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How to Join Reboot a Friend Fortnite in Epic Games Website

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“Reboot a Friend”program is held today on December, 14 at 3 A.M EST, unfortunately, the site isn’t available yet to access until the program is exactly started. We guess that not all Fortnite players really know to join this event. Some of them may be a bit hard to find the guides in joining Reboot a Friend event.

However, joining the Reboot a Friend program is pretty easy more than you may think. But here, you should know the site link to access this event. Once you know the link to access this event, joining Reboot a Friend will be easier at all.

In this post, we’re going to guide you how to join Reboot a Friend program in Fortnite. Unfortunately, we cannot share the link to access the program here as the site isn’t available yet.

How to Join Reboot a Friend Fortnite in Epic Games Website

The Guides to Join Reboots a Friend Event

Well, joining the Reboots a Friends program will be started by accessing the site. Once you access the site, you can invite your friends to return back to Fortnite. Here, you can choose friends who have not played Fortnite either for a while or for a longer time. Of course, your task in the Reboot a Friend program is to take them back to the Fortnite.

Once you invite your friends, the invitational notification will be accepted by your chosen friends. Here, your friends cannot directly accept your invitation, while they also should fill some requirements before being able to play Fortnite with you.

The requirements here are as follow:

  • If your friend has accepted the invitation to join Reboot a Friend, they should click on the Accept the Invitation button.
  • After that, they have to Log in or Create a new Epic Games account.
  • In this step, if they haven’t downloaded the Fortnite app yet, of course they should download it first.
  • Once they download the Fortnite app, they can continue to Launch.
  • Last, you will connect with your friends.

You can access the Accept Friends Invite guide at https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/friend/Coreboy.

Once you and your friends are connected in Fortnite, you can then start playing Fortnite and obtain the rewards that Reboot a Friend offers. In this event, Epic Games serve a list of the players on your friends list which have not played Fortnite in over 30 days or more are electable candidates to reboot. You can only reboot one friend during the Beta.

Reboots a Friend Rewards

Reboots a Friend Rewards

So, here are the requirements of Reboot a Friend program that allows you to play Fortnite once you and your friends are connected in the event:

  • Playing one game together will get a Reboot Emoticon reward.
  • Playing five games together will get Key Change Lobby Track reward.
  • Playing ten games together will get Twin Talons Pickaxe reward.
  • Playing twenty games together will get Holofoil Wrap reward.

You may wonder for the items which will be granted after you participate in Reboot a Friend event. Here’s for the explanation:

  • Reboot Emoticon

The first Reboot a Friend reward is Reboot Emoticon which is a type of cosmetic item that you can use for Fortnite Battle Royale mode. The Reboot Emoticon does not have any benefits to your Fortnite gameplay. That’s such an only Fortnite cosmetic that can be used when knocked down and got through Fortnite Battle pass season. Well, almost all items in Battle Pass are categorized as Uncommon rarity.

  • Key Change Lobby Track

The second Reboot a Friend reward is Key Change Lobby track. This is a Rare Fortnite music added to the game in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4. To note, there’s no way that you can do to get this Fortnite Key Change Lobby track, except by following the Reboot a Friend  event. So it’s such a great chance for you to get the Fortnite music as the reward. However, many Fortnite fans actually hope the Key Change Lobby track will be available soon in the Fortnite Item shop so everyone can get it by making a purchase from the shop.

  • Twin Talons Harvesting Tools

By following the Reboot a Friend event, you can also obtain one of Fortnite harvesting tools named Twin Talons. This is a Rare Fortnite Harvesting Tools that you can get from the Falcon Clan Set. The Twin Talons was released on June 19th, 2019. Aside from following the Reboot a Friend event, this harvesting tool can be obtained by buying it from the Item shop with 800 V-Bucks. The Twin Talons was first added to Fortnite in Chapter 1 Season 9.

  • Holofoil Wrap

The last reward that you can get by following the Reboot a Friend program is Holofoil Wrap. This is a Rare Fortnite wrap which is still an upcoming item and not yet available in the Item shop. Of course, you should follow the Reboot a Friend program to get this gorgeous Fortnite wrap. There are so many Fortnite fans who really hope the Holofoil wrap will be available in the Item shop as soon as possible. The point is, the Holofoil is unreleased Fortnite wrap.

Those are four rewards that you can get by participating in the Reboot a Friend event.

As we’ve mentioned above, you certainly will have an opportunity to get the rewards for any new Fortnite cosmetics item if you participate in this event. Additionally, this program is such an amazing challenge especially for the Fortnite active players to invite many Fortnite passive players to return back playing Fortnite.

Here, we see that the Reboot a Friend program is a silent-gorgeous way of Epic Games to re-capture more players either players who have played Fortnite for a while and left the game for any certain reasons or to attract newcomers of Fortnite who do not ever play Fortnite at all.

In other words, the Reboot a Friend program is the greatest Epic Games’ strategy  to attract more players joining Fortnite. Nevertheless, the Reboot a Friend program seems a breath of fresh air for Fortnite players in which they can get very attractive prizes for free just by accessing the link, sending invitations to friends and playing fortnite with them. That’s it!

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