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How to Enable Dark Mode in Snapchat iOS and Android

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The harsh blue light from your smartphone screen will make it hard to sleep. Aside from that, the blue light will cause headaches and sore eyes. So, it’s very common for you to experience eye strain when using your phones while accessing your social media.

In fact, a lot of apps, smart devices and websites offer dark mode to prevent your eyes from getting strain. How about Snapchat? Does this app also provide Dark Mode? Thanks to its useful technology, Snapchat also provides Dark Mode that you can enable easily. Then, how to enable Dark Mode on Snapchat?

How to Enable Dark Mode in Snapchat iOS and Android

Enabling the Dark Mode on Snapchat, Here’s How!

It’s important to note the steps to enable the Dark Mode on Snapchat in  is actually different. No worries! We’ll show the guide to enable the Dark Mode in each device below.

On iOS

The Dark Mode is now available on iOS that is comparatively easier than Android users. The Dark Mode on iOS will give their eyes a strain-free selfie session. To start enabling Dark Mode on iOS, you can follow step-by-step below!

    • First, open Snapchat on your iPhone.
    • Then, go to your profile page by pressing on ‘bitmoji’ located in the top-left area.
      by pressing on ‘bitmoji’ located in the top-left area
    • After that, you can choose the gear symbol to access the settings menu.
    • In this step, you may need to slide all the way down the line of the page until you find ‘App Appearance’.
      App Appearance
    • There are three alternatives to choose including Match System, Always Dark and Always Light.
    • To enable Dark Mode, you need to tap ‘Always Dark’ in the App Appearance section.
      tap ‘Always Dark’ in the App Appearance section.
    • If you choose Match System, the Snapchat will be in sync with the system preferences on your iPhone.

That’s how to begin enabling the Dark Mode on your Snapchat. If you have Dark Mode enabled on your device, it will also be enabled on your Snapchat. Snapchat’s night theme will also be disabled if you disable the function on your iPhone.

On Android

Unlike on iOS that can enable the Dark Mode directly on the Snapchat app, Android allows the users to enable the Dark Mode through the Android’s setting. Even though it has not been made public yet, Android has been testing Dark Mode. Luckily, there’s a way that will permit Snapchat to function in Dark Mode.

You definitely can enable the Dark Mode through the Developer Mode on your Android. Here’s how!

    • First, you need to go to Settings and choose the ‘Display’ option.
    • Then, you must select Dark Mode that will apply the black theme all over your smartphone across apps.
    • After that, you can go back to Settings.
    • Here, you can navigate all the way down till you find the ‘About Phone’ option. find the ‘About Phone’ option.
    • Make sure to choose Software Information and hit the Build Number multiple times. Here, you should have entered Developer mode.
      hit the Build Number multiple times
    • Afterwards, you can go over to Settings and choose the Developer Tools that includes a Force Dark Mode tab.
      enable the “Override force-dark
    • Last, you have to switch it to the ‘On’ settings and Snapchat can now function in Dark Mode.

That’s how to enable the Dark Mode on Android to access Snapchat for a longer time.

Alternative to Enable Dark Mode on Android

To enable Dark Mode on Android, there are a bunch of alternative methods that you can take to force Dark Mode on Snapchat. One of the alternative methods is by using the Substratum app that is pretty easy to install and use. In order to use this app, you may need to root your Android device first to make this app work.

In addition to the Substratum app, you may be able to use the Blue Light Filter. Even though it does not add Dark Mode to Snapchat, this app really allows you to change the harsh light that is emitted from your smartphone’s screen.

Moreover, the Blue Light Filter app does not require rooting your Android Phone, instead it can act as a film over the display. If you are looking for a way to reduce the harsh lights of Snapchat, it’s a non-invasive option for you.

If you are interested in using Blue Light Filter, you may need to root your Android device first. Before you go on rooting your device, you should know your Android device in detail, as different brands and software versions will make the rooting process vary.

However, the rooting process is currently easier than it once was. The easiest and simplest way that many people do is to commonly use a simple root app. However, the apps will allow you root your Android device with a single tap.

The rooting apps that you can use include KingoRoot, KingRoot, and OneClickRoot. To use one of them, you just simply download the app. After that, the app will first check the compatibility of your device. Afterwards, you can go ahead and root your device for you.

Before you go on rooting your Android device, it’s better for you to always backup your data first. You may also need to look for specific instructions for your Android device to make your rooting better. It’s highly recommended to use PC software and connect your Android phone via USB.

What Is Dark Mode?

Dark Mode or sometimes called night mode is a setting in which the app’s color scheme gets altered to a darker landscape. The Dark Mode also has another term called the ‘Bedtime’ mode where it displays settings if you want to stay up for a bit with the lights out.

The Dark Mode can be enabled on many apps, including Snapchat. This mode actually makes it possible to use your phone or another device at night without straining your eyes or making it hard to sleep.

Unfortunately, not all apps will offer a night mode, even some of the most popular apps out there have added this useful feature yet. Of course, Dark Mode is a very beneficial feature that should exist in every social media app to prevent the users from getting eye strain.

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