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How to Fix Internet Router US/DS Light Blinking on Spectrum

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When the US/DS light on your modem is stable, it means that you are connected to Spectrum Internet actively. But, if the light on your modem is blinking continuously there are two possibilities; either your device is failing to set up a steady internet connection or there is a firmware update going on. For this case, you have to read this article to find out some of the causes and fix this problem.


There are some issues that might be causing interference or complete outage of your internet connection resulting in that continuous US/DS light blinking. Now, let us discuss the methods that you can try to fix the problem.

How to Fix Internet Router US/DS Light Blinking on Spectrum


One of the simplest effective methods to this problem is restarting your modem. Simply, you are able to unplug the modem from the power socket. Please wait for a few minutes for the device to rest. After that, you have to press and hold the Power button on your modem device and then plug back device to the power socket. This can fix the basic problem since machines tend to get heated up.


Sometimes the splitter is able to be damaged. The easiest way to check whether the splitter is causing the issue is to delete the splitter and connect the coaxial cable directly to the modem/router. If the issue persists, so there is a possibility that the splitter is damaged. Replacing the splitter with a new one will be able to fix the issue.

As we said before, you are able to unplug the cable for the splitter and connect it directly to the internet modem/router. If the connection goes live, so your splitter is damaged. It means that you need to replace it to keep using your TV, phone, and internet simultaneously.


If there is a service outage at the moment, the US/DS light can start blinking due to there is no connection at all or the signal it receives is very weak. So, you are able to call your ISP and ask if they are working on something at the moment. Or you are also able to visit the ISP’s official site or app and check if there is a service outage.

In addition, you are able to use Downdetector to check whether your favorite services are down or having issues. In this case, you are able to type in the name of the service you are having an issue with or scroll down to discover and choose your service from the list.

If you find that there is an outage in your area, you need to be patient until the issue is resolved. But, in case the US/DS light continues to blink after the outage has been resolved, you are able to proceed with the next method.


To fix internet router US/DS light blinking on Spectrum, you also need to check your connection. Now, let us check the connections on both ends of the coaxial cable and tighten them by hand. Also, it is recommended to disconnect the cable and reconnect it again just to ensure everything is correctly connected and tight.


If you have tried everything and the US/DS light is still blinking, we suggest you to contact support. It is going to definitely be much less stressful for you once you get in touch with an expert that will lead you through the necessary steps to fix the US/DS light blinking issue.

In some cases, the support is going to tell you that maybe the issue is on their end, or that maybe you have forgotten to pay your bills. In that case, paying the bills will be able to fix your problem. Or they are able to send someone to replace your modem/router in case it’s defective and it’s causing the issue.


Based on the research, there are many reasons for US/DS light blinking. Here is a list of possible reasons causing the problem:

  • Defect in Modem

Sometimes power outages may cause a modem/router to lose some of its capabilities thus causing the problem.

  • Loose-wired connections

Please check if all the wires going inside the modem are properly connected and functioning, and there is no breakage in-between or near the socket.

  • Scheduled Service Outage

In this case, you are able to check the company’s site if there was a scheduled maintenance outage that may be causing the US/DS light to blink.

  • Damaged Splitter

Splitter is a device used to split the incoming internet connection among your phone, TV, and Internet devices. There may be a possibility which some part of your splitter is not working correctly thus causing the problem.


For those who do not know, US stands for “Upstream” and DS stands for “Downstream”. When the router establishes connection it is normal for the US/DS light to start blinking however it stops blinking and turns solid once the connection is established.

When it is solid, it means that the internet is available and the device is ready to send and receive data or it is sending and receiving data. The US/DS light is blinking or flashing in one-second intervals it means that the signal it receives is a low-quality signal or there is no signal at all.

According to the research, Spectrum is the second biggest cable service operator in the United State. In short, they are experts in the telecommunication industry. But, recently, in terms of their internet service, there have been reports of the US/DS light continuously blinking followed by periods of disconnectivity.

The lights on your modem/router indicate the current status of the device. Of course, knowing what each light on your modem/router is important as it is able to point you in the right direction when you start experiencing some network or connectivity problems.

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