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How to Make Colored Terracotta in Minecraft

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Instead of focusing on battle, armor and enchants, a creative player may prefer to create decorative blocks to make their Minecraft world more attractive to look at. It does not wonder if they focus on serving their world more colorfully.

Are you interested too? Well, you can try to create colored Terracotta, a block formed from clay. Terracotta is a kind of gorgeous block that you can use to decorate your space living in Minecraft. Now, it’s a great time for you to start making colored Terracotta in Minecraft. Here you go!

Creating Colored Terracotta, Here’s How!

The hardness and blast resistance of Terracota is comparable to stone. There are at least 16 variant colors that you can choose to dye Terracotta. It means that if you want to create colored Terracotta, make sure to choose which color for your Terracota.

Step 1: Get a Clay Block

To create Terracota, you first should get a clay block that is commonly found in the locations where sand or dirt and water exist. Most clays are commonly appearing in shallow water, rivers and swamps.

To get it, you can dig up clay and put each set of four clay back together into clay blocks or you can also dig up clay with a silk touch enchanted item. It’s better for you to use a shovel to dig up clay.

How to Make Colored Terracotta in Minecraft

After you’ve obtained the clay blocks, you will need to cook them in the furnace. We suggest you cook the clays in stacks of eight, but any amount does not matter. After that, you can see the plan/ uncolored Terracotta will be the output of the furnace. Now, you already have Terracotta and can move the Terracotta to your inventory.

Step 2: Dye Your Plain Terracotta

If you already have plain Terracotta, you can then start to dye the Terracotta with your favorite color. Make sure to choose a dye color, as your favorite one. To dye your plain Terracotta, you can first open your crafting grid.

You can then put the Terracotta and a dye color that you choose in the grid. Well, the dye colors that you can choose are orange, white, light blue, magenta, pink, line, light gray and more. Now, you can see a colored Terracotta shown in the result block.

Dye Your Plain Terracotta

That’s it! You successfully create a colored Terracotta in Minecraft. Now, it is a great time for you to start decorating your Minecraft world to look more interesting and attractive.

successfully create a colored Terracotta in Minecraft

How to Create Terracotta with Command?

Aside from crafting Terracotta by obtaining a clay block first, you can also use a ‘Give Command’ to create Terracotta blocks in Minecraft. However, the Terracotta Command is available in some editions including Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 Edition and Education Edition.

In order to use the Terracotta Command in Minecraft, you first should open your chat window and then enter the command below for your specific version.

    • Java Edition 1.13 and higher: /give @p terracotta 1
    • Xbox One, Windows 10, PE and Education Edition: /give @p hardened_clay 1 0

Finding Terracotta, Here’s the Guide!

Because of some reasons, you may not be able to find clay to form Terracotta or you may prefer to get your hands on Terracotta or glazed Terracotta immediately. Certainly, you should know that there are a bunch of spots to get some of its variants.

If you are a villager, you are able to trade with a Manson villager until they reach Expert level. It will unlock a glazed Terracotta trade of a random color, for one emerald. Even though the trade is actually expensive, it is one great way to obtain some glazed Terracotta as quickly as possible.

You will not have a lackage of Terracotta if you are lucky enough to spawn near a badlands biome. The colored variants of Terracotta are commonly represented by the lines of colors that you may see on the hills and mountains of badlands.

If you accidentally find a badlands biome, it’s better for you to take some time to pick out the Terracotta as much as you can. Meanwhile, there are a few specific locations that will generate some variants of Terracotta. Here are they:

    • Desert villages: In this location, you can get uncolored and green Terracotta as well as the glazed versions of white, lime and light blue.
    • Desert pyramids: In this location, you will obtain orange and blue Terracotta.
    • Plains villages: In this location, you can get white Terracotta and sometimes uncolored variants inside a Mason’s house.
    • Savanna Village: In this location, you will get yellow, red, orange and uncolored Terracotta as well as orange and yellow glazed Terracotta.
    • Underwater ruins: In this location, you will get light blue Terracotta and also purple glazed Terracotta that is usually found in cold water biomes.

What Is Terracotta in Minecraft For?

As we’ve mentioned, Terracotta is commonly used to decorate your Minecraft space living in Minecraft. With the use of Terracotta, you will have a chance to create your world more gorgeous and beautiful.

You can also use Terracotta to give extra protection and color on your building. If you are looking for a dessert or warm climate-themed build, you can take advantage of Terracotta. With Terracotta protection, you can block mobs at night. So, if you actually know how to stylize your building with Terracotta, you can create an expert-level build in the Minecraft world.

In Minecraft, Terracotta can also be used for trading. How does it work? As we know, Minecraft villagers can be leveled up through trading. If they have been leveled up, they can produce better deals for players. This way definitely allows you to get rare items with an easier method.

If you find a villager who is an expert level stonemason, they probably will offer you to give the player one emerald for 16 Terracotta. Through the trading, you may think that Terracotta is an easy resource to get. The point is, trading is such an excellent way to get more advantages as quickly as possible.

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