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How to Change Your Password in Raz Kids

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Changing passwords in Raz kids is advised to improve the security of account. You may be interested to remember a new combination of letters or number, but your account safety is going to be more ensured. By the way, how to change password in Raz Kids? If you are using Raz Kids, and want to change your password in Raz Kids, this article will explain how to change your password in Raz Kids.

How to Change Your Password in Raz Kids?

It is not difficult to change your password in Raz Kids. You are able to change it similar way as you change your password in social media. It is able to be done shorthly.

Here are some steps to change your password in Raz Kids:

    • To change your password account in Raz Kids, you have to access the official website of Raz Kids.
    • After that, you have to login to your Raz Kids account. You need to input your email and your unchanged password to change your password in Raz Kids.
    • Please click on My Account. And then, you are able to choose Profile.
    • Once the page has been loaded, simply you are able to scroll down and find out Login information section.
    • On Login information, you will be able to change your password. So, please type your new password. We highly suggest you to make a strong password so that there are no body people can access your account in Raz Kids.
    • After you have already typed your new password, then you need to retype it.
    • Next, you have to update your account information. Please click on “Update Account Information” to do validate your account.

Finally, you are able to use your new password to access your account in Raz Kids.

How to Change Your Password in Raz Kids

What are Raz Kids and Is it Required to Change Your Password?

Some of you may not know about Raz Kids. For your information, Raz kids is an online portal for the children who provides a lots of reading resources. Based on the research, it is an interesting platform that wins an award for teaching product category. You have to know that Raz Kid’s reading resources need the users to have an account for accessing the eBook. As a user, you are going to be required to use an email address and submit a password to log in to your account. If you are a teacher, then you are able to have a teacher account as well. Through your own account you will be able to have the ability to manage your students.

By the way, what type of eBook do Raz Kids have? For your information, Raz Kids have more than 800 eBook. The leveled one, making it easier to control what readings must be given for the students. Also, there is eQuizzes that will assist to measure the understanding of the student on the eBook they have read. Aside from that, Raz Kids also have bilingual programs and Spanish eBook. Thanks to that, the eQuizzes are also able to set in two languages.

For completing the feature, there are digital management and reporting tools. This is going to enable the parents to track their children’s reading progress. In addition, Raz Kids is also equipped with interactive user interface, thus that is why lots of kids are motivated to use this to learn.

So, is it required to change your password in Raz kids? Well, as explained above, there is nothing wrong by changing password. It is to secure your Raz Kids account after all. By changing your password in Raz Kids routinely, it is able to be said that the security of your account in Raz kids increased, as long as you do not use easy to guess word combination.

How to Customize Student Access in Raz Kids?

You are able to customize your classroom or individual student’s experience in Raz Kids to meet their needs. Please follow the steps below to change Raz Kids settings in your classroom.

    • Step 1: Log in to your account at www.raz-kids.com.
    • Step 2: Then, you have to navigate to the Roster page from the Manage Students Action Button.

To make class wide settings :

Step 3:

    • Choose Customize from the All Students row, under the Book Room column.
    • Then, slide the silver bars to choose a level or range of levels your classroom that can access in the Raz Kids Book Room.
    • If your students are using Spanish level books, then you have to repeat this process for Spanish Books Rooms settings.
    • Now, you are able to turn additional book categories on or off by choosing or deselecting the radio boxes in front of each book type.
    • After completing your choices, you have to choose the “Save & Close” button to update each student’s access.

To make individual student settings:

    • At the first step, you have to click the student’s hyperlinked name from the roster homepage.
    • After that, you are able to select Edit next to the student’s name.
    • Now, you are able to choose Book Room Settings.

Please slide the silver bars at end of the rainbow level range to designate levels the student should have access to in the Book Room. Or, select a number from each drop-down menu to allow access to a number of levels above and below each student’s current reading level. This is going to apply to all students in the classroom, regardless of their assigned level, and will set as they progress through the program. Also, turn additional book categories on by choosing or deselecting the radio boxes in front of each book type

For your information, Hint: to preview books navigate to the Raz-Kids “Resource” action button. This will give you a chance to explore additional book categories and preview the student experience.

After completing your choices, juts select the “Save & Close” button to update the student’s access immediately. The students will be able to discover these new changes when they log in to their Raz-Kids account and enter the “On Your Own Book Room.”

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