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How to Clear Samsung Dishwasher LC Code Not Draining

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When you find that your Samsung dishwasher is not working, you may be confused because you do not know what to do to fix it. If you find that there is an LC code, you are able to fix it by following the methods below.

Checking Whether Your Dishwasher Is Leaking Water

The first thing that you are able to do to fix this LC code error in your dishwasher is to check whether it is leaking water or not. To do that, you can pull the dishwasher out from the countertop and then remove the metal panel on the right side. There, you can access the drain pump to see whether there are leaks which appear. If you find that there is some water around the drain pump, it may mean that it has a leak so that the code is being shown.

How to Clear Samsung Dishwasher LC Code Not Draining

But, what is the meaning of LC code itself? If you find that there is an LC code which is flashing on your Samsung dishwasher, it means that the unit’s leak sensor is detecting moisture or a water leak. If you want to clear the code, you just have to unplug the power cord to the dishwasher for about 15 minutes. After you do this, the error should be cleared and reset your dishwasher. However, if you have done this method, but it does not help you, it means that you need some additional measures because it can also indicate a faulty leak sensor or that your dishwasher has a water leak.

Other Reasons Which Causes The LC Error Code

Besides this error can happen because of water leak, this error can also happen because of other reasons. First, you have to ask yourself whether or not you overfill detergent into your dishwasher. If so, it may be the reason why this error code appears. You have to note that you are not allowed to overfill the dishwasher with detergent. If it happens, the LC code will appear because the machine detects excess detergent.

Then, you also have to check whether the dishwasher was recently moved or installed. If so, the dishwasher may have some moisture or water which has gotten on the sensor. So, you have to give the sensor time to dry to clear the LC code.

Next thing that you have to note is whether your dishwasher was recently connected to garbage disposal or not. It is because a recently installed garbage disposal which is attached to the dishwasher may cause this issue. It will happen if the cap on the garbage disposal is not removed. So, you have to inspect to make sure that the cap is removed to clear the LC code.

What To Do If The Dishwasher Keeps Flashing LC Code?

If you have tried to find the cause of the issue and you also have fixed it by following the methods based on the cause as explained above, but you may still see that your dishwasher is still flashing LC code, then you need another method to do. You can clear the error code by removing power and you are able to do that by unplugging the dishwasher for 15 minutes. It is done to reset the dishwasher and also it permits the water or leak sensor to dry out and stop signalling the code. For your information, sometimes the leak sensor can get a little bit of moisture on it. If it happens, the sensor will sense water and the error code will appear.

But then, if you find that removing power cannot solve this error code, you are able to call an expert to fix this issue. Alternatively, you are able to follow the methods below according to How To Fix It.

    • Disconnecting Power

You can try to disconnect all power. It means that your Samsung dishwasher will be unplugged from the wall and turn the breaker off to it.

    • Removing Dishwasher from Under The Counter

Look under the counter and you will see that there are small clips which are fastened with a  couple screws that hold the dishwasher in place. The thing that you have to do here is to remove the screws and then slide the machine out from under the cabinets to have access to the bottom of it. After you have the unit out, then you have to turn the dishwasher on its side to give the access that you need.

    • Removing Bottom Panel

A panel or tray covers the whole bottom of your Samsung dishwasher. It is to keep leaking water from reaching the floor beneath. You may see a bowl shape in the middle of the bottom tray where it is the location of the sensor. If the water gathers, the sensor will be told that there is water build up and the machine gets stuck in a cycle where it tries to drain the water.

    • Drying Water or Moisture Inside The Dishwasher

The sensor and bottom dishwasher pan can be dried with a rag. You have to make sure that you get a lot of the moisture or water.

    • Finding The Leak Sensor

You are able to find the leak sensor on the bottom of the unit or in the drain pan. If you find it, you can relocate it a few inches higher to prevent the code from coming back. It is done if your issue is just a little moisture. You also can check hoses and water lines for visible signs of leakage. If you find a leak, you have to fix it.

    • Placing The Dishwasher Back In Place

You can replace and secure the bottom panel on the machine. You can slide it back under the counter and replace the screws to re-secure it in place.

    • Turning The Power Back On

In this step, you are able to plug the machine back in and then turn the breaker on.

    • Testing The Machine

Now, you are able to run a test cycle to check whether the LC code is cleared and the Samsung dishwasher is working correctly again or not.

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