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How to Cancel CenturyLink Subscription

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CenturyLink is the name of an overall telephone utility supplier. This one is known as the third biggest media communications supplier in the United States. it gives a few things to the customers and organizations, including the broadband, voice, and remote administrations. Not only that, it also gives information, voice, and oversaw administrations to government, business, and discount clients.

After using CenturyLink for quite some time, there might be a time when you are tired of it. When you feel this kind of thing, you are frustrated and want to cancel your subscription. Is it possible to cancel your CenturyLink subscription? If it is, then how to do it?

How to Cancel CenturyLink Subscription

According to the official website of CenturyLink, some customers can cancel their CenturyLink subscription through My CenturyLink. It means there are some others who cannot do it. If you are one of these customers who want to cancel your CenturyLink subscription, you can try this way. First of all, you will have to log in to My CenturyLink. If you are eligible to use this method, you should be able to see a green Disconnect Service button that is found on the My Home screen.

Then, what if you cannot see that Disconnect Service button and are not eligible for this method? If the green Disconnect Service button is nowhere to be seen on the My Home screen, do not get your hope down. There are some other ways to cancel your CenturyLink subscription, which are to call or to chat with the representative of CenturyLink. On the official website of CenturyLink, you will be able to find the phone number 800-244-1111 as the number to dial for those who want to remove services or close the CenturyLink account. This one is available from Monday through Friday starting from 8 AM to 6 PM.

There are a few things that should be noted related to canceling the CenturyLink subscription, as follows:

    • Modern return: For anyone who is leasing a CenturyLink modem/router, it will be needed for you to return your modem within 30 days after you have successfully canceled your CenturyLink subscription. If you fail to do that, you will be charged up to $200.
    • Bundled services: If some or every of your services are part of a bundle and you want to cancel one service, keep in mind that it is possible that your bundle discounts can be altered.
    • AutoPay: For anyone who uses AutoPay, you will need to make sure to learn the way to cancel your service that affects your automatic payments.
    • TV service: Due to the fact that DIRECTV or DISH manages satellite TV subscriptions, it is a must for you to contact them personally if you want to cancel your TV service.
    • Deposit: It should be noted that your deposit and any interest will be applied to your final balance if you paid a deposit when you set up your CenturyLink service. It is said that you get a closing bill that shows any outstanding balance owed or credit due through mail.

Before taking canceling your CenturyLink subscription as your last decision, you are suggested to consider a few alternatives below:

    • If you think that your bill is too high you may want to contact the representative of CenturyLink to ask to lower your bill. For the long time customers, there might be a new promotion or better rate for your services.
    • If you are moving to a new address, instead of canceling and setting up new service, it is better for you to transfer your existing service to your new home. This one is better because you will be able to save yourself from the issue of paying a new deposit, setting up a new My CenturyLink profile, or re-enrolling in AutoPay and some other services. Not only that, this option is also useful to ask about any new promotions or discounts that are available.
    • If you are going away for a while, you can put a temporary hold on your account. By doing so, your services will be suspended at a reduced rate until you are ready to use them again. There is nothing to worry as it will save your same phone number. On top of that, you will also be allowed to keep using CenturyLink email and leased equipment.
    • In case you are having home phone or internet service issues, you are encouraged to explore CenturyLink guides and resources for self-help options. For certain topics, just visit its home phone or internet resource centers. Besides, you can also search the Support Center. For more help, do not hesitate to contact the representative.

Once again, there are two possible ways to cancel CenturyLink subscription as per the official website of CenturyLink. The first one is through My CenturyLink and the second one is by calling or chatting with the representative. While the official website of CenturyLink displays 800-244-1111 as the number to call to remove services or close CenturyLink accounts, some other sources put  different numbers. Kevin Wood from Xtrium – Tech Solutions includes 1-877-803-8414 and 1-800-654-2180 as the numbers to cancel the CenturyLink subscription. Not only that, WikiHow also informs different numbers. According to this one, the phone numbers that can be dialed to cancel CenturyLink subscriptions are 1-877-348-9004 (for residential lines) and 1-800-603-6000 (for business lines). Despite the differences, they share something in common. According to these sources, all these numbers are open from Monday through Fridays starting from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Feel free to call any number that you want. When you are connected to the representative, you have to let them know that you want to cancel your CenturyLink subscription. When you are asked to provide your name, phone number, and account number, just follow as asked. For your information, the information can be found at the upper portion of the CenturyLink billing statement. If there are unpaid statements prior to your request of cancellation, please pay it before your account gets fully cancelled. If you were asked to make a deposit when you got your service, you will be able to refund that deposit. Feel free to claim your deposit that you have made before.

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