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How to Make Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

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Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards are very hard to find, even if there are, the price will be very expensive. That’s because the cards are generally sold by retailers in several marketplaces, because they are no longer available in Nintendo eShop. Well, you only have one choice, which is to be willing to pay eight times over to buy it.

The good news, fans of Nintendo games will have an alternative way in order to get the Amiibo cards. Today, many creators or developers try to give the guide of how to make Amiibo cards, especially for Animal Crossing. So, you no longer need to waste a lot of money to get Animal Crossing Amiibo cards, as you can create it by yourself.

How to Make Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

Well, how to create Amiibo cards? Thankfully, this post will give you a step-by-step guide which will allow you to create your own Animal Crossing Amiibo cards and then enjoy your favorite Nintendo games. So, let’s follow the tutorial in our post below!

Creating Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards, Here’s the Guide!

There are at least three requirements that you should meet to create Amiibo cards, here are they:

    • NFC compatibility

Make sure your Android phone is NFC-enabled if you really want to create Animal Crossing Amiibo cards. Here, a smartphone is highly recommended. Even though you can purchase an NFC reader/ writer for your PC, it’s such a complicated way to do it.

    • NFC Tag

You need to buy a tag/ sticker in order to create Animal Crossing Amiibo cards well. NFC tags are commonly available in some marketplace, such as Amazon, eBay and others. It’s important to note that not all NFC tags will be compatible with Nintendo game consoles. Ensure to buy the NFC tag carefully.

Here, we recommend you to buy an NFC NTAG215 tag/sticker. It’s very important, you shouldn’t ignore it, as all other tags/ stickers will not work and will be a waste of your money.

    • Amiibo .bin Files

To create Animal Crossing Amiibo cards, you will need unfixed-info.bin and locked-secret.bin files. Surely, you need an Amiibo tag to extract the files and use them to create a card.

    • TagMo App

Once confirming that your Android device is compatible with NFC, you can proceed to any trustworthy site and free download TagMo App and file.

Here’s step-by-step to create Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards!

Step 1: Download the TagMo App

As this app is not available in Google Play Store, alternatively you should get it from other sources. Make sure that you turn on the ‘downloads setting’ from unknown sources (settings>security>unknown sources>enable). Of course, the failure to enable this feature will make an installation failure too and you won’t be able to proceed.

Step 2: Download .bin files

You can download the Amiibo .bin files by following those steps:

    • First, open the TagMo app, make sure that you follow all the prompts requiring you to enable NFC.
    • Go to the TagMo settings. Then, press the ‘IMPORT FILE’. Look for the download folder and choose the ‘unfixed-info.bin’ and ‘locked-secret.bin’ files.
    • After that, you need to click on each of those files. One at a time, the files will be downloaded into your TagMo app.
    • Hit on the ‘scan tag’ and put an Amiibo on the backside of your phone.
    • Here, you will find an image of the Amiibo on your phone’s screen. If you receive a message which says ‘your phone does not have NFC capabilities, you cannot use this device to get the bin files’, it means that you have to press ‘Save Tag’.

Certainly, you can repeat this process with other Animal Crossing Amiibo cards you want. Through this way, you will have access to your favorite Nintendo Switch, 3DS and Wii U games. Well, if your Amiibo is rare/ yet, you must upload its .bin files to NFCBank and Sub.

Step 3: Launch the TagMo App

However, the most essential step for making the Animal Crossing Amiibo cards is by launching the TagMo App. Follow the guide below to launch the TagMo app!

    • First, open the TagMo app.
    • Then, select the three dots located  at the upper right corner.
    • Click on the ‘Import Keys’ or ‘Load Keys’. It will offer some files on your phone to choose the one you need.
    • Choose the ‘unfixed-info.bin’ and ‘locked-secret.bin’ files. To find those files on your Android, you can utilize the file explorer. Certainly, you must quickly find them in your ‘downloads section’.
    • Continue to NFCBank and choose the Animal Crossing Amiibo file you want to copy.
    • When you choose your file of options,you will find some Amiibo links.
    • Then, choose the link that you want to write in your Ntag215 NFC tag.
    • Click on the ‘Download All Files’ just under the link.
    • Last, select the ‘Load Tag’ option in your TagMo app and choose your Amiibo files and click on the ‘Write Tag’ button.

After you complete this process, your NFC tag will have details similar to the original Amiibo card. Here, you can use it to enjoy your Animal Crossing without breaking your bank.

To note: Those NFC tags are not rewritable. Therefore, you need to be careful not to create errors when copying your files. After you copy the wrong files, you will not have an option, aside from buying a new NFC tag that can be costly. 

Learn More About Amiibo Card

Amiibo was developed by Nintendo in 2014, as a toys-to-life platform. This uses wireless communication to connect figurines to Wii U, Nintendo Switch Video games or Nintendo 3DS.

This platform works by bringing toys to life and allowing them to interact with other elements of a video game. The link of Amiibo toys to the video game software uses Near Field Communication (NFC).

With this wireless technique, you definitely can transfer data in and out of the video games or across other platforms. Certainly, it is a unique feature which allows you for using the NFC-enabled Amiibo cards to directly play games in Wii U, Nintendo Switch or Nintendo 3DS.

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