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How to Open RPMSG File in Outlook

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Are you wondering how to open an RPMSG file? In order to open an RPMSG file, you will need a suitable software such as Outlook from Microsoft. You will get a Windows message How do you want to open this file? on Windows 10 and Windows cannot open this file on Windows 7 or a similar Mac or iPhone or Android alert if you open this kind of file without the proper software.

Apart from the Microsoft Outlook, there are some other programs that can be used to open the RPMSG files. Those include Apple Mail and Gmail. In Microsoft Outlook and the other email applications, you are able to open a protected email message by clicking the message.rpmsg file attached to an email. If you use an application other than Microsoft Outlook, you may be taken to a separate webpage to view the protected message. Please keep in mind that you are able to only open a protected message when you are logged in to an email account that the message was originally sent to.

How to Open RPMSG File in Outlook

The inability to open and operate the RPMSG file does not always mean that you do not have appropriate software installed on your computer. It is also possible to be caused by the other things that block the ability to operate the Microsoft Restricted Permission Message Format file. Here is the list of the possible reasons:

  • Incorrect links to the RPMSG file in the registry entries.
  • Corruption of the RPMSG file that is being opened.
  • Drivers of equipment used by the computer in order to open the RPMSG file are out of date.
  • Accidental deletion of the description of the RPMSG file from the Windows registry.
  • There are not enough hardware resources in the computer to cope with the opening of the RPMSG file.
  • Incomplete installation of the application that supports the RPMSG file format.

What should you do to fix the problems with the RPMSG files? The first option is to associate the RPMSG file extension with the correct application. On Windows, you will just need to right click on any RPMSG file and then click Open with > Choose another app. Then, choose another program and check the box Always use this app to open *.rpmsg files. The second method is to update the software that should actually open the restricted permission message files. The main reason is because only the current version supports the newest RPMSG file format. Therefore, search for example on the official website of Microsoft as the official or manufacturer website of Microsoft Outlook after an available Microsoft Outlook update. In addition, you can also make sure that your RPMSG file is not corrupted or virus infected. After that, get the file again and scan it with the virustotal.com by Google.

For those who are confident that all the reasons do not exist in your case or have already been eliminated before, the RPMSG file should operate with the programs without any issue. In case the issue with the RPMSG file has not been fixed, it may be due to the fact that in this case there is another rare issue with the RPMSG file. In this kind of case, the only thing that you are able to do is to seek help from a professional staff.

The RPMSG file format is the kind of file that is usually associated with Microsoft Outlook. They are used to deliver emails with Right Managed Email Object Protocol enabled. The protocol can control the email access and usage permissions. Each email through the RPMSG files is sent with the content encrypted and stored as encrypted file attachment, instead of just a plain text.

As mentioned above, the RPMSG is used to send emails with rights management information attached. For those who have no idea what right management is, it means the user is able to specify the particular restrictions to email like disabling forwarding, restricting email access rights only to certain users, restricting printing and copying. The permissions to the rights restricted email are done separately from the device where the email is received because rights management information is encoded in the email itself. For those who have the Microsoft Outlook installed on the desktop or mobile device or use the Microsoft Outlook Web App or OWA, you are able to open RPMSG file transparency and without installing any support software.

If there is no Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer and you do not use the Outlook Web App or OWA, then you can use Azure Information Protection to open RPMSG file attachments. Azure Information Protection viewer is able to be downloaded from the Azure RMS download page. If you want to open a message client application that is protected, you may have to obtain a Use License from the server using the Publishing License encoded in the RPMSG file. using the Use License client will make it possible to decrypt the RPMSG message.

The data in the RPMSG file is located in a Compound File Binary format. This one allows storing some complex content objects in a binary file. When the application such as the Microsoft Outlook detects an RPMSG file in the email, it will transparently decode it and render the message inside while honoring the access rules specified inside. Then, the RPMSG files will be transferred to the email or Internet using the application/x-microsoft-rpmsg-message multipurpose internet mail extensions of MIME type.

Once again, the RPMSG file is the kind of files that are mainly related to Outlook by Microsoft. Microsoft Outlook is known as an email and personal information manager from no one other than Microsoft. This file is a restricted permission message file in the Microsoft Outlook that is commonly used to implement the Information Rights Management or IRM. It is able to restrict the content via encryption and access controls. In addition, it is also able to be used to restrict the actions like forwarding and copying. It is sent as an email attachment in the normal email message and it uses the filename message.rpmsg.

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