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How Big Does an Axolotl Tank Need to be Minecraft

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A cute creature called Axolotl is featured in the Minecraft Update 1.17 in addition to some other creatures such as Goats and Glow Squid. Just like their real life counterparts, there is no way for them to survive on land in the game. It explains why it is a must for them to be kept in the water, unless you want them to die.

One of the ways to keep the Axolotls in the water is to make them a tank, or an aquarium, or an enclosure. Even if you are aware of the importance of the tank, you might not know how to make sure. Fortunately, you are here and you will be informed about how to make one.

While thinking about making a tank, you might be wondering about the size of it. So, how big does an Axolotl tank need to be in the game known as Minecraft? Find out the answer to the question by continuing reading until the end.

There is no rule when making a tank for an Axolotl in Minecraft. If you are looking for some ideas, you might want to follow the footstep of a user on a forum. The tank made by that certain user for Axolotl is 4 blocks wide from the front, 5 blocks front to back, and 2 blocks tall. If you think it is the right size for an Axolotl, you can try to build one with the same size.

How Big Does an Axolotl Tank Need to be Minecraft

Aside from that, actually, the most recommended tank size for Axolotl is at least 10 gallons. However, it is always better for you to go up to at least 20 gallons in case you have the room. To why 20 or 30 gallons are recommended is because ammonia and nitrate levels would not get out of control so quickly. In addition, it is also good as the Axolotl has more room to explore and to play. Plus, it has been proven that a lot of ones that are put in a larger tank have lived the longest.

Axolotls are known as the animals that produce a lot of waste. If there are not enough rooms and you have no other options but to make a tank with 10 gallons, the Axolotl will still be able to live well. However, in order to keep them healthy and to not make them sick, you are highly suggested to change the water regularly.

For everyone who wants to make a tank for an Axolotl in Minecraft, you might want to try this following guide:

    1. The first thing that you have to do is to make a wall. Feel free to make one of any type of block. It is better for you to do it in 6 x 6, with a thickness of 2 blocks.
    2. After creating a wall, the next thing that you need to do is to break 4 blocks placed in the center in order to make a hole.
    3. Then, place 4 blocks on the ground. Please place 4 of them in the hole and the rest one out the hole.
    4. In the next step, take the traps and place them around the outer blocks that you just placed.
    5. The fifth step is to place the glass panels on the sides and in front of the front blocks.
    6. Now, it is time for you to take the bucket. Do not forget to also fill it with any stream of water and use it to fill the aquarium with water. Keep in mind that it is a must for the hatches to hold the water.
    7. Afterward, pour the water into the bucket.
    8. Then, hunt the Axolotl. If you are wondering where to find it, you can go to the Lush Caves biome. In case you are having some difficulties while finding one, you might want to consider summoning one using a cheat or using a spawn egg.
    9. Next, choose a water bucket in your hotbar so that you are holding it in your hand.
    10. After that, use the water bucket on the Axolotl while in front of it. Apparently, the game control to put the Axolotl in to the water bucket is different, depending on the version of Minecraft.
    11. After putting the Axolotl into a water bucket, return to the tank and put the Axolotl inside. Feel free to repeat the step if you want to add more than one Axolotls.

If you want to make the tank prettier, no one is stopping you to decorate it. If you have no idea where to decorate, the best one would be on the side and at the top. There are a lot of things that you can use to decorate the tank. Two of the most popular ones include seagrass and kelp.

If you are looking for the ideas to decorate a tank for an Axolotl in Minecraft, you are recommended to go to Reddit as it is the perfect place to find the inspirations. There is a user called CattleCommercial5787 that shared a brief video of a tank that is filled with the likes of seagrass, coral, and many sunken treasures. This tank has the vibe of a shipwreck. Due to the fact that the space is small and the rest of the house is surrounded by the building, you will be able to feel like inside a fish tank. If you are dreaming of being a fish, you can try this idea. To make everything look better, you can also make a garden inside the tank. In the garden, you can add glow berries and azalea trees.

Feel free to decorate the tank for an Axolotl to the thing that you want. Use your imagination and portray it in the game. For more ideas to make and to decorate the tank for your creature, you are encouraged to go to Youtube and to Pinterest as these two are the perfect ones to look for such things.

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