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How to Activate New iPhone Verizon New Customer Manually

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Apparently, you can activate the new iPhone on Verizon network manually. These followings are the steps featured on the official website of Verizon to do so. Please follow each of them well and skip the one that you thing needed.

  1. By using your previous device, make sure Find my iPhone is disabled then power it off. If there is not previous iPhone, then skip this step.
  2. Press and hold the Power button located to the right edge to power the new iPhone on.
  3. Confirm your phone number from the Activation screen and then tap Next.
  4. Type the account PIN or at least 4 digits Social Security Number or SSN of the account owner and tap Next.
  5. You have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to select a language and a country or region.
  6. After that, tap Set Up Manually.
  7. Then, tap the Wi-Fi network and enter the password and tap Join.
  8. Choose your Wi-Fi network and tap Next.
  9. From the Data & Privacy screen, please tap Continue.
  10. When prompted to set up Face ID or Touch ID, remember to tap Continue and follow the guide.
  11. Make a password and re-enter it to confirm.
  12. Tap the set up option.
  13. Input your Apple Id and password and tap Next.
  14. If prompted, please read Terms and Conditions and tap Agree.
  15. Tap Continue or Customize Settings from the Express Settings screen.
  16. Tap Continue from the Keep Your iPhone Up to Date.
  17. Tap Continue or Not Now from the iMessage & Facetime screen.
  18. Tap Continue of Set up Later in Settings from the Siri screen.
  19. Tap Continue or Set Up Later in Settings from the Screen Time screen.
  20. Tap Share with App Developers or Don’t Share from the App Analytics screen.
  21. Tap Continue from the True Tone Display screen.
  22. Feel free to choose Light or Dark from the Appearance screen and tap Continue.
  23. Choose Standard or Zoomed from the Display Zoon screen and then tap Continue.
  24. Next, swipe up or tap Get Started to complete set up.
  25. Lastly, confirm the status bar at the top of the screen changes from No Service to Verizon.
How to Activate New iPhone Verizon New Customer Manually

For those who want to activate a new Apple iPhone on the Verizon network but you do not want to seek help from the Verizon personnel to complete the activation, the good news is that you can do everything relatively easy on the iOS device itself. In general, you will be prompted to activate the phone when you power it on. In case there is no cellular connection, it is still possible for you to activate the phone with a Wi-Fi connection or a computer that has the Apple iTunes installed.

Activating your iOS device

If you purchase a new iPhone or any other kinds of smartphones, in general, you will have to activate it before you are able to use it on the network of your carrier. An iOS device has the ability to handle much of the activation process, so it is easy to have Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint activated on your phone by just pressing a few buttons located on the device.

If you already have a phone that uses the same phone number, before activating your iOS device, you are encouraged to back up your data and turn off the old phone. The data is able to be backed up by using iTunes or the app provided by Apple named iCloud. Apart from that, you can also take the advantage of the cloud storage by Verizon or a third-party data storage tool including Dropbox or Google Drive. Do not forget to turn off the old phone before activating the new one in order to prevent the confusion from the network.

When the phone is turned on for the very first time, you will be asked to select some basic options such as your language and your country. iOS Quick Start is able to be used if you are already using another iOS device in order to synchronize your data and iPhone settings from a device to the other. Otherwise, you are able to set the data manually and then import it to any cloud data that you may have saved.

Keep in mind that you will be prompted to activate your phone using either your Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. Please select the cellular network if there is one. If it is not the case but you do have Wi-Fi, you can use this option as well. All that you have to do to make everything works is by follow the on-screen instructions shown on the phone and your phone should soon be activated.

If a new Apple iPhone on Verizon network does not want to activate

If the phone that you are using cannot activate itself normally, then the alternative way is to try to activate it with a computer with iTunes. First of all, you will need to open the iTunes on a Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS computer and install any updates to the software that you want to install. There is a thing for you to make sure. You will need to make sure that the Sim card is properly installed in your phone. In case you are not really sure about it or how to do this, you are recommended to look at any documentation that came with the phone or contract Verizon or Apple.

Then, connect the iPhone to the computer by using the cable that came in the box with the phone. To activate the phone, take note that you should be prompted in iTunes. When everything is done, you will be given an option to load any backed-up data or set up the phone as new. If in the worst case the iPhone does not activate even after using iTunes, the last thing that you can do is to reach out the representative of Verizon or Apple for help.

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