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How to Get Bombastic Bling in Roblox

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Bombastic Bling is an accessory in Roblox. It was published on November 17, 2020 in the avatar shop by Roblox. Bombastic Bling was made for the Ready Player Two event. Also, it is a part of the Bombastic Series. Since November 23, 2020, Bombastic Bling has been favorited 879 times.

Getting Bombastic Bling in Roblox

There are many free stuff which you are able to get if you take a part in the Ready Player Two event. One of the items is the Bombastic Bling. For your information, the Bombastic Bling is an orange necklace which will make your appearance a lot more attractive.

How to Get Bombastic Bling in RobloxTo get the Bombastic Bling in Roblox, you have to go into Roblox High School. Please sit in a specific chair in the library to obtain a key. After that, you have to use that key to unlock an Obby. Need to note that the obby is a fairly long jumping puzzle which you will need to get through. It will be difficult if you are not good at them.

Here are detail steps to get Bombastic Bling in Roblox:

    • At the first step, go to the Robloxian High School game and make a VIP server for free. You are able to do it in public, but it is more annoying.
    • After that, you have to open up your new server and also use the Explore option on the side of the screen to teleport to school.
    • Now, you are able to run through the front door, turn left at the hallway and left again into the library.
    • After you enter the library, you have to turn left immediately and sit in the first chair there.
    • You have to be in the chair before 8am. If you are sitting in that chair when the clock changes, then you are going to see a key spawn behind the chair.
    • Please pickup the key and go out of the library and towards the classrooms.
    • Next, you have to run through the hallway and you are going to discover a door which is right after the Workshop without a label.
    • Just walk into that room with your key and go through the portal.
    • Now, you have to complete the obby to get the Bombastic Bling.

After you complete the obby, then you are going to be teleported to where the Bombastic Bling is. Simply, you are able to grab the bling to obtain it. Along with it, you also are going to receive the Bombastic Hoodie, the Bombastic Jeans, and an in-game badge. At this time, it is hard to get due to the developer messing up the time, and the key does not spawn at the correct time. You will be able to get it very easily by using a jetpack or glider.

Other Information About Bombastic Bling

Here are other information about Bombastic Bling in Roblox:

    • The description of the Bombastic Bling item is a reference to The Breakfast Club.
    • The emblem on it is the Robux logo right now.
    • Originally, it was called “77” before it was altered on November 23, 2020.
    • Much like the Crown of Madness, this Bombastic Bling item is a part of a set.
    • In the game of Robloxian High School, there was a fake Bombastic Bling which could spawn, and be seen in the grassy areas near the houses. You were able to collect it. Then, it would appear on your avatar, but not award the item itself.
    • You are able to glitch via the door by using bikes. But, you must have used the key in order to get the Bombastic Bling item.
    • There is another glitch in which if you create your feet as small as possible, lag and fall into the obby’s bottomless pit, you are going to skip the entire obby minus the last two courses. It is considered overpowered for lots of players because it is much more gruelling passing all the courses.
    • Lots of players have complained about the enormous number of bugs and the obby’s overall difficulty to reach it. Those include the key not spawning, the time going too fast, being teleported back home, and no checkpoints. Eventually, they did add the checkpoints. But they were Team checkpoints. It means that if someone else in the server got farther than you did, you were going to spawn there.
    • Now, it is harder to get because the layout has changed.

Bombastic (Series)

As we said before, Bombastic Bling is a part of the Bombastic Series. For your information, Bombastic is a lava-like material that used to make many weapons, accessories, and retextures of existing accessories and weapons. Well, in this page, we are going to share a list of all the items in the avatar shop that are made with Bombastic.

Here are the Bombastic Accessories:

    • Gift 1
    • Gift 2
    • Gift 3
    • Ninja Mask
    • Ring
    • Giant Wings
    • Swordpack
    • Crown
    • Fedora
    • Beard
    • Male Hair
    • Female Hair
    • Snake
    • Visor
    • Antlers
    • Diving Helmet
    • Bandana
    • Egg
    • Square Shades
    • Clockwork Shades
    • Shutter Shades
    • Cloak
    • Animal Hoodie
    • Scary Hood
    • Bunny Ears
    • Horned One
    • Bling
    • Crown of O’s

Here are the Bombastic Gears:

    • Katana
    • Sword

Here are the Bombastic Clothing:

    • Hoodie
    • Pants

About Ready Player Two Event

Bombastic Bling was made for the Ready Player Two event. For your information, Ready Player Two is an event in Roblox which started on November 23, 2020. This event was placed off of the Events section on December 22, 2020. During the event, the players of Roblox were searching for the seven Relics. Besides the main quest, there are also the items that the players can buy. These items are cosmetic items which can be customized to your Robux avatar.

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