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How Long Does Pending Robux Take for Private Servers

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As a Roblox user, you need to know everything about this platform including about the length of pending Robux for private servers. Mainly, Robux is the important thing in this platform because it is the currency that you are able to use for buying anything in the platform.

Pending Robux for Private Servers

We tried to search the information about how long does pending Robux take for private servers. And the information that we got from Roblox Wiki is that Roblox substituted the pending time which could be the cause of bigger amounts of Robux pending longer. The meaning of it is that it could take up to 3 to 7 days depending on the amount of Robux. On that site, there is also an explanation that 10,000 pending Robux being held for review to prevent abuse. Is the waiting time  longer than a week? If you experience it,  you are able to make a report to the Roblox administrators so that they will change how and when you get your Robux. You may want to get Robux faster.  To get Robux faster, you are able to access roblox.com/support and try to contact the Roblox team.

On the Devforum Roblox, there is a user with username MrchipsMa who stated that when the person bought a private server, he would have a monthly subscription. Then, he asked when he had to pay to renew the server and he also asked whether he would receive the robux again or it would be void. Then, a user with username grif_0 answered that if the user could renew the server, then you would receive the Robux after it went through the pending process. If they could not renew it, then you would not get Robux from that month.

Well, that’s the information that we got about pending robux, if you feel that you are not clear with this explanation, you are able to find the other sources which discuss this topic. Alternatively, you are also able to access a forum and ask the users about this topic.

We are so sorry because the information about it seems limited after we searched in a number of sources. So, if this information cannot help you, you can look for it in the other sources. However, we also have some other important information related to Robux and you can read it below.

The Things to Do If I Bought Robux But I Did Not Get It

You may have bought Robux in Roblox, but you may find that you did not get it. If this thing happens, you may be worried because you have spent your money on buying it. Well, if you bought Robux but you did not get it, there are several things to do according to West Games. The explanation can be read below.

The first thing that you have to do is to make sure that you are entering the right account while you are purchasing. It is because there are a lot of people who play Roblox and your family or friends may also play it. So, there is a chance that they have logged in their account on the device where you are trying to buy the Robux on and then you may be surprised when you login to your account the next time and all your Robux that are supposed to be there are lost. So, you have to check all the details correctly and you also must make sure that there are no typos or errors.

You also have to check your transaction history. There is a chance that you may have spent your Robux and you do not remember it. Or, another chance is that there is another person who has used your Robux and you do not realize it. So, you must check whether your Robux has been spent or not, and you can do that by checking your transaction history. Do you know how to check your transaction? Roblox manages all the transaction history when your Robux is bought and spent. So, everything can be checked here. If you want to check your Robux which is bought and spent, the first step that you must do is to click on the Robux icon. After that, you must tap on your Robux value. Then, you can check the Currency purchase where it is divided into the past day, week, month and a year under the summary tab. If you are able to locate the purchase, you also must check on the My Transactions tab. There, you have the ability to see the Robux which was used or spent.

Another way that you can do when you know that you did not get your Robux after you bought it is that you are able to contact your bank. Under the Summary tab, you may not be able to see the Robux that you have bought so the thing to do is to contact your bank. For some reasons, your bank might be holding the payment such as authentication and it is able to make you have this issue. After you contact your bank, then the bank representative will confirm the payment for you.

After you check everything following the methods above, but the issue is not solved yet, the last method that you can do when you find that you did not get your Robux after you bought it is that you are able to contact Roblox support. If you have checked everything and it seems that there is no something wrong but you find that you did not get your Robux after you bought it, contacting Roblox support and providing them with the relevant details is the last thing to do to solve this issue. By contacting Roblox support, you will be helped to solve this problem and you will have all the Robux that you have bought.

That’s the information that we are able to give to you related to Robux that you did not get after you bought it. Hopefully, it helps you a lot.

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