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How to Get Crescent Shroom Pickaxe in Fortnite

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In the WinterFest event for Chapter 3 season 1, it brings back free gifts in the game. Players are able to claim 14 free gifts if they visit the Cozy Lodge. There is information that loopers will get the Crescent Shroom Pickaxe as the final gift for this event. But, how to get this Crescent Shroom Pickaxe?

Getting Crescent Shroom Pickaxe in Fortnite

According to Sportskeeda, the Crescent Shroom Pickaxe was released in the game. This harvesting tool is a compensatory gift which is rewarded to gamers for the December login issue. It will serve as the 15th gift that gamers were discussing for some time.

It is explained on that site that Epic has scheduled a Power Leveling Weekend from January 7 at 7 pm ET until January 10 at 7 am ET, giving gamers the chance to get some serious XP during the limited period. It seems that it was also done to give compensation for the inconvenience which is caused to players because of login issue several days ago.

How to Get Crescent Shroom Pickaxe in Fortnite

So, how to get Crescent Shroom Pickaxe in Fortnite? It is explained on Sportskeeda that the game at first reported an unopened gift and it is natural for most players to think the upcoming reward will be available from the Cozy Lodge. However, it is revealed that players will not be able to claim the reward by opening any gift. Loopers who logged in during the WinterFest will get the reward automatically on their accounts.

The pickaxe will also be found in the Item Shop sometime in the future. However, the price is not revealed yet. If you miss the chance to get it for free, you are able to buy one when Epic adds it to the Item Shop next time.

For your information, the Fortnite WinterFest event started on December 16th, 2021 and it ends on January 6th, 2022. If you logged in while the WinterFest event is live in the game, you can get the Crescent Shroom Pickaxe for free.

You are able to check a tweet from Fortnite @FortniteGame on January 5th, 2022. On the tweet, it is written that Epic Games wants to say thanks to everyone’s patience during the December login issue and they kick off a Power Leveling Weekend from 1/7 at 7 pm to 1/10 at 7 am ET and give players who logged in during WinterFest the new Crescent Shroom Pickaxe before it arrives in the Shop later.

According to the Attack Of The Fanboy site, the Crescent Shroom Pickaxe is a matching cosmetic for the upcoming Madcap skin. Leaks have revealed that the Madcap skin will be available sometime during Chapter 3 Season 1. Fortnite leaker named ShiinaBR had made a tweet that Epic has updated the outfit to show the text ‘Introduced in Chapter 3, Season 1’ in the game. There is also HYPEX, who is another leaker, who has suggested that we will get a Madcap bundle and it will include the skin, a backbling and the pickaxe. Nevertheless, there is no exact release date for the skin until now.

About Crescent Shroom in Fortnite

According to the Fortnite wiki, Crescent Shroom is a rare harvesting tool in Fortnite Battle Royale and it is a part of the Fungus King Set. This harvesting tool is given to everyone if they logged in during Winterfest 2021 as compensation for downtimes.

In Fungus King Set, as explained on the Fortnite wiki, there are Crescent Shroom harvesting tool, Madcap outfit and Bello Bag backbling. However, Madcap is unreleased and the rarity of this outfit is Epic. The CID of Madcap is CID_610_Athena_Commando_M_ShiitakeShaolin. The shadow of Madcap is able to be seen near a bridge in Misty Meadows on the mobile version of battle royale. How about Bello Bag? It is also an unreleased back bling but it is known that the rarity is Epic.

About WinterFest 2021

About WinterFest 2021

WinterFest 2021 was an event in Fortnite Battle Royale in celebration of the Holidays. This event began on December 16th 2021 and ended on January 6th 2022. This event is the same as WinterFest 2019.  Presents turn back inside the Winterfest Cabin, which is now rebranded to Sgt. Winter’s Cabin. Same as in 2019, presents can be open and challenges unlock daily to give free rewards.

There are 16 cosmetic rewards available where 2 from Quests and 14 from presents. In addition, recent or current Fortnite Crew members get the Golden Look Board after getting into the game.

The game was also updated. The Chiller Grenades, Snowball Launcher, Sneaky Snowmando, and Presents were not changed. Most of the map was covered with snow and you are able to see festive decorations which appeared in most locations. Sgt. Winter could also be found by the players at various locations across the map. You can drive Holiday Big Rig and two Red-Nosed Rangers on festive decorated Quadcrashers.

The Winterfest Cabin is now known as Sgt. Winter’s Cabin. It is where you are able to go to open presents. If you sit by the fireplace, it will permit you to get 10, 20, 100, 1000 or 5000 supercharged XP every 15 seconds. It is important for you to know that Supercharged XP does not level the player up directly. However, it permits them to get boosted XP for the next amount gained.

Players were also able to open one of 14 presents as listed below.

    • Present Box: Red and Green
      Item: Choice Knit
      Type: Emote
    • Present Box: Blue and Red
      Item: Wooly
      Type: Wrap
    • Present Box: Purple and Yellow
      Item: Auroral Arc
      Type: Contrail
    • Present Box: Light Blue and Grey
      Item: Loot in the Mountains
      Type: Music
    • Present Box: Blue and Dark Blue
      Item: Twinkly
      Type: Wrap
    • Present Box: Yellow and Green
      Type: Banner Icon
    • Present Box: Red and Green 2
      Item: Snowplower
      Type: Harvesting Tool
    • Present Box: Matrix
      Item: Sentinel
      Type: Glider
    • Present Box: Yellow and Red
      Item: It’s Perfect
      Type: Emoticon
    • Present Box: Purple and Blue
      Item: Holly Hatchets
      Type: Harvesting Tool
    • Present Box: Yellow and Red 2
      Item: Krisabelle
      Type: Outfit
    • Present Box: Blue and Yellow
      Item: Polar Peely
      Type: Outfit
    • Present Box: Purple and Grey
      Item: Bombastic Winterfest
      Type: Spray
    • Present Box: Light Blue and Dark Blue
      Item: You better watch out!
      Type: Loading Screen

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