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How to Dodge Agent Select Valorant

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In Valorant, dodging is such a forbidden act that the players should avoid. When a player dodge a match, it will harm other players, as when a match is found, the screen will return to searching for another player, and this will take even longer.

Even though dodging is  harmful, but sometimes the players will need to do it for some reason. After match-finding is available, you may need to choose an agent. However, in this step, you may want to quit a player and not choose an agent. Then, is it possible for you to dodge after agent selection? Let’s find out the information about it below!

Can You Dodge After Agent Selection?

Riot Games has announced that the players who frequently dodge a Valorant match will get a penalty. The penalty here will only be given to repeat offenders. They will also have the minimal impact on occasional dodgers. The punishment for players who often quit the Valorant match is in the form of rank rating reduction.

You may want to dodge a Valorant match, but you do not want to get punishments. So, what should you do? The good news! You will take this great option where you can dodge a Valorant match without penalty.

To dodge a match in agent selection without penalty, make sure not to choose an agent after a match is found. When a match is found, all players will then be placed on the agent selection. Here, you do not choose an agent or do nothing. If you do it, you will be sent back automatically to the mode selection screen. Of course, you’re able to exit the match easily without penalty.

How to Dodge Agent Select Valorant

What Are the Penalties You Will Get for Dodging Agent Select?

With the Valorant Patch 2.05, when you dodge agent selects, you will get punishments that can stop you from quieng for a time frame. Sure, you will experience larger queue time punishment.

Dodging a match during agent select or queue is one of the offenses where the players will get punishment. In fact, Riot Games has mentioned a list of potential penalties for players who repeatedly quit the match. These potential penalties include smaller deductions for pre-game dodges, rank deductions for in-game AFKing and also XP denial.

Riot Games emphasized that queue avoidance is sometimes necessary, especially to avoid the toxic teams. When the players dodge a match, it will impact your MMR. Even though you can increase your MMR again, it doesn’t mean that you can repeat the dodging frequently.

Because dodging is such a major problem in a Valorant match, it will put the players in an extended wait time to find a match and not play it again. You should notice if you try to dodge a match, you may need to pay a value for dodging a queue. However, this will inflict inconvenience to different games in the queue.

Valorant has currently released a ban system that can punish players to avoid intentional queues and to impact teammates and also opponents. Talking about punishment, it will decrease the Rank Rating by a minimum amount. The good news! The punishment does not affect your current MMR.

Certainly, when your Rank Rating is reduced you can then increase it back in the next match. So, make sure to increase your rank by playing the game better when you already get a penalty for dodging a match.

In conclusion, dodging a match frequently keeps away from a map or also to get their major agent which just is not a massive deal.

How If You Fail to Select an Agent in a Valorant Match?

In a Valorant match, failing to select an agent sometimes happens. However, choosing an agent or Valorant character will be needed. In the case of choosing an agent, it may take a few seconds to think about your playing style, based on the agent you choose.

So, what should you do when you fail to choose an agent? Fortunately, there are a number of smart ways that you can do when you fail to choose an agent. Here are they:

    1. Try to check the server status

When you fail to select an agent, it may indicate a server-side issue. To solve this issue, you can try to restart the game and then reconnect to Valorant servers. However, if it is a major international outage, you cannot do it as well. To check the Valorant server status, you can visit the site.

    1. Try to dodge

If you fail to select an agent, you can try to dodge a match. As we’ve mentioned above, dodging a match will bring you a 50 second penalty. However, this way does not always work, but instead you can play Split.

    1. Make sure to try again

If you fail to choose an agent, you can try again until you successfully get an agent. In fact, many players confirmed that they can get an agent after making a selection for 8 or 10 times. Certainly, patience to do this way is very necessary. If you have got it, you can try to choose your agent until you get a proper one.

Okay, those are some ways that you can do when you fail to select an agent for a match.

In the case of selecting an agent, you may also need to know their abilities. Need to know, there’s friendly fire and team damage in Valorant. So, make sure to learn deeply about their abilities. Here are each agent that has four key abilities:

    • Signature Ability: This is such a unique ability that the agents will receive each round for free.
    • Ultimate Ability: When you obtain ore kills, this ability will charge up gradually until it becomes fully available.
    • Ability 1: This is an extra ability that you can purchase between rounds.
    • Ability 2: This is a second extra ability you can obtain using credits.

After you’ve learned about the abilities of each agent, it will be easy for you to win a Valorant match.

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