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How to Build a Snowman in Animal Crossing

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In Animal Crossing New Horizons, when the ground is fully covered in snow, you will have to build perfect snowman or snowboy if you want to obtain DIYs and materials.

For those who play Animal Crossing New Horizons in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is coming, meaning it is time for the seasonal changes such as snow covered islands and a lot of fun activities to enjoy. Building a snowman is a must if you see snow on the ground. Crafting the perfect snowman rewards you unique DIY recipes for winter furniture. Aside from that, you will also be able to get the crafting materials to create them.

How to Build a Snowman in Animal Crossing

Building a perfect snowman has its own art, and when everything is perfect, he comes to life to speak with you, giving you with personal recipes.  You will be given one Large Snowflake which is really useful for completing those DIY recipes every day until the snowman melts. It will usually last until four days.

You are only allowed to craft one snowman each day. On the other words, getting it perfect for the first time is really important, otherwise he will not come alive and give out rewards. However, there is an exception. It is for a one-time consolation prize you build a snowman for the first time in the game. For those who create a snowman for the first time, you will get a reward even if your creation is not perfect. When you make it for the second time and so on, everything will have to be perfect if you want to get the rewards.

In order to build a perfect snowman, you will need to find two snowballs on your island. For your information, snowballs will not show upon the island until the ground is completely covered in snow. If you are curious about the time, it is usually around mid December in the Northern Hemisphere and in mid June in the Southern Hemisphere. Snowballs will also not show up in the case where the airport gate of the island is open or if there is no available empty space to roll them. In this case, you will have to scale back the custom patterns, paths, and plants. In most cases, snowballs usually appear in the same area, usually somewhere near each other.

The first thing that you will have to do is to start it by kicking the snowball around. Kicking it will make it some bulk before you push it around to control the size. Once you are making sure that the snowball is workable, the next thing that should be done is to push it by hand until it is just about the height of the eyes of the player character. Apparently, the first one will be a little bit bigger compared to the second one created and used to form the body of the snowman. When you push the snowball, keep in mind that the rate of acceleration will start to slow as it nears the perfect size. In this case, you will have to make sure to monitor how fast it is moving and the completed snowball is near an open enough area for the snowman to come to life when he is complete.

The second one, which will make the head of the snowman, should come up to the ears of the player character. Please do the same process as the one with the first snowball, and remember to focus on the size. Once they are located next to each other, you will notice that the second one will be visibly smaller.

To combine them, you should roll the second snowball into the first one. It is the way to create a snowman. It is possible for you to make the larger one winds upon top. If it happens, you will be criticized by the snowman. He will feel that he has a head like a body and a body like a head, so please make sure to roll and combine them in the right order.

Once you set it right, he will come alive, congratulate and rewards you for the snow crafting skill with a DIY recipe and a large snowflake. Once again, he will do it if he has been crafted perfectly. As stated before, the imperfect snowmen do not offer rewards, so it is a must for you to make sure everything is just right.

In case you made an imperfect snowman, you are able to try to build another one, but not until the next day. As you probably know, there are 15 potential DIY recipes, so it is worth noting to do it right the first time. If now, the recipes and crafting materials could be missed, which can lead you to an incomplete collection.

The DIY recipes are useful to make icy winter furniture pieces in order to decorate your islands and homes such as Frozen Chair, Frozen Arch, Ice Flooring, Ice Wall, and so on. The recipe of every of them needs a certain number of large and regular snowflakes to craft. For instance, one large snowflake and 10 snowflakes are needed if you want to build the Frozen Bed in the collection. All of them are exclusive to the season, meaning making those perfect snowmen is a must while there is snow on the ground.

These followings will talk about one of the most important things in building a snowman, which is finding snowballs.

Everyone is able to build a snowman in Animal Crossing New Horizons when the ground of your island is completely covered in snow during December 11th to February 24th in the Northern Hemisphere or June 11th to August 24th in the Southern Hemisphere.

Every time your island is covered in snow, there are two snowballs that will show up somewhat close to each other in a random open location. If you see there is no available open space on an island, it means snowballs might not be able to spawn, meaning removing a few decorations might be needed.

Please keep in mind that if you either break or destroy your snowballs in any way, all that should be done is to enter a building that looks like a house and comeback outside for new snowballs to show up somewhere. Do not forget to be careful with rolling or kicking snowballs into any rivers or trees in particular.

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