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How to Get the Villagers You Want in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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In Animal crossing New Horizons, villagers are the important animals who live on your island. They are different when it comes to personality, some are cute like Bob while some others are awful like Pietro. During your island life, you have a chance to invite the villager, make a friend, and so on.

Methods to get the villagers you want in Animal Crossing New Horizons

  1. Use an amiibo

If you have a villager that you want to have around and know the name of them, amiibo is the best and the recommended option. Once the Resident Services has been upgraded to a building, you will be able to scan an amiibo at the Nook Stop of the Residents Services. Feel free to scan any Animal Crossing amiibo or amiibo card that has been released previously. After scanning the character in, they will be the next one to arrive at the campsite.

How to Get the Villagers You Want in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Take a note that you are not allowed to invite NPCs that already have in-game roles such as Resetti or Isabelle. Another thing to keep in mind that the campsite is only able to be used once a day so please use it wisely.

If there is no amiibo or amiibo card that you can use, you can purchase the specific ones through the second-hand markets. Amazon and eBay are included in the list. Some other outlets such as Walmart still have Amiibo Card packs available as well. You can go to the official website of Nintendo if you want to check how the villager that you are looking for fits into the Amiibo Card selection.

  1. Make your campsite

Once a bridge has been built and three sites for new villagers have been established, it will trigger an upgrade to Resident Services that transforms it into a full-on building. When everything is done, you will be able to make a campsite. Every day, there will be new villagers entering the campsite. When it comes to the Mystery Island Villagers, you can try to speak to them and persuade them to stay if you want. On the other hand, for those who want for the new villager to take their place, then you can discourage them instead. Building your campsite might sound so random, but it is still good at least you are not wasting Nook Miles.

  1. Travel to a Mystery Island

Travel to a Mystery Island

Aside from being the perfect place to collect the Iron Nuggets, Mystery Islands are also popular as the best places to find new villagers. A Nook Miles ticket is able to be purchased from the Nook Stop in Resident Services, which costs 2,000 Nook Miles. Once it has been purchased, the next thing that you will have to do is to take it to Orville at Dodo Airlines and he will charter you a flight to a Mystery Island. There are a few unique species on these randomly generated islands with extra resources and exclusive villagers. You can talk to the villagers and invite them. In some cases, these places also might be infested with tarantulas. After you have landed on the island, you will need to talk to the villager there twice in order to recruit them to your island. Remember that it is a random villager. For those who are looking for a certain villager, then you are suggested to try the other two methods.

What should you do to be best friends with a villager in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Although it is hidden, Animal Crossing New Horizons has a friendship mechanic. With it, you will be allowed to become best friends with your favorite villagers. The friendship progress with villager can be marked by a few different kinds of interactions that you will gradually unlock, such as:

  • Being able to send them presents.
  • Being able to change the catchphrase.
  • Being able to change the greeting.
  • A villager giving you a small name.
  • A villager will offer to sell you an item.
  • A villager will close to you to buy an item.

You have become their best friends when they give you a framed photo, which can be displayed in your house. Please do not mistake it with the posters that you can unlock at Photopia, the ones that do not have frames.

There are several activities that you can do to help if you want to increase the friendship level with a villager, including:

  • Speaking to them every day.
  • Ridding them of fleas.
  • Selling them any item offered by them.
  • Sending them items as gifts (the most recommended one is furniture and wrapped)
  • Sending them a birthday gift (again, do not forget to wrap it)
  • Sending them medicine when they are sick. However, you will have to make sure you have it before talking to them.
  • Completing villager quests. For those who are curious about the villager quests, they are kinds of activity that will appear randomly throughout your time playing the game, but usually occur the friendly you are with a villager.

Is it possible to make the villagers leave? If yes, then how to make them leave?

In case you want the villagers to leave, fortunately, you can do so. In fact, they will leave if you are rude to them. On the other words, being rude is the method to kick them away. You can kick them, hit them with your net, and do whatever you want to make them feel unwanted. In the end, they will say goodbye forever if they think they are unwanted. This method is actually one of many ways that makes Animal Crossing New Horizons looks like real life.

Another way that you can do is to upgrade the Resident Services. Once you have upgraded the resident Services to bring Isabelle in, you are allowed to complain to her directly about a resident. If you have complained enough, all the villagers that you want them to leave will leave the island.

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