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How to Join / Access the Roblox Talent Hub

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You may have heard that there is something called Roblox Talent Hub. What is it? And, how to join or access this Roblox talent hub? Here, you are able to find some information about it. So, check it out.

Accessing Roblox Talent Hub

If you are looking for information about Roblox Talent Hub, there is a link to a website Roblox Talent Hub and the link will bring you to this  https://talent.roblox.com/search/jobs. However, after you access this site, there is no information available.

How to Join / Access the Roblox Talent Hub

After knowing how to access this Roblox Talent Hub site, you may wonder now how to join it. Unfortunately, I cannot find the information about it. You may be able to find the information in some Roblox forums.

About Roblox Talent Hub

On November 30th, 2020,  a Twitter account named Bloxy News @Bloxy_News posted that Roblox Talent is coming soon. This Twitter account just typed ‘soon’ with a pair of eyes emoticon and in this post, it is attached a photo of Roblox Talent Hub website. In the photo, it is in the Manage Job Posts page and on that page, it is an area for posting a job where there is a Job Name field, Job Type, Description field and Requirements field.

In this Roblox Talent Hunt, Roblox creators will be able to post a job listing that other Roblox developers or creators are able to hire them for. As explained by the Bloxy News Twitter account that this feature is the same as LinkedIn.

On March 19th, 2021, Bloxy News made a post again about this Roblox Talent Hub. This account showed the first look at Profile pages on the Roblox Talent Hub. There you are able to see a user’s bio, skills, social links and whether or not they are open to work. In addition, this Bloxy News showed the Job Search page and Creator Search page. On those pages, you will be able to filter users by work type, skills, and years of experience.

On May 3rd, 2021, Bloxy News posted again about this Roblox Talent Hub and this time it posted the list of the skills that will be available on the upcoming Talent Hub. Here is the list of the skills in the Talent Hub.

    • Animation
    • Business
    • Clothing Design
    • Community
    • Composing
    • Development
    • Game Design
    • Graphics Design
    • Leadership
    • Level Design
    • Management
    • Modeling
    • Marketing
    • QA Testing
    • Programmer
    • Social Media
    • Sound Production
    • UI Design

There is also a note that this list of skills may be changed before full release.

If you want to be up to date with the information about Roblox Talent Hub, you are able to follow Bloxy News on Twitter as the account stated that he will keep you updated.

Creating Games in Roblox Platform

No wonder why in Roblox, there will be a Roblox Talent Hunt. It is because Roblox is not only a place for playing games, but this platform is also for creating games. So, in Roblox, you cannot only be a player, but you can be a creator of your world.

Roblox has a place for creating games named Roblox Studio. This gives you permission to create anything you want and you can release it to tablets, smartphones, consoles, desktops and virtual reality devices. The creators of games in Roblox can earn money. According to the Roblox site, their top developers can earn over $2 million a year by providing in-experience purchases.

In Roblox Studio, you are provided with a number of coding and building tools that you can use for developing games for Roblox through Lua. According to Roblox Wiki, Roblox Studio is available for Windows and MacOS for free, but for mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android, this is not supported yet.

There is Team Create where it is a feature in Roblox which permits you to build on Roblox Studio if added to the list by the owner of the game. This is a feature which replaced personal servers. This feature was released on April 13th, 2016. If there is a team member who chooses an object, a colored circle will appear in the left side of the object in the Explorer tab. The colour of the circle depends on the colour of the user.

How to use Team Create? To use it, you have to go to the View tab in Roblox Studio. After that, you have to click on the Team Create button. If you find that the feature is turned off, you have to click on the green Turn On button. It is important for you to note that the game needs to be published in order for team create to be used. When clicked, Roblox Studio will be restarted and enable Team Create. The next thing that you have to do is to type in a username in the box on top of the panel. After you invite someone, you have to have him or her go to the page of the place and then you have to click on the Edit button. Then, they will be added to the editing session. If there is a coloured transparent sphere, it indicates that a user is building in that area.

About Roblox

About Roblox1
In 2004, Roblox platform was founded by two talented people namely David Baszucki and Erik Casel. Then, in 2006, this platform was released. In this platform, there are user-created games of many genres which are coded in the programming language Lua.

People can play games in Roblox for free. However, in the game, there are purchases available by using a virtual currency named Robux. Until August 2020, it is reported that Roblox had more than 164 million monthly active users.

Roblox can be found on a number of devices such as Mac, iOS, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and the Windows Store. Because of this, people can play games on Roblox by using any of those devices that they have.

In this gaming platform, there is also Premium Membership. If you have this Premium Membership, you will get a monthly Robux stipend and a 10% bonus when you buy Robux.

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