstly, you need to open Minecraft Windows 10 Edition on your PC.
  • Once you’re at the game, you have to choose the Add Server button to create to the new server.
  • Here, you have to click on the Add Server option to create the new server.
  • To create a new server, you will be required to fill the Server Name, the IP Address of the server and also the Port. For example, we will take one of the servers above:
  1. Name: Peaceful Vanilla Club
  2. IP/Address: mc.peacefulvanilla.club
  3. Port: ……….. (You can see on on your device )
  • Once you fill all the points above, you can choose two options: Play and Save.
  • You can click on the Play button if you really want to play and join the server right now. While, you can click on the Save button to make it appear in the server list on Minecraft.
  • That’s it! You can now try to join one of the servers or try one by one to make it on the list of your Minecraft server.

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