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How to Get Storage Shed ACNH

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In Animal Crossing; New Horizons, you are allowed to access your house storage through Storage Shed, a customizable houseware item. If you really want to invest in your houseware, Storage Shed is a very worthy investment for you.

Getting Storage Shed in Animal Crossing: New Horizons may be tricky for you, as you should unlock it first. Sure, you may need to take some extra steps to unlock the Storage Shed. So, how to obtain Storage Shed in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Let’s see our guide below!

How to Get Storage Shed ACNH

Unlocking Storage Shed in ACNH, Here’s How!

If you want to unlock Storage Shed, you may need to upgrade your home and your home storage system first at least the 500,000 Bells option. That’s a combined 6 million bells worth of upgrades that consists of adding a whole host of new rooms to your house.

you can now purchase the Storage Shed in ACNH

After you have upgraded your home storage system and waited a day, you will receive a letter from Nook Inc. that informs you that you can now purchase the Storage Shed. You definitely can purchase the Storage Shed from the Nook Stop in your Resident Service Building at the price of 6,000 Nook Miles.

After you have paid with Miles, it will be mailed to you and appear in your mailbox the following day. You may also need to purchase a Wooden Storage Shed that will also cost 6,000 Nook Miles that you can purchase at the Nook Stop.

Wooden Storage Shed that will also cost 6,000 Nook Miles

If you want to craft the Wooden Storage Shed, you will need some materials including 30 wood, 30 hardwood, 30 softwood and 10 iron nuggets. The Wood Storage Shed can also be put anywhere on your island that will have full access to your home storage. So, if you put multiple of those around your island, you will have easy access.

Customizing the Storage Shed, Here’s How!

The Storage Shed only comes in one color like the rest of the Nook Miles items. Initially, the only one way to get another color of Storage Shed is by trading with another player, but the ACNH 2.0 update has changed this.

In today’s update, you may need to fly over to Harv’s island from the Airport to customize your Storage Shed. After that, he will introduce you to the new Plaza. At this place, you will be able to buy new shops and services including Reese and Cyrus.

You may need to talk to the Lloid and pay 100,000 Bells to unlock the pair. The following day, you should wait and go back to the Plaza with your Storage Shed in your pockets. Afterward, Reese and Cyrus are going to set up the shop and Cyrus will now customize your Storage Shed’s color.

Customizing the Storage Shed

Cyrus will change the color of your Storage Shed to either blue, light blue, red, green, black, pink, beige or damage (that looks like rusted metal) if you pay him 5,200 Bells. On the front of the Storage Shed, you can also change the decoration.

In the case of customizing your Storage Shed, you may need to pick from a handful of pre-sets or also use your own Custom design. The switch is actually instant and Cyrus will give it back to you, so you do not need to wait for a long time.

What Is the Function of Storage Shed?

The Storage Shed will let you store any items in your storage. The Storage Shed was added in the 2.0 update. Since the Storage Shed can be put almost anywhere on your island, it will make your inventory management to be an absolute breeze compared to previous storage.

Of course, before you can get it, the Storage Shed will require any certain requirements to be met. You can also use a Wooden Storage Shed variant that will only take up one tile instead of two.

For more information, there are two types of Storage Sheds that you can find in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The first type is an orderable item that you can purchase with 6,000 Nook Miles. This type actually has sliding doors that can be put just about anywhere on your island.

The second option is the Wooden Storage Shed that comes from a purchasable DIY recipe that you can obtain from the same terminal. This type is now likely one of the desirable DIYs in ACNH.

The Wooden Storage Shed recipe will cost the same price as the original storage shed, as it is listed under the DIY tab in the ‘Redeem Nook Miles’ section. However, it will give you access to as many examples as they can establish.

The Wooden Storage Shed will require 30 wood, 30 softwood, 30 hardwood and 10 iron nuggets to craft. However, both storage can be pretty beneficial, though the storage sheds do not really increase the amount of storage in your home in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Regardless of where they can be placed on your island, both will give you access to your home storage.

How to Use and Upgrade Your Storage Shed?

If you want to use your Storage Shed, you can just simply walk up to the storage shed and then press ‘A’ button. Afterwards, you can then select whether to place items into your storage or take out certain items from your storage. That’s up to you!

Then, you can upgrade your Storage Shed after all the housing upgrades. You can then speak to Tom Nook about it. To upgrade your storage shed to 2,400, you may need to spend about 500,000 Bells.

After you have upgraded your storage shed, you will get further information through mail that you have access to the Storage Shed and the Storage Shed DIT recipe the following day.

The variant colors to customize your Storage Shed include Light Blue, Blue, Green, Beige, Red, Black and Pink with 8 patterns including bicycle sticker, storage label, text label, floral wreath sticker, logo stickers, hot-air-balloon stickers and installation permits.

Okay, that’s all the information that you should know about the Storage Shed function in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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