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How to Fix Roblox Joystick Not Working

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You may find that your Roblox Joystick is not working. Of course, it is disturbing. However, is it a method that we are able to do to fix joystick which is not working? Let’s find out what we found about fixing Roblox Joystick from various sources.

Methods to Fix Roblox Joystick Which Is Not Working

If you access devforum.roblox.com, there is a discussion entitled ‘Problem with Joystick Not Working’. A programmer with the username Quaration wrote that recently people have reported to him that their controller joystick does not work. He has tried using a controller himself and UserInputServices does not even fire InputBegan whenever the joystick is moved. He believes that there is something to do with GUI navigation. He showed this in that forum.

DevComputerMovementMode UserChoice

Then, he wrote that to fix it, you have to had this set to KeyboardMouse which prevented the controller from working.

Gamepad Input

According to developer.roblox.com, Roblox can accept input from USB gamepads such as Xbox and Playstation controllers. A game is able to support up to eight local conrrollers per client. Now, how to detect gamepads?

You are able to detect whether a player’s device now has a gamepad active using the UserInputService.GamepadEnabled property. It is important for you to know that this property only shows whether any gamepads are connected or not and it is not show how many are plugged in or which slots they are in.

    1. Local UserInputService = game:GetService(“UserInputService”)
    2. if UserInputService.GamepadEnabled then
    3.        print (“Player has gamepad enabled…”)
    4. end

There are up to gamepads which can be connected to a client at once. So, it is important to know which are active. The GamepadConnected and GamepadDisconnected events need to be listened by you. Those will fire when a device is enabled or disabled respectively. A UserInput type enum will be passed by both to the connected function which indicates which gamepad caused the event.

You are able to allowed to actively query whether a particular controller is linked using the UserInputService:GetGamepadConnected() function. It brings a UserInputType enum as an argument and it is only able to accept values of Enum.UserInputType.Gamepad1 through Enum.UserInputType.Gamepad8.

How about getting input? There are three methods to be able to get input from a gamepad. Those are listed below.

    • You are able to use ContextActionService if you want to bind custom game controls to both gamepads and other input sources such as keyboards or mobile touch controls.
    • You are able to listen for gamepad events directly by using UserInputService.
    • You can query the state of the input of a gamepad with the userInputService:GetGamepadState() function.

ContextActionService will be beneficial for binding controls to both gamepads and other input sources. Let’s take an example. If you wish to bind a custom ‘open spell book’ action to the right trigger (R2) on a gamepad and the B key on a keyboard, both cases can be handled by ContextActionService in one function as you can see below.

    1. local ContextActionService = game:GetService(“ContextActionService”)
    2. local function openSpellBook(actionName, inputState, inputObject)
    3.        if inputState == Enum.UserInputState.Begin then
    4.             — Open spell book
    5.       end
    6. end
    7. ContextActionService:BindAction(“OpenSpellBook”, openSpellBook, falseEnum.KeyCode.ButtonR2, Enum.KeyCode.B)

When you detect gamepad events with UserInputService, all of the controls will fire the InputBegan and InputEnded events. In the handling function, the InputObject.UserInputType property shows which gamepad fired the event. And also, InputObject.KeyCode shows the specific button or stick that fired it.

A lot of gamespads can also support analog controls. If you want to detect input from these, you have to use the InputChanged event and detect the position if the axis’ input through InputObject.Position. The position of the thumbstick will always be on the X and Y axes between the values of -1 and 1. Meanwhile the trigger buttons will only have values between 0 and 1 on the Z axis.

The state of all the buttons and sticks on a gamepad is able to be detected at any time by using the UserInputService:GetGamepadState() function. It will be beneficial if you have to detect gamepad input when a non-controller event happens.

It is important for you to know that not all gamepads have the similar number or types of inputs. So, you have to check which inputs a connected gamepad has. You are able to do it with the UserInputService:GetSupportedGamepadKeyCodes() function which takes a UserInputType enum as an argument and returns a table with a list of all available inputs for the specifiedcontroller.

Like any method of user input, it is best to create some consistency across different games and applications. It can help players soon feel familiar and comfortable with your control scheme. From the list below, you can see some recommended practices when you implement gamepad controls.

    • In case you implement any user prompts or GUI selection, make sure that the A button should be ‘accept’.
    • For any GUI or any state which is modal, make sure that the B button should be ‘cancel’.
    • The hints on the screen for which buttons do what are helpful, mainly for a complicated GUI like an inventory system, upgrade system and many more.
    • The movement of the character should be tied to the left thumbstick.
    • The movement of camera should be tied to the right thumbstick.
    • Main actions generally happen with the right trigger (R2) or the A button.
    • Generally, secondary actions occur with the left trigger (L2) or the R1 and L1 buttons. Let’s say that you are trying a secondary action to a front-face button, then X and Y are good choices.
    • If you permit players to remap buttons, it can make your game can be accessed easily.

That’s the information related to gamepad in Roblox which may be able to help you. This information was cited from the Roblox website exactly on the Developer page.

If you need more information about gamepad, joystick or you may need more methods that can help you to fix the problem in your Roblox joystick, you are able to join some forums about it or you are able to access the other websites. There are also some Youtube videos that show troubleshooting that may help you.

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