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Horse Breeding Minecraft Guide

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In Minecraft, horses are passive mobs. You are able to ride them when they are tamed. Do you want to breed horses in Minecraft? If you want to breed them, you need to tame them first. How to tame them? Well, we will give you guide to breed horses in Minecraft here.

Taming Horses Before Breeding Them

You can find two horses first to breed. Usually, they can be found in the Plains biome. However, if you find any difficulties in finding horses, you can summon them using a cheat or you can use a spawn egg. After you find horses, then you have to tame them by mounting them. You can do that by right clicking on them with a free hand. At first, it will likely buck you off. However, the thing that you have to do is just keep mounting them. Everytime you mount them, the temper of the horse is increased by 5 points. If it gets beyond the temper threshold of the horse, then the horse will be tamed.

Before the horse is tamed, you may have to mount a particularly stubborn horse around 20 times in a row. If you want to speed the process you can do that by feeding the horse with sugar, apples or wheat. By feeding them, you can increase the horse’s temper by 3 with each feeding.

Horse Breeding Minecraft Guide

Breeding Horses in Minecraft

To breed horses, the two horses that you have tamed must be fed by a Golden Apple or Golden Carrot each. By feeding them with these, it will activate love mode in both horses so that they will mate and produce a foal.

This process also works for donkeys. If you force two horses to breed, they will produce a baby horse. If you force two donkeys to breed, they will produce a baby donkey. If you force a horse to breed with a donkey, they will produce a baby mule. For your information, mule is sterile and it cannot breed.

It is important for you to know that the stats of the offspring will be averaged from the stats of the parents and a third randomised set of stats. So, if both parents of the horses have high speed, they have a big chance to produce a child which will grow to have high speed as well.

Horse Spawning

Where horses spawn in Minecraft? They spawn in plains and savannas in herds of 2 to 6. For horses in Minecraft, all combinations of color and markings are the same likely. All members of the herd possess the similar color, except markings which may vary. It is around 20% of the individual horses can spawn as foals.

In villages, horses are naturally generated with stables and animal pens which contain horses.

Appearance of Horses in Minecraft

Every horse variant in Minecraft possesses features and markings which are unique. Also, they have a foal version. Horses which are adult are 1.4 blocks wide and long and 1.6 blocks high. How about the size of foals? They start at half the size of adults. However, if you play Bedrock edition, you will see that the foals get bigger as they age.

foal in minecraftHorses adult in minecraft

You may see that wolves and cats change when they have been tamed. However, horses do not change after they are tamed. Nevertheless, tame horses can be differentiated by giving them equipment.

Horses are passive mobs which have stocky build. One to seven base colors can be had by horses including bay, white, buckskin, flaxen chestnut, dapple gray, black, and dark bay. They also can have 1 to 5 marking patterns including stockings and blaze, no markings, paint, sooty and snowflake appaloosa. So, totally, there are around 35 possible horse coat combinations available.

Horses’ Drops

When a horse drop, what will it drop? There are several things that the horse will drop as you can see in the list below.

    • 0 to 2 Leather
    • 1 to 3 exp

The horse will drop it when the horse is killed by a player or tamed wolf.

    • Horse armor

The horse will drop it if the horse was equipped.

    • Saddle

Saddle will be dropped if the horse was equipped.

    • 1 to 7 exp is dropped after the horse breeds successfully.
    • If a baby horse is killed, it will produce neither items nor exp.

Horses’ Behaviour

Horses’ Behaviour

In the game, you will see that horses wander without any aim. Sometimes, they stop to rear and then flick their tails. Or even they can lower their heads like consuming the grass. As a player, if you comes to approach the horses, they may turn to look at you. Any horses in the game whether tame or wild, they can be attached to a lead without protest. The horses will keep passive even when they are hit.

Horses, same as most mobs in Minecraft, are able to ride in a minecart and a boat. However, adult horses are not able to ride in boats. One of the interesting things from horses is that they regenerate health slowly in the game which make this mob different from other passive mobs.

The Usage of Horses in Minecraft

What can we do with horses in Minecraft? Horses which are tamed and saddled can be used by players as a means of transportation in the game. Whey you ride them, they are able to move faster. Even they are able to jump higher than a normal player.

To climb hills and jump fences, you are also able to rely on horses. It is because some horses have the ability to jump high enough to clear up to five blocks heights. How about riding them in water? You can do it. You can ride them in water up to 2 blocks deep. However, when you go into deeper water with the horse, you will be dismounted automatically.

By using a lead, horses are able to be pulled along and tied up. You are able to tow them in two ways. First, by using a lead, horses are able to swim behind a boat. Second, a boat is able to be attached to a lead before you put the horse in the boat and you can swim to tow the boat which contains the horse.

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